I Don't Give a F*ck About What You Eat

After years of growing and working to identify my life purpose I have finally figured out how I can best serve others and myself in this energy space. I am happy to share that the work I do will be more defined and accessible to everyone with a total re-branding and focus on the power of the human spirit to create the life we dream of.

The brand of PaleoBOSS Lady has out grown its name and it is time to change so that it truly reflects my work and my beliefs. Within the next few weeks I am proud to be launching a new website and logo under the name - V Capaldi

This change is happening for several reasons with all being based on the conscious space I live in today. Quite honestly I don’t give a fuck about the way you eat and the name PaleoBOSS Lady confuses this message.

  • I care about the conversations you are having in your mind.

  • I care about what happens when you live life with your eyes closed and your mouth shut.

  • I care about the autopilot of life infused by societal and cultural norms.

  • I care about tapping the energy space outside of ourselves to produce a BAM life.

Food is a part of my BAM life, but not responsible for it. It did help me wake up to many cultural and societal norms.

Touring I had this confirmed time and time again. I gained so much clarity about the power of the human spirit to create miracles in spite of what you eat. What matters is what you think and having a masters in psychology I witnessed what I studied first hand almost every mile I drove.

I am happy to leave diet interventions and insights to leaders like - Dr. Terry Wahls, Dave Asprey, Dr. David Perlmutter and The Paleo Mom.

The focus of my work will be 100% dedicated to the power of the mind and how to create the energy space needed to overcome anything you want much like the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

This new focus will offer professionally produced content accessible to everyone with tips, tricks and tools to tap your BAM life. All based on true life lessons, science and the power of the human spirit. I am humbled to have great vendors that support this effort creating the space for my work to always be FREE to everyone.

You can learn more about all of these amazing companies here complete with discount codes.

For the last 15+ years I have studied the human psyche both in school and real life. I lived in community and supported all of our brothers and sisters providing me with tools and teachings to support your best life journey.

In addition long before my Paleo life I was a business woman who helped take idea’s and turning them into empires by building international branded companies. I have worked hard to bring this powerful part of my life and identity back and I am proud to report today I am working with some of the best and brightest brands in the business.

With great skill and expertise I treasure working with companies to increase brand awareness, obtain capital and to build organizations that make a difference in the lives of others. My new website will also reflect this aspect of my work and I could not be more proud.

Growth through evolution is my favorite way to live life.


I will continue to support all of my brothers and sisters and be of service while also dipping myself back into being the business women I was genetically born to be. My soul is alive when I am helping idea’s to cross the chasm and become brands. I am grateful beyond belief to be back in this energy space working with people and companies that up the volume on best life living everyday.

Last, but not least my speaking engagements, blogs, newsletter and social media life will continue just as it has with the only changes being the name and focus of my work.

The Italian girl lives in the kitchen and will continue to cook my way through life sharing as often as possible, but the core of my message goes much deeper than you plate and rests in your soul and everything outside of you.

Join me friends as we tap our BAM by rewiring our brain driven by self love. I simply can’t wait for all the future holds.