Bacon Wrapped BAM - Family Approved

I am not going to lie bacon and hot dogs are a huge BAM in my life.

I simply love them and finding nitrate, sugar free bacon and dogs no longer so hard. You just have to read ingredients. I can share that most of the stores I have visited touring and in California have at least one brand. Ordering on line even easier.

At the writing of this Memorial Day is right around the corner and what inspired this sandwich.

You can use the grill, oven or stove top. Whatever works best for you. I grew up on the east coast and we counted the days until Memorial Day because to us that meant summer. Most years the beach was cold and it rained and our hope to grill not a reality. This recipe makes this not even a problem for your holiday meal.

Whatever Mother Nature has in store this recipe works. Best news is using code paleoboss20 SAVES at Base Culture so you can have the bread delivered right to your door. Enjoy!

Bacon Wrapped BAM



  • Wrap hotdogs with bacon and either lay on a cookie sheet (350 oven), pan fry (choose fat), grill.

  • Cook about 15 minutes or desired done.

  • Heat bread slices for 10 minutes in a 350 oven or stove top slightly buttered or ghee (my favorite method).

  • Take heated bread slice and place 1/4 cup of fermented vegetables on bread (strain juices to keep bread on the dryer side).

  • Place onion slices on top of vegetables followed by the bacon wrapped hotdog.

  • Swirl the mustard on top and enjoy.

  • Eat open face or add another warmed slice of Base Culture keto bread on top.