4 Halloween Treats Without the Sweet!


It's Halloween, and the stores are full of gigantic bags of candy everywhere you turn.  Even if you're not a total sugar maniac, it's hard not to start thinking about how nice a piece of chocolate would taste right about now!! I'm the first to admit that I often eat several of the sweets in our big trick-or-treat bowl as I'm handing everything out.  (Gotta make sure they taste ok, right?!) So this year will be a challenge for me as I make my way through my "One Small Step" journey of eliminating processed sugars & foods.  We get truckloads of kids in our neighborhood on Halloween.  So usually that means pounds of candy sitting in my pantry, calling my name, as I wait to hand it out.  But this year, I'm trying to be mindful of what I'm giving out.  It seems a bit wrong for me to hand out candy to others, especially if I'm changing my own narrative and moving down a path of conscious living and healthy choices.  This year, we are going to try something new and give out treats without the sweets.

I decided to run some ideas past my son & some of the neighborhood kids, to get feedback on what they would like.  Here's what we decided to go with:

Bright Halloween Play-Doh

Mini Play-Doh Containers: The littles in our neighborhood are HUGE fans of play-doh, so I know this one will go over well.  The Halloween colors are fun, and the sizes are perfect for a trick-or-treat bag.



Halloween Rubber Ducks

Glow-in-the-dark Halloween Rubber Ducks: Totally random, I know!!  But I'm a big rubber duck fan, and these crack me up!! I ran them past my 14 year old son & his friends and got a thumbs up.  Seems they have a quirky & ironic cool factor that make them acceptable to the teen & tween crew. There are a few styles out there on Amazon, we're just partial to the zombies in our house!


Jack-o-lantern stickers

Stickers are always popular!  So we went for these cool jack-o-lantern stickers because our guest panel of neighborhood kids liked them the best.  There are tons of fun Halloween options, so go with whatever makes you smile!


glow sticksGlow sticks & bracelets!!  A perennial favorite!!  I'm getting 2 packs of these because everyone wants to wear more than one.  I want kids to be able to grab a couple, since they are also a great safety feature out there in the dark.   (I'm pretty sure I'll be sporting a few of these as well! :)



Now granted, many of these things are more expensive than a 95 piece bag of candy.  And as I mentioned, we get truckloads of kids in our neighborhood.  I will be adding some bulk bags of bouncy balls or glow-in-the-dark fangs as well... 4-6 dozen for $10, as opposed to 1 dozen for the same price!!  You have to go with what feels good for you.  Amazon & the interwebs have a ton of great ideas and lots of different prices.  Halloween is about fun!!  It's about fangs!!  It's about ghosts, goblins, & glow sticks!!  Live a little!!  And let your kids see that it's totally possible to rock out the trick-or-treating without even missing the candy.  Once you get home from the madness, invite some friends over for home-made soup or stew,  paleo pumkin treats, and all sorts of excellent & healthy fall foods.

This is a new adventure for me, and I would love to know your tips for a Paleo Perfect, refined sugar free Halloween!  So please share!!