Fasting as a Spiritual Journey

I have been fasting now for almost 2 years and learning a lot along the way.

For many of us fasting is done to loose weight, detox your body and/or to decrease inflammation. For me it is done to slow my role and give me and my body a break.

I first began fasting for 12 hours a day happening mainly overnight meaning if my last meal is at 7pm I don't eat again until at least 7am or later. This grew to include two days weekly increasing times to 16 hours and my body showed remarkable changes for me personally.

When I started fasting I could barely drive longer than 30 miles in a day and today I can drive 400+ miles in a day. This is the only major eating related change I have made so I believe this to be the reason for the healing.

Next up I grew to do 1 day juice fast and found this to be an outcome of mental work than hunger. I was not hungry at all, but was concerned with not having food for 24 hours and what that would be like. So I took a meditative approach to fasting and maintain it to this day.

When I fast I see it as an opportunity to increase the self love and to honor myself in a fashion that is very spiritual.

Recently I completed my first ever 72 hour bone broth fast. This included huge doses of water and bone broth with ghee throughout the day. I find this to be one of the most spiritual journeys I have had in a long time. 

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Fasting a spiritual journey?

For me I never do anything without much thought and preparation. My MS body hates change and rapid change at that. The slower I move the better it responds. My fasting life represents this path as I have been working on this as a healthcare tool going on year 2 and continue. Each step along the way including huge doses of spiritual focus rather than food focus. Fasting to me is simply not focused on food. Rather it is an opportunity to up my spiritual game.

  • When I fast I hibernate.
  • When I fast I create a scared space.
  • When I fast I meditate at least 4 hours a day.
  • When I fast I do not watch TV or read.
  • When I fast I have focused loving kindness moments of body awareness.
  • When I fast I affirm with my body my desire for healing and supporting my body the best I can.
  • When I fast I get tons of sleep and afternoon naps.
  • When I fast essential oils play a key role.

I believe that fasting is a time to slow my role and allow my body a chance to not have to work. It is most importantly time for me to slow it all down and stop doing and thinking. I find fasting to be a spiritual journey 100% and focus on creating the space to just be.

Slowing down my body works best in harmony with slowing down my mind. 

I see so many people fasting and going to the gym, work and maintaining normal day to day activities. I prescribe to a different mantra and believe that fasting is a spiritual journey allowing us to create the space to simply be. To me this is where the true healing comes in.

For many of us this journey can happen just as easily with a 12 hour fast as in a 72 hour fast. I live a spiritual life and know that when my mind is at rest my body heals best. Without the two miracles do not happen.

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I highly recommend thinking of fasting as a spiritual journey and less a no food journey. Fasting is a time to stop the body and mind from working so damn hard.

My healthcare goal for 2018 is to progress to water fasting for 72 hours. However before this I will do at least 2 more bone broth fasts. Slow and steady has always won the race for me resulting in my miracle status. I believe my body heals quicker with slow progression than trying to be an over night sensation and going from eating to fasting with water for 72 hours. However we each have our own journey and I am sharing mine.

I did not become a walking miracle overnight. I took slow, steady, sustainable steps to be the inspiration behind the award winning brand PaleoBOSS Lady. I would personally recommend if you are considering fasting you have an honest conversation with yourself so that you don't see it as not having food for x number of hours and rather it be a spiritual journey that is creating the space for miracles to happen.

Nothing would be more disappointing than to have a fast be a mental game of hardship not having food. The best way I have learned to avoid this outcome is to work up to a full fast with a progression like I shared and to see this as a spiritual journey and not a journey without food.

I recommend you consider adding fasting to your "Bag of Tricks" and let me know how it goes. I believe in you.

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