A Look Back: 5 Years of Conscious Living

1979 days but who is counting?!?

My life of conscious living that includes food began a little over 5 years ago. Before that my lifestyle was spiritual, moving & mindful yet unable to heal let alone thrive. 

The most important piece was missing which was food.

Once I plugged food into my daily life the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady™ was born.

As most of you know when we are talking food that this BOSS lives a modified form of a Paleo lifestyle known as The Wahls Protocol. Dr. Terry Wahls herself has MS & prior to The Wahls Protocol shared the same outcome as me which was health devastation.  Through her studies, sheer force of will & a supportive community Dr. Wahls painstakingly developed a lifestyle protocol that is healing the world called The Wahls Protocol. This included a Paleo lifestyle with 6-9 cups of fruits & vegetables daily.

This BOSS is honored to be one of the longest & most healed Wahls Warriors.

As a result my life & outcome have become a beacon of hope to many offering inspiration to others beyond my wildest dreams. Returning from PaleoFX 2016 this reality could not feel or be more real.

For the 1st time in my life individuals came from all over the world to meet, spend time with & get to know the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady™. Words cannot begin to express the emotion wrapped up in that statement.

Self reflection was the 1st order of business to really digest the meaning of my life & my role as a change maker.

The best way to do this was to look at my journey & how the miracle of me translated in life as I know it.

Before & After in the Physical life of me:

  • Before: Limited to no use of hands bilaterally
  • After: Full use of hands bilaterally
  • Before: Constant pain/burning radiating down arms & hands
  • After: Zero pain
  • Before: Unable to walk barefoot due to Paresthesia.
  • After: I live barefoot
  • Before: Fatigue & Brain Fog
  • After: No Fatigue/Brain Fog
  • Before: Chest girdle constant
  • After: No girdle
  • Before: Trouble swallowing daily
  • After: Trouble swallowing rarely
  • Before: Balance issues
  • After: No balance issues
  • Before: Restless leg
  • After: No restless leg
  • Before: Body rigidity (body becomes stiff after repetitive movements)
  • After: Dancing fool.
  • Before: Double Vision/Blindness
  • After: No vision issues
  • Before: Could not turn my neck/head
  • After: Freely moves head/neck


  • Before: Could not drive
  • After: Planning to drive across the USA
  • Before: Took the bus
  • After: Drive a brand new car
  • Before: Had to have a roommate
  • After: Lives alone
  • Before: Full time help
  • After: 100% independent
  • Before: Could not hold a leash to walk my dog
  • After: Average 3-5 miles a day dog walking
  • Before: Took 24 prescription pills/day
  • After: 1/day
  • Before: Injected with Interferon every other day/19 years
  • After: Nothing
  • Before: 1 flu like day weekly due to injections/19 years
  • After: Not sick once since becoming conscious
  • Before: Days where I could not function at all
  • After: Crushing life at every turn
  • Before: Physical Therapy 2 times a week
  • After: For a torn meniscus only
  • Before: 10 hours weekly appointments with healthcare team
  • After: 2 hours a YEAR
  • Before: 3 hours/day of yoga/self myo-fascial release to move/function
  • After: 1 hour/6 days a week


  • Before: Lived in Delaware
  • After: Moved to California
  • Before: Life motivated by fear
  • After: Life motivated by self love
  • Before: Autopilot life
  • After: Conscious life
  • Before: Eat for pleasure
  • After: Eat at cellular level
  • Before: Drank alcohol
  • After: Alcohol never
  • Before: Toxic workouts
  • After: Body dictated/respectful workouts
  • Before: Counted calories
  • After: Fuck calories
  • Before: Low fat
  • After: Fat is my hero
  • Before: Toxic home
  • After: Toxic load decrease daily
  • Before: Toxic skincare
  • After: Earthborn skincare
  • Before: Overwhelmed
  • After: Overjoyed
  • Before: Associate degree
  • After: Masters in Psychology/Community Major
  • Before: Suicide plan
  • After: World tour plan
  • Before: Provincial
  • After: Culture/community

This miracle journey took a lot & gave the same back. I have worked hard to understand my reality & the one thing I know for sure is that the message of PBL is offered to the community free of judgement, cost & risk beyond heightened awareness. 

I have no preconceived notion of what your life should look like all I know is how to help inspire you to define your conscious reality. 

It is my joy & hope that the desire for others to tap into the resources known as the brand PaleoBOSS Lady continues to grow over the coming months as I tour the USA. The person of my knows that inside lays the power to transform myself into a miracle & I feel pretty confident together we can tap into the miracle inside all of us through conscious living as a collective community.

Let us raise the roof together inspiring each other with our internal miracle as we let them shine on loud & proud.