A Challenge for Someones Child...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ I gratefully live in what I consider to be my life nirvana location: Venice Beach, California!  I moved to Venice specifically to heal or become homeless from Multiple Sclerosis!  As luck would have it I am not homeless and have almost 100% self healed while living in Venice and because of living in Venice.

Venice is such a remarkable place and known as the birthplace of the LA art scene among other things.  For years the area attracting 'out of the box' thinkers and visionaries.  This uber liberal attitude coupled with the amazing SoCal weather provides the perfect streets, alleys and beaches for the homeless.

The number of homeless encountered a day living in Venice is astonishing!  If we really allowed ourselves to think about the how & why this is their reality none of us would  stand for it!   Instead we ignore it.  #TRUTH

I now live by the water and am much closer to the homeless population.  I have entered a more intimate relationship with this community for sure.  Every night within a stones throw from my front door many start setting up their tents just after sundown and settle in for a nights rest often until just before sun up.  Actually rows and rows are set up each and every night. Many of these make shift homes with children and dogs.  Each and every night.

Being disabled I have lived in fear of this reality for myself for over 20+ years. Living where I live now I am surrounded by watching most who are  fully self sustaining mis-treat the homeless daily & it hurts my person. #BAM

My mom was a "Jane Doe" due to drug addiction. Many times in my adult life she would be MIA and we would be calling hospitals/jails to find her.   I hope someone treated my mom with respect and was nice to her when she was struggling.  Maybe if we all remembered that the homeless are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters we can change the narrative of who they are.



I challenge all of us to change our own individual narrative toward the homeless or anyone in need. Stop for one minute and consider who they might be to someone else other than you? Change the narrative from a homeless person to this person too is someones child.  At one point all of us are someones child!

Statistics show over and over again the homeless typically are non-violent individuals.  Most homeless suffer from some form of a physical or mental issue that  is not supported by society with homelessness being the most available and often only available outcome. #TRUTH

Click the link below for a great video that talks just about who the homeless really are. Takes a few minutes to remember we are all one! #BAM


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