Before You Fast: Top 7 Tips

I have never been one who likes to set myself up for failure. I also am very strong willed yet I find it necessary to always plan to take steps that ensure my success no matter what I am trying to accomplish.

The difference between success & failure lies in the pregame work.

Fasting can be one of the most powerful tools we have to help jump start wellness. As I shared in my last post the benefits of fasting are huge & a new tool in my "Bag of Tricks." However going from eating to fasting without prep is not recommended especially for those who currently are not particularly conscious about the foods they eat.

Top 7 Tips:

  1. Get Conscious. I would recommend for the best results to allow at least 21 days of clean eating before you start fasting. Cut out all dairy, sugar, gluten & grains while opting for organic, grass-fed & wild caught when possible. This will help the body prepare & be somewhat 'detoxed' before the fast offering a great starting point & transition into fasting. For at least 5 days prior too the fast begin your day with warm lemon water. The word on the street is this helps set the digestive tone & aids your body. Check out my blog on the power of lemons here.
  2. Meditate. Meditate. Meditate daily starting 1 week before your fast. This can be the most powerful tool you have in your "Bag of Tricks" during life & especially during a fast. Truth be told I get hunger pains at least a few times during a fast. Nothing horrific, but not pleasant setting the stage for a hiccup in my fast. The 1st thing I do is mentally run to my "Bag of Tricks" and always meditation coupled with breath work are the 1st things I grab. For more on meditation check out one of my most read blogs here.
  3. Clean out that Shit. I literally hide shit from myself. I have almost zero will power at times with it almost always related to food. I have been an emotional eater my whole life who has struggled with weight having a love affair with sweetness. This still holds true in certain circumstances which means it cannot be in the house if I cannot eat that shit. If it is in the house than it is fair game. No where in the house is honey, maple syrup, date paste, sweet potato chips or delicious Chia pudding. I would not want to lack self control in a moment of hunger which treats like this can easily do.
  4. Know your Why! Everyone has their reason for fasting. Know it committing to honor it. I find myself many times coming back to my why during a fast. Reminding myself why I decided to do this. Here is where I find keeping a journal very helpful. This offers a simple reminder of your why & narrative that fueled your path.
  5. Believe in yourself! Fake it till you make it if that is what it takes. Go into your "Bag of Tricks" grabbing all of your "pump you up tools" to start pumping! Truly take steps toward believing without a doubt you are capable, worthy & proud to be you able to give yourself this wonderful gift fueled with self love.
  6. Plan. Visually think about your fast from start to finish. A mental walk through always a recommended good look. Picture life during the fast regardless of length. If you are going to start with overnight fasting really think about optimal times. For me stopping to eat at 6:30pm and resuming at 6:30am worked best in the winter where summer offered different times. Really think about this taking your best guess knowing that it may need adjustments which are okay.
  7. Community. Find, build & nurture community. Bloggers, friends, family whatever it is tap those resources to aid you along the way. We get by with a little help from our friends.

No matter what figure out what works & do that. Each of us get to decide.

Figuring out your journey in fasting should have you doing research to understand how best to support your bodies wellness path. From overnight fasting to extended duration there are recipes to support effective fasting for each of us.

My journey is still very young in fasting all motivated by the outcomes I see before me across many levels. I am optimistic & excited to see how my body reacts & what gifts from this amazing life await on this leg of my self love journey.

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The end.