A Star is Born!

by PaleoBOSS Lady® Unknown-7

One of the most amazing parts of this journey of healing for PaleoBOSS Lady® is that I have it all filmed. This part of my experience has been the most crucial piece for me on so many levels and how it came to be is quite simply a result of truly living & being engaged in life.

Already disabled and continuing to decline I decided I needed a new skill set. Considering many things becoming a psychotherapist was the choice for me. During my studies my disability grew and with each day I became more vocal about the lack of support for the disabled in America. I was angry with everyone and everything and scared of where my life was heading.

One summer I took a documentary film class with my favorite teacher and at the end of the class he asked to meet with me. At this time I had virtually no bilateral use of my hands and had full time help. During this meeting he asked me to document my disabled life on film. I was speechless and held onto every word. Realizing my hands didn’t work, I had no camera or idea how to use one, I never go to the movies or watch television and yet I listened with the promise to think about it. A week later I decided game on, bought a camera and began filming a story about what it is like to be disabled without available support systems in place to help.

The camera is rolling.  

 My disability escalated during the first 2 years of filming: I lost my home, started falling, no longer controlled my limbs, had little to no use of my hands, no ability to drive, trouble walking & swallowing were just a few of my life realities!


Clearly at rock bottom, I began to look at food: specifically gluten. I removed gluten from my diet, January 1, 2011. Within 21 days limb jumping stopped and has never returned!

The camera is rolling.

2012 I start following a strict Wahls Protocol® lifestyle.

The camera is rolling.

I live 100% independent for the 1st time in 50 years!

Suddenly a film about what it is like to be disabled is a film of hope!  

The camera is rolling.

I encourage you to take time watch the series of videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/vcapaldi63.

Each video is under 10 minutes & worth the watch! I promise!

1 in 5: A Documentary Series by PaleoBOSS Lady




The camera is rolling.

Love the life you live,

PaleoBOSS Lady™