Cooking my way through "The Paleo Kitchen"


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ They say timing is everything right?  A dear friend was having major surgery at the same time The Paleo Kitchen was released by 2 of my FAVORITE  Paleo food bloggers: Civilized Caveman & PaleOMG! Paleo cooking nirvana began!

PaleoBOSS Lady happily worked in the kitchen all weekend preparing a handful of delicious recipes to deliver to my friend that did not disappoint in any way except when the food was gone!

Paleo Kitchen Banana Cinnamon Swirl Bread





1st up was the Banana Cinnamon Swirl Bread!

I had 2 girlfriends over and we successfully ate the entire loaf in one night! Okay each of us did take home a slice for coffee the next morning! Which we texted each other photo's of as we were reminded of how damn good it is!

Followed by the Bread Pudding of course! PaleoBOSS Lady is no fool!  #BAM












After an overnight stay in the fridge the herb rubbed pork shoulder cooked all day in the Crock Pot until pulled pork goodness was apparent with the first touch! This dish is mouth watering with a sure fire kick!

Crock pot Pulled Pork

*if you don't like spicy tone it back a little because it has bite!

Sweet Potato Bacon Lime Dill Salad



The Sweet Potato Bacon Lime Dill Salad is my Summer 2014 salad!

This salad will arrive with PaleoBOSS Lady to every potluck meal this summer & will be included in every BBQ this year!

The combination of ingredients makes it fun for the palate with unique flavors and textures!

So far the PaleoBOSS Lady™ palate and cook give The Paleo Kitchen a 5 Star review!  Congratulations to George and Julie and thank you for making cooking FUN!