2018 DIY Holiday Gifts & Curated Gift Collections

So when it comes to being a successful blogger and social media influencer I suck at all the necessary skills needed for real success. I never try to sell stuff and I take terrible pictures. My work is about the mission and not about making money selling products. I do however have products that support my BAM life & those vendors support my tour as well.

When I am sharing products I am not making any money if you buy them. Zero

Each company who supports the tour are near and dear to my heart. Many are small businesses started by someone who had a need and could not find a product/company supporting this need. So they built it much like the ‘Taking it to the Streets Tour.”

For most of my kids childhood years we made our holiday gifts. These were always the most cherished gifts we gave to others. People really feel the spirit of the season when you hand them something homemade and making the gifts is always fun too.

This Holiday Gift Guide will offer some of my favorite homemade items and collections that work for the men and women in your life!


Pizzelle Cookies - Homemade Edibles Rock! I was the girl who did the cookie exchange every year and also the one who knows if I ever had warning it would be my last meal it would be a burger and a big plate of cookies. I am Cookie Monster Junior.

Sadly when you are conscious refined sugar leaves the building and so does flour/gluten. Grateful for my good friends at Otto’s Cassava Flour, Back Porch Paleo & The Date Lady for helping me change this narrative.


I grew up with a maternal grandmother who was an incredible cook and baker. One of her special treats was making Italian Pizzelle Cookies. She would decorate a shirt box for the holidays and give you one filled with Pizzelle’s! I tear up remembering this joy.

My good friends at Otto’s Cassava Flour & The Date Lady make Pizzelle’s easy to bring back into the holiday rotation for this full bloodied Italian. On tour this year we have been making these at most cooking classes and people go crazy! Kids LOVE them too.

Best news is you can also make ice creams cones and decorate them by rolling and dipping the ends in chocolate for a really fancy version. Either way you cannot go wrong with giving cookies as a holiday gift.

Pizzell Irons are fairly inexpensive and the good folks at Amazon can deliver one right to your door. My good friend from Back Porch Paleo has the recipe for Pizzelle’s with one exception for me is I like replacing the Maple Syrup with Date Syrup for an added BAM to this recipe.

Infused Olive Oil - The Italian in me LOVES infused olive oil. This gift is so easy and everyone goes crazy when you give them this amazing gift any time of year. I especially like this to come with a little note sharing how powerful it is to eat olive oil raw over heated. The best part about this gift is it can last up to 6 months.

Easy to make by simply heating the oil and herbs over medium heat for 10 minutes than adding to jars storing out of direct heat for 2 months or refrigerated for 6. No need to sterilize jars either. So simple it is almost a crime. I love it at room temperature myself.


Tie a tag around the jar offering recipes and insights for that added BAM.

I find it is often the most fun to make gifts, but when time is limited and you still want to have your gifts feel personalized I like curated collections. As someone who has dedicated her life to building a grass roots movement of consciousness I prefer to give gifts that are conversation starters and curated collections often are just that. Each collection filled with gifts of purpose and power.


Coffee, Tea & Muffin Collection - You all know I am a coffee whore who rushes to bed in anticipation of my morning fat coffee. I literally live for my mornings spent drinking coffee and diffusing essential oils. In 2018 I added tea to the mid-day rotation and have found it to be a wonderful addition to my wellness and daily routine.

When I am touring I am reminded how many folks don’t know how high the pesticide load is on coffee and tea. I watch them drinking basically toxic glyphosate every morning first thing. To make matters worse most add sugar and chemicals into the toxic coffee for a morning shit storm. I die a little each time.


An easy way to change this narrative is with this curated collection of amazing teas from Pique Tea, coffee from Kicking Horse with some gut healing collagen from Further Foods (code PaleoBOSS Lady saves) and dairy and chemical free creamer from my good friends at Nutpods.

Now to tackle the next big problem this curated collection sees how many consume a weeks worth of sugar with their breakfast muffins, pop tarts and so on. This is gut wrenching especially when you see this with kids. Parents often unaware of the poison they are serving their children.

My friends at Muffin Revolution change all of this with healthy, Paleo certified muffins that are delicious and nutritious. Using Code Fall15 SAVES you money too making this gift even better!

I would literally cry tears of joy and fall to my knees if someone gave me this for the holidays.

I Love You Collection - Nothing says I love you more than sharing some of the finest products built with the simple idea to nourish your body & support a wellness program. The best part is all of the items in this curated collection will add nothing to anyone’s daily routine yet all will optimize what you are doing already.

The I Love You Collection offers healthy spices, skincare and a year long subscription to a magazine to keep you inspired. Literally a gift that keeps giving and giving. This gift not only nourishes the body it supports your mind and soul with products and resources that only stand to support your BAM.

Turmeric has long been known to decease inflammation. The same inflammation many of us take steroids to treat. From autoimmune to back injuries a large community lives on steroids which after long term use can effect your bones, skin and organs. Adding Turmeric to your daily supplements serves to only help your body day to day. My good friends at NutriGold offer the most transparent brand on the market today. Safe more than Amazon with this link. BAM.


I remember it like it was yesterday a very handsome young man stops me at a trade show to share how much he loved my work and I was overwhelmed by his kindness and thoughtful words.

I noticed he was at a booth for a skincare company called Alitura Naturals. That night I looked up the company and learned my new friend, Andy, was the founder and inspiration behind this amazing skincare line.

Andy - model and actor was hit by two cars. His body mangled and his face pretty banged up. He quickly realized that in order to heal he needed to nourish his skin and began making products in his kitchen to do just that. Alitura Naturals was founded and Andy has been garnering the praises from David Asprey to Bobbi Brown for this amazing line of products where attention to detail is beyond belief.

Alitura Naturals products are for the ladies and gentlemen and focused on real ingredients to nourish skin at the cellular level. You all know how I am a big fan of cellular level healing. In addition Andy is a huge bio-hacker whose social media offers great tips to up the volume on hacking the best version of you. Any product from Alitura (Code PaleoBOSS SAVES) works well in the I Love You Collection.

I remember the 1st issue of Paleo Magazine I ordered and how reading it helped my conscious life from the word go. Today Paleo Magazine has grown to be my go to resource for information, recipes, products the latest studies, trends or teachings around a Paleo lifestyle. Recipes alone blow my mind every issue. The articles are rich with information supporting the body, mind and spirit. This subscription will be a welcome gift month after month for anyone. Never does an issue disappoint and always will you end up inspired. Code BOSS10 Saves at check out. BAM!

Mother Nature Rules Collection - I am a believer that time with Mother Nature is the most healing time of all. When I am home in California most mornings start with a walk on the beach supporting grounding, meditation, yoga and breath work all to the sunrise. All free and accessible tools. I am not going to lie this work makes me hungry so this gift is perfect for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors. Healthy delicious foods are perfect to avoid those pitfalls we often run into hunger without a plan.

Protein bars, pork rinds and sweet treats and my favorite things to have after time outside. Trail mix days have been long gone for me! I love protein bars, pork rinds and Paleo Treats the best. Bye bye boring trail mix.


My good friends at RX Bar offer the best protein bars with no BS. Ingredients listed right on the front of the package. My other dear friends at Epic have pork rinds back in my life and I could not be happier! Bacon Maple no less!. Both companies offer a line of bars and rinds to satisfy everyone and I recommend getting an assortment. Best thing is you can find these products everywhere!

Paleo Treats (code PaleoBOSSLADY10 Saves) are so much better than any healthy treat I know of. They literally rock my world. Each one and every bite. This collection of treats are individual servings offering the perfect amount of treat with nutritional BAM the focus. From brownies to mustang’s they have you covered here at Paleo Treats. A nice selection of 6 treats make the perfect addition to the Mother Nature Rules Collection.

Snack Time Collection - Snack time is my favorite time and I really believed once I got conscious about food I would forever be missing out. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I love this personally curated collection because it changes the narrative around snacks with no compromise on taste.

Siete Tortilla Chips, Jilz Crackers (Code BAMJILZ20% Saves), Epic Jerky Bites for the win! Simply put with some added veggies to make this the perfect Snack Time Collection.

Changing the snack conversation is ageless and this collection begins by creating a healthy alternative for everyone. This gift works great for families, teachers, book clubs and almost everyone on your list. Adding crudites makes it a complete ready to eat collection and great for any holiday potluck or office party.

Condiment Collection - One of the biggest shocks for me was to learn that my ketchup, mayonnaise and salad dressings were chemical filled, gluten and sugar rich. I had no idea and literally almost made a friend with Celiac very sick because there was even gluten in a very expensive salad dressing I used at a dinner party. I ‘assumed’ it was clean. Wrong.

My good friends at Primal Kitchens have been leading the way with a conscious eye towards everything from mayo to salad dressing. A nice selection of about 5 Primal Kitchen’s (code PaleoBOSSLady10 saves) products will quickly create awareness around poisons in your refrigerator while offering a healthy alternative. Now burgers and salads can be healthy with each bite and taste delicious. Go Primal Kitchens!


Ultimate Wellness Collection - This is for someone who means the world to you and you want to help them up their volume on life and living. This collection offers the most important and powerful tools for wellness I know of.

A Skype consult with a Functional Medicine Doctor, CBD oil, Food Intolerance Testing and Near Infrared Sauna are all a part of this BAM curated Ultimate Wellness Collection! Each one of these are huge in my bio-hacked miracle life.

Giving this gift to a loved one is sure to set the stage for a BAM life. There is no question each one of these have had a huge impact on mine.

Dr. Will Cole is a leader in the functional medicine world and author of Ketotarian. His work known internationally and his practice cutting edge. I am proud to offer a discount to anyone who mentions PaleoBOSS Lady when scheduling with Dr. Cole. All of his work done via Skype so no matter where you are this can be in your ‘‘Bag of Tricks.”

SaunaSpace has changed my life and is a huge asset in my BAM outcome. The power of near infrared sauna is one to be experienced by everyone. From decreasing inflammation to detoxing our bodies this bio-hacking tool is a powerhouse. It is the only that continues to offer me resolution of temperature regulation issues that have plagued me for decades. In addition while touring I have watched it visibly decrease inflammation on a limb post surgery. Miracles happen everyday with SaunaSpace. Code PaleoBOSS offers a huge savings plus the 100 day money back guarantee makes this 100% made in America wellness tool a huge BAM.

Food Intolerance testing offers insights into our diet that cannot be duplicated. Pinnertest is a simple at home test that can be the key to unlocking food related issues. The beauty of this is that each intolerance is not forever. As you heal your gut micro-biome you can retest to see how your body is healing.

I consider this a HUGE tool for me that can give me a peek into my body instead of darkness. I am grateful to know what food choices support my best life. Pinnertest offers a discount with code PaleoBOSS and convenient payment plans making it easy to add this gift to your collection.

CBD if it is not in your daily wellness bag it should be. CBD is a cellular level tool that helps maintain homeostatis in the body. Adding this to the Ultimate Wellness Collection informs everyone of the power of CBD and offers cellular level changes that for most are nothing short of a miracle. My good friends at Elixinol make the most transparent CBD on the International market and control the product from soil to sale. I credit their line with helping me daily to live my best life. Best news is code BOSS10 saves here at check out!


Holiday gifts with intention are so different than going to the mall or ordering something on Amazon. I have to say I stopped being that type of consumer years ago and have never looked back. Supporting small business and giving gifts that keep giving are how I roll.

Each one of these curated gift collections and DIY idea’s are game changes and conversation starters that offer all of us more to the holiday season than shopping and wrapping.