By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ Just home about 24 hours from my virgin Ancestral Health Symposium (#AHS14) held in Berkeley, CA!   PaleoBOSS Lady (PBL) had 4 days of learning filled with the awesome  Paleo Community!

This trip was my second amongst my piers within the Paleo world which for me is a really awesome thing to have happen!  For the most part this journey of using food as medicine has been a solo ride.   Although PBL has lots of 'cyber-support' I travel this alone in my home.  Thank God I live at the beach!  I digress.  #damnit

Being able to spend time with others who don't require an explanation beyond "I have MS" for how I eat and live my life makes this a huge slice of heaven in the life of PBL!

#AHS14 is like going to class from 9am until 5pm everyday!  The learning intense and not for the faint at heart (mini damn it)!   At least a working knowledge of the Paleo lifestyle is a 'good look' to gain the full POW that can be experienced.  I am not gonna lie many times during presentations I was like " What the fuck are they talking about & why does it matter?"  #ohitgetswild

photo 4


You all know how much PBL LOVES to play school girl & for 3 days I did a damn good job until I could not learn anymore! Thank you ! #AHS14

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Empowerment is huge in life & needed for a real win!  My story.  PBL is winning & this community continues to empower anyone who will listen. EVERY damn speaker I heard has at least one of the following/most have all: website, podcast, blog, social media, book, published journals or articles you name it!  Each eager &  excited to share their learnings offering 100% accessibility!  #POW

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The Paleo Community is some of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! #VISOINARIES

This movement is not exclusionary to anyone.  100% accessible for those who truly want to live an empowering conscious life! It is no secret we are sick, fat  & out of balance! It is also no secret that our food & way of eating is of great concern!

Everyone knows it! #TRUTH

For those truly interested in learning about all that happened this weekend I encourage you to check out the #AHS14 website & watch the recorded video's. Take it one step further to browse the speakers sites as well to meet my friends!  #EMPOWERMENT


There is a really important common denominator that #AHS & #PaleoFX offered beyond how nice everyone was.  We are a collection of people who at some point decided to live a conscious life & care about our personal footprint.  That fact that we all ended up in the ancestral health movement is no surprise to this BOSS Lady.

What is a huge surprise is the magic that comes when this group gets together! #TRUELOVE

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Suddenly this group of what I learned are often "special, different, misunderstood rebels" now get to live as one community together: respectfully, consciously & supportively! #GOODTIMES

I encourage all of you to empower yourselves and consider peeking further into this community for many reasons.  If you don't that is okay too cause I am not really the best at sharing. #partofmycharm

If you like even for a hot minute anything I am saying please figure out how to subscribe to this thing!  Don't make me type more shit so I can save my hands for more chatter. Anyway share it too why don't you.  I want to inspire, engage & empower you so if by chance that is happening than I think you have no choice, but to subscribe. #ohitgetswild