Community, Angels & a Deck of Cards...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® My entire life I've been blessed with the gift of creating community. It wasn't until I became disabled from Multiple Sclerosis and found myself alone that I realized just how essential community is. July 2014 I graduated with a Masters in Psychology with a focus on Community Psychology.   During my studies I learned about the power, creating and living in community.  Also at this time I became asymptomatic from secondary progressive MS during!

Could this be a true example of the power of community?


Manifesting your life cannot happen alone or in a bubble.  #damit

Many communities are needed to support an outcome driven life.   Identifying supportive communities to manifest your outcome involves self-awareness, understanding & commitment to the outcome.

For many of us asking for help is a challenge and we often confuse the power of community with asking for help.  Personally it's a daily struggle for me to ask for help. On the other hand the need for daily interaction with various communities is essential and what drives me to have miracle status.


A perfect example of my communities are:

The online communities regarding Paleo, Multiple Sclerosis, The Wahls Protocol and all movement sites such as Yoga Tune Up & Breaking Muscle.   A collection of these communities are the foundation of my healing and never-ending dose of support from the comfort of my own home.  They are also available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  On-demand as I like to call it!

Another community that supports manifesting my life is the yoga community where I practice: YAS Fitness Centers. From the owner, people at the front desk and those on the mat next to me I feel connected, accepted & encouraged while being present & mindful of my mat. The human interaction is often without words and a perfect example of community. A community that I need that allows me to "dip in and dip out" with very little personal effort or interruption in space.  This sense of community is felt by being present as a group & together in the moment and has nothing to do with interaction and everything to with human connection.


Family & friends are the community of both a physical and spiritual awareness with unadulterated presence & serves as the foundation of our soul. Without heart felt, personal connections in our lives we lack ground.  #todaystruth

Everyone needs an unconditional community to serve as the landing pad for their life.

I'm so grateful for the many people that reach out to PaleoBOSS Lady® directly about how to manifest their life & creating community. There are many tools that can help build community & the 1st one is being able to identify your needs and then the community that supports those needs.

If your community is to get moving identify how and find out who's doing this. If your community is to become more conscious in the kitchen the same would hold true. In today's world virtual as well as actual communities can be realized easily and offer the most bang for the buck!  Be open minded and have fun exploring your options!  #whynot

Sometimes many of us struggle to be able to slow our role enough to establish community.

This is when I would reach in to my 'Bag of Tricks" to see what tools I might have two facilitate the focus needed to begin building community that supports manifested outcomes.

One of my favorite conscious tools from my "Bag of Tricks" comes from Louise Hay of Hay House Books!   For decades  she has been publishing and sharing many tools to support affirming your life. One particular item that has supported my journey by allowing me to pause and focus has been The Angel Cards!

YUP who would've guessed this would be my answer?!?

The simplicity of asking the angels to help manifest your daily focus is a great way to produce desired outcomes.  The angles ask us to focus on various topics such as: health, family, nature and the list goes on and on. The idea is to take time & be present with facets of our life.  Which are critical steps to manifesting it.

Using this wonderful deck of cards for me was a  'gateway drug' into the mindset needed to begin learning how to psychologically manifest my miracle life.  I continue to have periods of time that include daily angel readings and it has been almost 20 years!  #akeeper

The end!

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This is my ground and the driving force for my quest to become a self sustaining living miracle!

It is also where I learn the most. From this community.  I am sure you got something to teach me too so join the party!

Namaste and I curse.  Part of my charm so get over it! #damnit