Building a Grass Roots Movement

The Taking it to the Streets Tour sponsored by Nutiva & Palm Done Right was designed to start a grass roots movement of consciousness regarding diet & lifestyle in America and guess what? It appears to be working!

Starting September 3rd, the year long journey began & to date has had me in front of over 30 folks who are interested in getting conscious to raise the roof on life and living in less than a week.

Each person who attended my talks, cooking class or workshop came with a desire to begin to question the status quo regarding how they live their lives. They also left with a friend or buddy who is willing to support them during this journey.

BAM! BAM! BAM! Community rules!

From CA to Arizona groups are already forming to raise the roof on life & living! Similar to the AA model of peer to peer support this tour is poised to set up dozens of support systems all over the USA! 

Words cannot express how exciting this is for this BOSS Lady. With merely a suggestion at each talk groups are forming to meet monthly, form buddy systems & more to up the volume of life as a collective supporting each slow, steady, sustainable step of conscious living without fear of judgement. 

As a community psychology major & walking miracle I will go to my grave screaming about the power of community to tap the miracle in all of us. Without community support life can be an overwhelming place especially when getting conscious in a way not supported by the cultural norms.

Having the ability to help communities of support build all over the USA is my current life nirvana. Helping others to have the support needed to tap their desired life outcome is the foundation of the Taking it to the Streets Tour.

Can't make the "Taking it to the Streets" Tour sponsored by Nutiva & Palm Done Right I still got you!

For those who I am not going to be able to meet directly along the tour I wanted to offer suggestions for ways you can begin to build your community of support. The one thing I have learned in my years working with the community is when you scratch the surface just a little you can find like minds to support your journey.

Top 5 Tips to Build Community:

  1. Identify your hope in finding/building community.
  2. Create a safe space & know your desired role in community making sure it is free of judgement.
  3. Begin to locate community support tapping areas such as: social media, non-profits, like-minded bloggers, companies & podcasts that resonate with your mission.
  4. Invite others to join your mission clearly spelling out expectations.
  5. Be vulnerable allowing the community to help inspire support your journey.

Whatever your needs there is a community of others just like you. I bet many if not most would be grateful to have the support of another to inspire each others journey. During my tour I have heard more than once someone share how happy they were to meet like minded individuals who understand the challenges of living with disease. This will hold true for any one looking to build community support.

Finding others who "get your path" can be the ground needed to start healing, living & growing in the direction of your dreams.

For me personally community has been my life long savior!  For those reading this please know that the journey of PaleoBOSS Lady is founded on community and I will forever be willing to play a part in your best life journey. 

You should know friends that the community of me & you has already started. I believe in you!

Let's raise the roof on life & living together!

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