Expo West 2017 Hot New Products

Once again Expo West did not disappoint this conscious living girl.  I was able to connect with many of my favorite product vendors & learn about what is new & exciting for 2017.

I am not going to lie the show itself can be exhausting & intimidating.

With over 80,000 attendees Expo West is no laughing matter & quite the event for all things organic. I have friends who celebrated their 25th year at Expo sharing the history & growth of the movement. Passion clearly sits at the heart of Expo West & I am thrilled to have been involved for the last 2 years. I am even more thrilled I had the chance to meet someone I have respected & been inspired by for many years: Laird Hamilton.



  • Nutiva:  They have done it again making me fall in love with everything they do with their new product line for liquid coconut oil. Not going to lie until I went on tour I did not have to deal with coconut oil as a solid. Literally living in Southern California most often coconut oil is a liquid. You can imagine once I started the "Taking it to the Streets Tour" I realized how different my love of coconut oil felt due to be challenged with a solid mass in my jar. Nutiva has changed all of that & added a garlic flavored liquid coconut oil that jazzes this Italian girl.


  • Suja Juice: You all know I love my good friends at Suja for helping to change the narrative around sugar filled drinks consumed by families everywhere. I love all of their organic fresh pressed juices & am a huge fan of the 12 essentials. Their newest line of drinking vinegar's are nothing short of amazing & this coming from someone who does not like the taste of vinegar.  With flavors like Lemongrass Lime & Blueberry Lemon how could you possibly go wrong? The healing properties of vinegar make these new drinkable versions a huge BAM for those looking for ways to incorporate this into daily life. I am not going to lie I have tried to do the shot of plan apple cider vinegar each day & failed due to taste. This new twist from Suja changes the narrative for me to try again adding vinegar to my daily wellness plan.
  • Laird Superfood Creamer: Not going to lie I tried this the 1st time in Ecuador when traveling to tour organic & sustainable farming of red palm oil. Another guest brought this product along & I instantly became addicted. This nut free creamer is s a dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free coffee and beverage enhancer. It combines a unique blend of coconut milk powder and Aquamin™ (a mineral-rich calcified sea algae) with nutrient-packed coconut and red palm oils from my friends at Palm Done Right. New flavors were announced Turmeric and Cocoa which this gal enjoyed both at Expo West. Now they offer a sample pack so you can try all 3 to pick your favorite.



  • Jack's Paleo Kitchen: Cookies. Cookies. Cookies are my drug of choice. When my daughter was younger she would ask if I could have one last meal on earth what would it be & my answer was always cookies. I have been a cookie girl since I was a little kid & the love affair continue to this day. Until discovering Jack's I was unable to find a ready made Paleo cookie that was delicious & offered many different flavors to choose from. Almost every morning of Expo West I was in heaven having my morning cup of organic coffee with a side of Ginger Molasses Cookies for the win. I literally was giddy to think I could once again enjoy a Paleo cookie that was delicious & made using ingredients like red palm oil from my friends at Palm Done Right. Jack's offers many versions of delicious cookies with free shipping on some orders. You can also find them at fine retailers by checking their list online. I highly recommend Jack's for the cookie lover in all of us.



  • Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips: Have mercy on my soul everything about this company is a huge BAM. From being a family business offering products that are delicious & raising the roof on the narrative in the kitchen I simply love everything they stand for. If you have not tried these grain free tortilla chips now is the time. They offer sea salt, lime & nacho for your eating pleasure. Be warned you can easily eat the entire bag in one sitting which I may or may not have done on more than one occasion. If you have not tried their grain free tortilla's I suggest you run to make this happen right now & get your Siete on.



  • Stoneworks Laundry from Grab Green: I have been a huge fan of Grab Green products since meeting them a few years back at Shiftcon. Literally this eco-friendly line has contributed to my wellness as my conscious life began to include thinking beyond food. I love this line which includes essential oils, minerals and also works hard to decrease the ecological footprint. How much more of a BAM could you ask for? They have dryer sheets and so much more with a line that includes: rose petal, olive leaf, oak tree, rain & birch branch.  I highly recommend this entire line.


  • Ancient Nutrition: Not going to lie I LOVE everything about this product line. I am also super grateful they announced individual packets of bone broth protein. These are ideal for whatever you can think of when traveling or simply being away from home. As many of you know I have bone broth daily due to its huge benefits to my hands, joints and limbs. Having Multiple Sclerosis I have found bone broth to be in my Top 3 wellness tools from the ever famous "Bag of Tricks." Don't forget all the delicious flavors offered by Ancient Nutrition so you are bound to find one or several you love. I personally even like to mix flavors like banana & chocolate or chocolate & vanilla. No matter what a single serving packet does body good & will certainly raise the roof on you.


I am sure I may have missed some new exciting products, but can tell you I personally visited over 40 vendors who offer conscious living options that support my miracle journey. These are my TOP PICKS and I hope they inspire your journey. Many of these fine companies help to support the "Taking it to the Streets Tour" & I am honored to have such great company believing in my work.

Did you know Expo West is open to the public too? Maybe next year I will see you on the show floor & we can up the volume on life & living together. Namaste.

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