Taking it to the Streets Tour



The Taking it to the Streets Tour...

Is a grass roots movement of consciousness founded by V Capaldi. Since 2016 this award winning tour has been supporting the community by offering access to all.

Simply request a visit from V and her dog Gidget and it will begin a journey of community building, enlightenment & consciousness to help you tap your BAM (believe in a miracle) life.

This donation based tour offers all communities a chance to engage in insightful, straight forward and tried and true conversation about the lifestyle changes that support the miracle life of founder, V Capaldi.

The brand of  PaleoBOSS Lady, Inc supports the community through the tour offering access to everyone regardless of financial ability. This tour is supported by sponsors who believe in the work we are doing.

It is encouraged that you consider supporting those who make this work possible. Many are small businesses that make a conscious life easier and more accessible however they cannot do it alone.

I personally use the products of each sponsor and believe they play a role in my miracle status.

I make no money on the sale of these products. Instead I share them with the families/homes I visit in hope of helping remove common barriers to entry experienced by many who take this conscious journey.

Vendors in turn help support the tour with donations to offset the expenses.

For vendors interested in joining the tour please contact us here:

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Best New Idea Paleo Magazine 2017

Best New Idea Paleo Magazine 2017

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