14-Day Gut Shot Challenge

We all have heard that the core to beating disease & good health happens in the gut. Today you can find peer reviewed study after study talking about the gut microbiome & the huge role it plays in health & well being.

The gut flora is essential to keep our mind/body connection flourishing.

Often lifestyle choices change the gut health setting us up for sickness which can often be long term & very destructive. My mom was a prescription pill drug addict who freely gave us antibiotics like candy & never did we finish an entire script. We also lived in a high stress household with my father suffering from PTSD post WWII coupled with mom's many emergency room visits due to overdosing deteriorated my gut health & quickly. From childhood I was always sick.

Needless to say my gut health was horrific.

As a kid until the age of 30 I suffered from IBS & was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by the age of 24. My health declined to the point that by the age of 37 I became legally disabled. Within 10 years of disability I lost the use of my hands & had trouble swallowing. My life was beyond desperate & hope was leaving the building at a rapid pace as I faced homelessness, institutionalization or death.

Healing my gut was the 1st order of business when I decided to get conscious about my life as a Wahls Warrior following The Wahls Protocol.

By using diet & lifestyle to heal from MS I knew the key was to focus on healing my gut. Probiotics are essential to restoring gut flora & Wildbrine has been a key element to my gut healing. I can tell you personally my gut flora took over 48 months of 'no cheating' & extreme consciousness regarding diet & lifestyle to heal. Today I have a healed gut & I am 100% asymptomatic from the devastation known as MS.

In order to accomplish this huge feat of becoming one of the most healed from MS using diet & lifestyle it took a village with Wildbrine being a part of this journey.

Daily probiotic pills & healthy doses of Wildbrine kraut with each meal are two key elements that aided my healing beyond being a Wahls Warrior.

When Wildbrine asked me to participate in the 14-day challenge I was excited to see what the outcome would be. Being uber in tune with my body I pay close attention to any changes that may take place & I was interested to see how the challenge would play out.

I started the challenge the day before I was leaving on a 41 city tour across America as part of the "Taking it to the Streets Tour." At 1st I thought this would be hard to maintain & maybe not the best idea. However it actually turned out to be a life saver.

Several days on the road driving 7+ hours made consuming probiotic rich foods a challenge with each meal. I found myself successful for 1 meal a day, but did not worry because I knew I had a morning live Kimchi gut shot on board. As a result the challenge ended up aiding my wellness plan while traveling tremendously.

Each day I took a gut shot 1st thing after my morning Bulletproof coffee. As someone who eats 2 meals a day I would have Wildbrine kraut with one meal complimented by my morning live gut shot.

I have to say I noticed the biggest difference which involves talking about poo. The sign you have a healed gut flora resides 100% in your 'morning constitution.' The gut shots helped me to maintain a consistent ritual even when traveling which for me is often a huge BAM. No matter how healthy my gut has been recently I always struggle to maintain the ritual simply by traveling. This was not the case during the 14-day challenge.

In addition my mental clarity increased which for those suffering from MS this is often a struggle. I believe this had a lot to do with my capacity to gain a great nights sleep for the entire 14 days during the challenge. To test my theory I did not take a shot on day 15 and my sleep was compromised. I know personally that days lacking proper sleep effects my clarity & psyche greater than anything else. Having my gut health top notch puts all of these concerns to rest.

I drank each like a shot of tequila & really enjoyed the flavors.

The gut shots come in 3 delicious flavors Citrusy Japanese, Spicy Korean & Zesty Thai. Each made with whole ingredients, no added sweeteners, extracts or lab cultures. They are naturally fermented resulting in a savory taste. Each is gluten free & supports a vegan lifestyle as well.  With over 5 billion CFU's per bottle your gut will begin to establish a healthy microbiome for optimal health.

I highly recommend we all give ourselves the opportunity to participate in a 14-day challenge. No matter where you are on your wellness journey I am sure you will notice health benefits by adding Kimichi live shots to your daily routine.

Let me know how it goes as you up the volume on YOU!

Thank you to my friends at Wildbrine for allowing me to participate in this challenge. My body also thanks you.