Can't Touch This...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® Many days I do not even recognize my life!  Almost everyday if I were being honest. #notlying

Having self healed from Multiple Sclerosis is responsible for this new life.  The steps it takes to maintain continued healing are reminders of how different my life is today!

Since the age of 20 I have maintained a pretty decent work-out ethic. Until MS became debilitating my work-out focus was always on burning calories.  Today I don't even remember what calories are and movement of any form is my medicine!

As a proud 100% Italian cook becoming PaleoBOSS Lady was a huge jump from all that was familiar to me!  Nightshades alone being removed from an Italian cooks diet is devastating!  Throw in gluten removal and it almost becomes a sacrilege, but food is my medicine now!

Amber goggles, essential oils, charcoal capsules and toothpowder are clear indications my life has no resemblance to anything prior to 2012.  

Once the power of food & movement as medicine took a hold of my life resulting in self healing the message was clear that I had to begin to live consciously about everything!

Life takes you where you are supposed to be all the time if you are open to this mantra.  I was again reminded of this recently as I was beginning my conscious life regarding my skincare, mouth care and makeup.

As luck would have it I had the fortunate reality of sharing a cab with Trina Felber founder of Primal Life Organics Paleo Natural Skincare!  Primal Life Organics offers a line of products that improve your health instead of the commercial crap available in mass today!

The answer to my prayers happening in a cab! Thank you life! #ohitgetswild 

Why Primal Organics?

Today I am a HUGE fan of Primal Life and an avid user and fan of the Dirty Mouth line of products!  The gum serum and mouth boost have restored my gums and teeth to a healthy glow!  No more bleeding, swelling or film on my teeth and gums.

I remember the 1st week I started using the Dirty Mouth Primal Package® I could not stop running my tongue across my teeth! Literally I feeling my teeth for the 1st time!  This sensation reminded me of eating an organic apple and noticing the missing wax around the pesticide ridden apples I was used to.  Same holds true for toothpaste!  It leaves a film on your teeth for real!

Living a conscious life requires questioning the status quo regarding everything you do and products you use on your body and in your environment are also essential elements to well-being!  I am grateful to have the line of products from Primal Organics and proud to be an affiliate member!

The journey of life is so amazing and during our cab ride we also learned that both of us worked at Crozer Chester Medical Center's Burn Treatment Center.  Trina as a nurse and me as a respiratory therapist!  Our lives have been joined a long time and the energy of our official meeting could not come at a better time!  #CabRide

To help inspire you to invest in thinking outside the box again I am pleased to be able to offer PaleoBOSS Lady followers a 15% DISCOUNT OFF your order from September 3-5th!  Use Promo Code: PLO is boss

Primal Life Organics

Questioning the status quo to change my narrative produces miracles everyday.  This journey is not scripted or known, but I am certain that no good ever comes from putting things on me, around me and in me that I cannot identify or find in nature!  History has proven this to be true time and time again!

If anything I said here works for you in some small way I would ask you to please consider subscribing to my blog!  Being a BOSS Lady is not easy and this is my fuel.  Every week I am sent an update of how many sign up and it jazzes my soul helping to keep me fighting the good fight.  Sharing is caring and with 1 in 2 disabled today I bet we each know someone who may be inspired by my random bullshit!  Happy September and lets get wild together and question the status quo all damn day long! #howiroll