A Badass Bitch waking the world the F*ck up

A Badass Bitch
waking the
world the f*ck up





My life has been all about being a BOSS. From being raised in a dysfunctional family that included an addicted mom & a war hero father who suffered from untreated PTSD chaos had always been the norm in my life. By the age of 23 in 1986 I was told I had an inoperable brain tumor & lived for almost 6 months believing my life was over. As luck would have it the death sentence became a life sentence when I was told I had Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Believe in your Journey.
— V Capaldi

I’m a BOSS who specializes in crossing the chasm. A lifetime of being a forecaster of trends lead me to work in technology, holistic health and with companies that have a conscious lens.

Grateful this work has excelled within technology, sustainable, regenerative agriculture, non-profits and diet - lifestyle brands. With intention my work focuses on helping companies and individual’s tap dreams lead by passion and purpose.

From building international companies to social media brands V has first hand experience that is certain to support your marketing needs.

If you don’t wake up everyday excited & filled with wonderful anticipation, I hope to inspire you to change that.”
— V Capaldi


I have a voice that cannot be quiet.

Born an activist and leader I have no choice in sharing how I live and grow in life. My award winning blog contains real time information about how I continue to defy the odds every day.

Living a conscious life I have learned to question the status quo and live outside of cultural and societal norms. My message filled with helpful insights to inspire your best life journey sprinkled with colorful language.

Enjoy this award winning blog that has no boundaries and no shame.

This is a no judgement space where we practice ‘one love’. I hope with this lens, to inspire and inform your best life journey.
— V Capaldi


I know every person on the planet has the capacity to follow their passion, live their dreams and to tap their BAM life. Adversity is often the fuel for transformation. No matter what life throws your way remember you got this friends.

I’ve got some things to inspire and inform your BAM in the many interviews, podcasts and blogs I have done. All of my work poised to offer the best shortcuts and powerful tools to help inspire you. Every word and message are keys to tapping your superpower living a life fueled by passion and purpose.

The beauty about this journey is that everyone who enters comes out a better version of themselves. From the moment you engage in the content included here you will begin questioning the status quo on the road to living your best life.

Define and grab your BAM life friends. Click here to learn more.

Consider yourself worthy of you & watch life unfold with joy, passion & purpose.
— V Capaldi



I have never walked alone. Companies and individuals support all the work that I do making it possible for me to offer free & accessible content. To learn more about each company & to gain access to discount codes click below to meet my members.

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I have never taken any pay for my work and all income has always supported the work I do in community.