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LA Farmers Market = Gluten ridden food?


LA Farmers Market = Gluten ridden food?


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ photo 1

First I must say I LOVE culture and tradition!  It is the core of my Italian soul!  My 1st trip to LA was on business and I had an extra day off between meetings thrown in so I took a trip to the LA Farmers Market!  I remember seeing my 1st celebrity at the market and enjoyed strolling the quaint vendors & shops.

A good friend posted on Facebook, "Did anyone want to go the 80th Anniversary Taste Of?" $35 for 50 different tastings this is for me!  The Market has an engaging history and this visit was 2o years overdue! #timeflies

A Farmers Market is certainly going to have healthy fruit, veggie and meat options. With 50 food options at $35 this was exciting and going to be perfect!!!

NOT SO MUCH! (a strangers plate of food pictured. #OMG)

photo 2

I find it irresponsible for anyone in the food industry to not take notice to what a movement like Paleo is saying beyond what you can and cannot eat. Especially when you have 50 chances too make this happen!

Paleo is not a damn diet or fad it is a movement! A movement of eating consciously!

I don't have a gluten sensitivity, I DO HAVE an issue that 85% of the food available to me in the grocery store & served at restaurants includes processed/chemical ridden shit!

How did we get here and why are comfortable staying? I do not for one second ever consider I gave up pasta.  I gave up killing myself and I AM NOT LYING.  #LITERALLY

Simple steps like:

Maybe Magee's House of Nuts next year will offer nut samplings rather than sandwiches.

photo 1

On the flip side Magee's Kitchen offered the BEST OPTION  for anyone with food sensitivity with their delicious Chicken, Asada Tacos on corn tortilla's!

I look forward to next years event and hope that someone wakes up in LA and organizes an event that respects the culture of all those who support the market!  Many of us do not eat nor want processed food especially at a FARMERS MARKET event!


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photo 4






By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ 1281 Days. 3 Years 6 Months & 4 Days or 183 weeks I have been eating consciously.  

Yesterday for the 1st time since moving to Venice Beach in 2006 I rode my bike without a strong left tilt.  Since the onset of Multiple Sclerosis the left side of my body has always been dead.  I never felt my left side, but could move it whenever my body worked.

Last year the left side of my body started to wake up.  I now have feeling the entire side.  

Not equal feeling to the right, but I am sure it will be some day. My body continues healing in real time and I believe with certainty I can regain most of what MS has taken. Current history is showing this to be true.

People with MS don't get shit back.  However this lady does! #BOSSLady


About 2 days before I was going to my friends 4th of July party  I knew that I wanted to try and ride my bike   I began mentally preparing for the distance of the trip because it was going to be my furthest in 5 year.  Physically  I believed my body was strong enough to go the distance.

First few pedals out of my house were a little iffy and my tires needed air.  I rode to the nearest bike shop, got air and then the magic began!

Never did I consider I would be on a bike NOT tilting left.  Not for one second!!! Dead side = you tilt to that side.  Right???  My tilt was so strong someone tried to borrow my bike and could not believe I could even sit on the bike it had tilted the seat!  #notlying

At first I was like wow air makes a big ass difference when you are riding a bike.  Then I was like oh hell no I am just riding the bike.

Pedaling, riding, pedaling, riding, straight & steady like a baller!

OMG I am not tilting.

I am just simply riding!

With air in my tires!!!

OMG Freaking GOD!!!

I wanted to swing my hands free, but then I would have fallen and it would have been ugly and the story would not be a great one like it is now.  #damnit #idigress

With my head high I rode down Venice Blvd to my good friends house screaming my news!

It was a huge day for me and a SHOCK not only did I make the longest trip in many years on the bike, but I am not tilting left!


My body continues to heal as I use food as medicine and I joyfully kick MS to the curb every day and show it who is BOSS! #ThisGirl

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The decade of surgery...


The decade of surgery...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ Not to be an ass, but I consider myself similar to a fine wine since I have improved with age!  No one can deny this reality!  Even strangers because I have it all on film.  Clearly you see my transformation which is a direct result of  using food and movement as medicine.

Life is an amazing journey and my decades have played out like this:

20's everyone gets married,

30's everyone has babies,

40's everyone gets divorced,

50's everyone has surgery...

Swear to God!

Social media is so great about bringing forth connections to so many in a rather intimate forum.  Many times when someone is sick social media offers a wealth of support for those friends which I love about social media.  Therefore it is common to be aware of a friends health because somebody somewhere will mention an illness hoping for prayers & support.

Gallbladders, thyroid, backs, knees, sinuses and the list goes on and on…surgery everywhere!

I have run out of hands how many people I know my age who have had surgery in the last 12 months!   I am not talking cosmetic either.  It blows my mind!

Interesting when you are PaleoBOSS Lady how this reality sits with others.


Seldom do those having surgery ever want to hear from me.  Quite honestly they 'dislike' me.  I coach 100% accountability for self which means self care is healthcare.

It is who I am and what I scream from the rooftops daily!

The folks that want to hear from me are those who question the status quo regarding healthcare.  Somewhere their own health reality brought them to a place that does not feel right and they are peeking outside of the traditional box. #YIPPEE

If you live in 'the box' of traditional healthcare, PaleoBOSS Lady will only stand to annoy you!  Self-care as healthcare is the foundation of my being.

My person cannot stop my dedication to this movement!  My passion increases daily as I watch the art of consumerism cut open another person I care about rather than give them a plate full of healthy nutritious food & a movement program 1st.

If you have not seen my videos I encourage you to watch just this one of my 1st Paleo Year.  It blows my mind that this video stands to annoy many, but it does.

PaleoBOSS Lady 1st Paleo Year

Consider for one minute right now:

How the F*CK did we get here?

Why are we so willing to stay here?

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Simply put…a blog about poop


Simply put…a blog about poop


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™

What the hell am I thinking right?  It is Monday, a holiday week & I want to talk about poop!  I know, but I cannot help myself.

My dog Rita has been on a raw diet for only one week.  Within 2 days I noticed changes to her poop which translates to she barely poops!  At first I was concerned thinking she is blocked or the food is not agreeing with her.  Yet I could not deny her bright shiny coat, that Rita is no longer eating herself to death with hotspots, her breath is a little sweeter & her energy increased!

I immediately went to Dr. Google to find out why her poop was missing!

Funny as I reading I found myself reminded of my Paleo journey.  How my body had transformed in quite the same manner.  Many of you have heard me refer to my body as a 'well oiled machine'.  I know crazy for a body with MS to be referred to as this, but 100% true.

Once I started using food as medicine the body of PaleoBOSS Lady started to function effectively & like clock work!

Poop is what your body no longer needs!  When eating a Paleo diet your body uses all the food as energy and nourishment! There is little to no waste!

Amazing how it only took 48 hours for my 12lb little hotdog I now call "Raw Rita" to remind me how food is an energy source for the body! If you put what your body needs in very little comes out.

Quite simply: when you eat processed shit you shit!

No one needs to get a medical degree to know when their body is or is not working properly.  I wonder how many really know what a properly working body feels like?  With 80%+ of the foods in our diet processed I bet not many. Before Paleo this lady & her dog didn't!

As PaleoBOSS Lady I live to #inspire #engage #empower you every step of the way.  If you like what you read, please subscribe to my blog & share it with others!

Thank you so much and pay attention to your poop! It is always telling the truth!

What is in poop video:


Cooking my way through "The Paleo Kitchen"


Cooking my way through "The Paleo Kitchen"


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ They say timing is everything right?  A dear friend was having major surgery at the same time The Paleo Kitchen was released by 2 of my FAVORITE  Paleo food bloggers: Civilized Caveman & PaleOMG! Paleo cooking nirvana began!

PaleoBOSS Lady happily worked in the kitchen all weekend preparing a handful of delicious recipes to deliver to my friend that did not disappoint in any way except when the food was gone!

Paleo Kitchen Banana Cinnamon Swirl Bread





1st up was the Banana Cinnamon Swirl Bread!

I had 2 girlfriends over and we successfully ate the entire loaf in one night! Okay each of us did take home a slice for coffee the next morning! Which we texted each other photo's of as we were reminded of how damn good it is!

Followed by the Bread Pudding of course! PaleoBOSS Lady is no fool!  #BAM












After an overnight stay in the fridge the herb rubbed pork shoulder cooked all day in the Crock Pot until pulled pork goodness was apparent with the first touch! This dish is mouth watering with a sure fire kick!

Crock pot Pulled Pork

*if you don't like spicy tone it back a little because it has bite!

Sweet Potato Bacon Lime Dill Salad



The Sweet Potato Bacon Lime Dill Salad is my Summer 2014 salad!

This salad will arrive with PaleoBOSS Lady to every potluck meal this summer & will be included in every BBQ this year!

The combination of ingredients makes it fun for the palate with unique flavors and textures!

So far the PaleoBOSS Lady™ palate and cook give The Paleo Kitchen a 5 Star review!  Congratulations to George and Julie and thank you for making cooking FUN!


Conscious living continued...

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Conscious living continued...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ Once I started living a conscious Paleo lifestyle the transition to questioning every thing I bought, used, consumed became a reality for me.

I literally have questioned almost everything that touches my body asking myself what exactly am I doing?

Every cleaning product, makeup and clothing label I read!  If I didn't know what it was I Googled it!

Once again a I was freely living in a chemical shit storm!

Here I was using products, all over my body, without question or regard  beyond my immediate needs or desires.

Consumerism at it's finest!

Fuck me!

It is not easy transitioning your life to a conscious reality.

It takes time.

It takes ownership.

It takes accountability.

Conscious awareness is a process that involves a cultural, mental and physical shift.

The rewards are beyond comprehension and PaleoBOSS Lady proudly is a living testament of exactly what those rewards can mean to your life and to your person!


Here are some of the products that I just adore and am grateful to have in my conscious life for skincare!


This is my face & body moisturizer!  


Primal Life Organics are the only Paleo Natural Skincare line!


Trader Joe's Tea tree oil is perfect for all anti-viral needs!






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How Hard is a Paleo Lifestyle?


How Hard is a Paleo Lifestyle?


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ How hard is the Paleo lifestyle?

It's all about the lens and how you view it.  I find that once I started looking at "the how" of food most decisions regarding what I eat became moral issues for me.  Not only how I eat, but what I eat and when.


Living consciously I began to ask who said that we have breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Who said that we eat certain foods with certain meals?

Why do we all so blindly agree to these ideals?  Universally and across almost all cultures?

Somehow there is a cultural collective that food that is not natural is better, food is a reward and sugar should be in every meal in everything!  Most household diets across America share these values and this cultural collective could not be farther from the truth and yet a common reality!

Once I began looking into how 90% of the food we eat falls into this collective and how all of this ties directly into the increase in disease and sickness my lifestyle became necessary and easy!

Food a reward??? Really?

Think about how this reality came to be.

For one minute just stop all that you are doing and think about why we eat cereal for breakfast.

My personal reward  was disabling Multiple Sclerosis that took my health, my life savings and my family from me!

The hardest thing about a Paleo lifestyle is allowing the time it takes to deprogram a cultural collective regarding food that goes deeper than what you eat.  It is when you eat, how you eat and why you eat that also needs to be questioned, answered and reprogrammed.


Living a Paleo lifestyle is not about giving up, dieting or losing weight it is about looking at food through a conscious lens, taking ownership for your body and how you live in it.  Living a Paleo lifestyle is as hard as living a conscious lifestyle.  Conscious living means freedom and I will never consider my right for freedom hard.


Changing the Narrative


Changing the Narrative


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ images-8


For the past 21 days I have been actively participating in my 5th Whole 30 Challenge.  For the last 15 days I have becoming more and more depressed.  This coming from someone who in 51 years only has identified with depression once and that was when my life became disabled and my partner walked out!

Last week when visiting with my therapist I cried from the moment I walked in the room. I have been feeling overwhelmed and on an emotional roller coaster.  Asking myself over and over again, "What are you doing with the 30+ hours weekly you have free now?  Basically having the "What am I going to do with my life now that I graduated conversation!"

Saturday while spending the day with my daughter I literally told her at least 10 times I was struggling emotionally.  This type of conversation never happens with this mom/PaleoBOSS Lady because I am a rock damn it!  Not this day...

My daughter looked at me and said "Mom you have a lot of good happening in your life that you need to let  happen and celebrate. You need to celebrate all of your  hard work!  You can't stop enjoying things because you are doing a Whole30!"

I listened with anger and yet I heard every word.

To put this in prospective, I am proud to say that in just the last few days my life has consisted of: launching a brand new website, holding a new PaleoBOSS Lady Workshop, getting sign off on my thesis, finishing grad school and driving a car over 5 miles for the 1st time in  5 years!

HUGE milestones that I felt unable to celebrate.

No matter what when you are doing a Whole30 going out & having dinner parties a few times a week doesn't work!  Yet what was happening in my life deserved to be celebrated and  I was not.  This coupled with the thoughts of "Who am I?" became hard for me to sort out mentally.

For 7 years I have been in school without interruption and finally here I am graduating with my Masters in Psychology!  This is a huge triumph!enjoy-the-journey

Driving from the Hollywood Bowl with my daughter and sharing this experience with her was amazing!  I never in my life thought I would be driving long distance again and yet here I am!  This needs more than an applause.

Damn it!  All of this deserves to be screamed from the roof tops and celebrated!

My life narrative was at a cross road with my Paleo life for the 1st time and it did not feel good.   I was in emotional and physical pain and something had to change.  After much debate, careful thought and in harmony with my daughter the decision was made for PaleoBOSS Lady to do a Whole21!

As of today you can find me celebrating!  Cheers!

I feel better already!




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A Star is Born!

by PaleoBOSS Lady® Unknown-7

One of the most amazing parts of this journey of healing for PaleoBOSS Lady® is that I have it all filmed. This part of my experience has been the most crucial piece for me on so many levels and how it came to be is quite simply a result of truly living & being engaged in life.

Already disabled and continuing to decline I decided I needed a new skill set. Considering many things becoming a psychotherapist was the choice for me. During my studies my disability grew and with each day I became more vocal about the lack of support for the disabled in America. I was angry with everyone and everything and scared of where my life was heading.

One summer I took a documentary film class with my favorite teacher and at the end of the class he asked to meet with me. At this time I had virtually no bilateral use of my hands and had full time help. During this meeting he asked me to document my disabled life on film. I was speechless and held onto every word. Realizing my hands didn’t work, I had no camera or idea how to use one, I never go to the movies or watch television and yet I listened with the promise to think about it. A week later I decided game on, bought a camera and began filming a story about what it is like to be disabled without available support systems in place to help.

The camera is rolling.  

 My disability escalated during the first 2 years of filming: I lost my home, started falling, no longer controlled my limbs, had little to no use of my hands, no ability to drive, trouble walking & swallowing were just a few of my life realities!


Clearly at rock bottom, I began to look at food: specifically gluten. I removed gluten from my diet, January 1, 2011. Within 21 days limb jumping stopped and has never returned!

The camera is rolling.

2012 I start following a strict Wahls Protocol® lifestyle.

The camera is rolling.

I live 100% independent for the 1st time in 50 years!

Suddenly a film about what it is like to be disabled is a film of hope!  

The camera is rolling.

I encourage you to take time watch the series of videos on YouTube:

Each video is under 10 minutes & worth the watch! I promise!

1 in 5: A Documentary Series by PaleoBOSS Lady

The camera is rolling.

Love the life you live,

PaleoBOSS Lady™



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