Fascia the Key to Moving my Body Freely

They say in life there are no accidents and my introduction to RAD Roller would fall into this category. I was speaking at an Expo in Los Angeles (LA) in 2014 when I first met RAD. This was at a time when I was still unable to drive further than a few miles due to the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) on my body.

I lived in Venice Beach so simply getting to the trade show was a huge challenge for me.

Uber and tons of self-care were needed for my body to be able to navigate all the demands of the day. I was nervous about how I would manage, but also grateful to have tools my physical therapist taught me like ball rolling to support my wellness journey.

With the help of diet changes and ball rolling I was starting to be able to hold and grip things with my hands as they were slowly beginning to work again. In order to move my body somewhat I needed to do approximately 3 hours a day of ‘ball rolling’ from head to toe coupled with yoga.

This type of ball rolling is called self myo-fascial release & it has saved my life.

From my lens I know our fascia covers the entire body and often gets stuck to our bones. People with MS are usually prone to having this happen and I am no exception. I was introduced to this concept of ball rolling in 2010 and since than I have been using balls to give myself a massage to release my fascia from the bone.

The results of doing this have changed my life and trajectory with MS almost!


Tasks I could not do somehow I was starting to be able to perform as long as I did self-massage using balls. Fast-forward to the LA show and as luck would have it my talk was directly across from the RAD Roller booth. Immediately I go over to the RAD team to learn more and they introduced me to their amazing line and the rest is history.

RAD took my ball rolling to another dimension.

A few weeks after the show RAD had a chiropractor contact me and offer to send me the All-in-One RAD kit and to train me via Skype. I literally thought I died and went to heaven. Over a few Skype calls I learned enough about RAD to change my life and my body.

Almost every morning you can find on yoga mat with my beloved RAD yoga block and the RAD roller just to start the day.

I lay on the RAD block starting at the base of my neck and simply rest there for several minutes. Then I begin moving my head as if I am shaking it yes and no. The movements are slow and with intention. I do my entire head moving the block all the way up my skull followed by lying on each side starting at the back of my ear moving the block up the side of my head being careful to always avoiding my temples.

 Not going to lie this can be painful for me similar to a Rolfing massage. Fascia is not an easy thing to release when it is really stuck and MS often guarantees this. A big reason why many of us with MS have trouble moving our body has to do with our fascia. MS or not fascia is no joke and we all can benefit from self-massage using RAD products.

"RAD promotes a level of 'productive pain',it shouldn't feel like true pain, but a level of discomfort that feels productive."

The most amazing thing is how quickly you learn that a release in the skull often creates positive outcomes as far away as my feet. Our fascia is the only organ that is connected covering our entire body. Rolling from head to toe allows my entire body to have results that have been unmatched by any self care for me. Each morning my body requires both yoga and RAD time in order for me to deal with the many MS symptoms that made my life unmanageable for decades.

The best news is that this is accessible healthcare that can be done in the privacy of your own home!

RAD brought my self myo-fascial release game to the next level offering me a host of RAD tools to support this life changing healing work. RAD Roller products are TOP tools in my “Bag of Tricks.” When I was touring on the road time and again I would share the power of RAD with others and they too experienced great results.

 In the beginning of my RAD life one minute of ball rolling equated to one minute to freely move my body.

I literally would do 3 hours a day so I would have that much time to use my body. This meant I could now hold a fork, a mug and dress myself with more changes happening almost daily. I started to have hope for life again because of this. I had become so desperate when I lost control of my body and my hands that I struggled to have quality of life. RAD helped to change this for me and continues to this day.

"3 hours is not for people without conditions such as MS. RAD recommends you consult your doctor on how long you should spend performing SMR. The average person should only spend about 20-30 minutes a day."

 Now I simply use RAD products in the morning and move my body freely all day long.

The RAD Roller team of products supports my well-being and is important to me. If I want to move freely in my body I must do self myo-fascial release. It is that simple. The tools involved in the RAD product line are all designed to help us use self-care as healthcare. I personally can share the RAD line of products are life changing and offer a quality of life never imagined.

The most amazing thing about RAD’s products is I am still using my set I got back in 2014! They literally are indestructible. 

Not only have I used them almost everyday, but also the RAD line has toured with me for 3+ years and my RAD products are no worse for wear.

In fact when I am driving the RAD rod is always by my side. I use it for IT band roll-outs at traffic lights. This RAD product has allowed me to drive great distance without terrible IT band issues from MS. Sitting for so long can cause muscle rigidity which is like a severe spasm making it impossible move my leg. RAD changed this for me allowing me the ability to drive for longer distances and ultimately touring for years serving others. Last year I drove 42,000 miles in 10 months after years of not being able to drive at all.


I cannot say enough about RAD and their entire line of products.

This year I am excited to become RAD certified! Humbled that as a brand Ambassador I will be able to share my love of RAD beyond my own personal lens teaching others the power of rolling your fascia.

Self myo-fascial release and the use of RAD daily are key elements to my wellness program and I am grateful to have this amazing platform to share and inform the community about the power of RAD Rollers.

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Don’t delay so we can work together as I learn more!

Can’t wait to share. BAM.



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