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How Can I Help?


How Can I Help?

"Find yourself in the service to others."   Mahatma Gandhi

As the requests keep coming in for visits during the tour I am reminded of how much each stop means to the community I serve. In addition those I have visited continue to inspire the journey with their new found BAM's that happen almost daily.

The truth is the tour changes lives with my own included. So much so that this crazy girl decided to extend the tour to 5 years & all 50 states. BAM.


Since touring the last 11 months I have learned a lot that I would like to share with all of you hoping you are inspired to answer the "How Can I Help?" question on your own.

The "Taking it to the Streets Tour" is a no judgement tour that says yes to anyone who asks for a visit. Many times the community I serve cannot offer me & Gidget a place to stay. Regardless we will visit if you ask. 

Within the 1st year of the tour I personally will have traveled over 30K miles, 90+ cities living with close to 50 strangers which is a huge BAM. 

To date over 200+ requests have come in for me to visit, talk or work with the community & there appears to be no end in sight. The need for the work that I do is beyond real.

After having an honest conversation with myself about why I started this tour it has become clear that there can be no stop date as long as the need exists. However some changes are needed for the tour to continue & this is where the "How Can I Help?" part comes in.

Touring involves changing locations almost every 3 days which means I am loading & unloading quite often. For those who don't know many with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) often have issues with their rotator cuff & as luck would have it I am one. Lifting & carrying my stuff are extremely taxing on my body which is something that will need to change in order for me to have longevity on the tour. The last words my PT said to me before touring was that I can end this real quick by lifting a lot. I heard him & have only light small bags, but it still proves hard for my body to handle with MS on board. This needs to change for me to continue long term there is no doubt.

Remember how I mentioned if you ask me I will come? Well this is regardless of anyone's ability to offer a place for us to live. Since I am homeless & still come to visit no matter what this translates into housing costs that average more than I can afford living on social security.

Not complaining, but costs like this leave me with days of forced fasting due to no money for food.

Yes fasting heals inflammation & my body does well, but the psychological element of not having money for food is not a best look & often my body needs food to put forth this huge effort making fasting not the best overall look for me while touring. 

"How can I help?" is a question others have asked & I finally have the answer.

I am hoping to buy a trailer & small SUV to be able to keep my costs down, save my body & allow the tour to continue as long as the demand is present. These purchases will stop the need to carry in & out saving my body which is huge. It also cuts any housing costs down tremendously.

Did you know small considerations like $25 a month are a BAM for this tour?

The 'Taking it to the Streets Tour" is about serving the community 100% & I hope you will consider being a part of an initiative personally or as a company. The 'Taking it the Streets Tour" provides hope, tools of empowerment & community resources to all of our brothers & sisters whom I visit.

The tour to date has served ages 6 months to 99 years old supporting mental, physical and age related issues. It does not discriminate, judge or have any preconceived idea's of how to support the community. All of the work I do is customized to the needs of each individual.

In addition It would also mean the world to me if you would consider sharing the tour with others. With 1-5 in America disabled we all know many who can use help tapping their miracle life.

Hopefully this speaks to some of you to take action today & commit. Imagine the satisfaction of being a part of the tour that is building a grass roots movement of consciousness changing lives daily for the cost of about 2.5 lattes.

If this speaks to you please click here to learn more about the tour & to join me in changing lives with each mile I drive. You can also use the tab on the link or if you prefer I accept both Paypal: or Vinmo: diane-capaldi

Namaste. I honor each of you & really hope you will consider joining the "Taking it to the Streets Tour" which was nominated by Paleo Magazine as "Best New Idea." BAM.


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Building a Grass Roots Movement


Building a Grass Roots Movement

The Taking it to the Streets Tour sponsored by Nutiva & Palm Done Right was designed to start a grass roots movement of consciousness regarding diet & lifestyle in America and guess what? It appears to be working!

Starting September 3rd, the year long journey began & to date has had me in front of over 30 folks who are interested in getting conscious to raise the roof on life and living in less than a week.

Each person who attended my talks, cooking class or workshop came with a desire to begin to question the status quo regarding how they live their lives. They also left with a friend or buddy who is willing to support them during this journey.

BAM! BAM! BAM! Community rules!

From CA to Arizona groups are already forming to raise the roof on life & living! Similar to the AA model of peer to peer support this tour is poised to set up dozens of support systems all over the USA! 

Words cannot express how exciting this is for this BOSS Lady. With merely a suggestion at each talk groups are forming to meet monthly, form buddy systems & more to up the volume of life as a collective supporting each slow, steady, sustainable step of conscious living without fear of judgement. 

As a community psychology major & walking miracle I will go to my grave screaming about the power of community to tap the miracle in all of us. Without community support life can be an overwhelming place especially when getting conscious in a way not supported by the cultural norms.

Having the ability to help communities of support build all over the USA is my current life nirvana. Helping others to have the support needed to tap their desired life outcome is the foundation of the Taking it to the Streets Tour.

Can't make the "Taking it to the Streets" Tour sponsored by Nutiva & Palm Done Right I still got you!

For those who I am not going to be able to meet directly along the tour I wanted to offer suggestions for ways you can begin to build your community of support. The one thing I have learned in my years working with the community is when you scratch the surface just a little you can find like minds to support your journey.

Top 5 Tips to Build Community:

  1. Identify your hope in finding/building community.
  2. Create a safe space & know your desired role in community making sure it is free of judgement.
  3. Begin to locate community support tapping areas such as: social media, non-profits, like-minded bloggers, companies & podcasts that resonate with your mission.
  4. Invite others to join your mission clearly spelling out expectations.
  5. Be vulnerable allowing the community to help inspire support your journey.

Whatever your needs there is a community of others just like you. I bet many if not most would be grateful to have the support of another to inspire each others journey. During my tour I have heard more than once someone share how happy they were to meet like minded individuals who understand the challenges of living with disease. This will hold true for any one looking to build community support.

Finding others who "get your path" can be the ground needed to start healing, living & growing in the direction of your dreams.

For me personally community has been my life long savior!  For those reading this please know that the journey of PaleoBOSS Lady is founded on community and I will forever be willing to play a part in your best life journey. 

You should know friends that the community of me & you has already started. I believe in you!

Let's raise the roof on life & living together!

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The Adventure of a Lifetime Begins RIGHT NOW!

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The Adventure of a Lifetime Begins RIGHT NOW!

I cannot believe that as you are reading this today I am most probably in my car with Gidget for the launch of the "Taking it to the Streets" Tour sponsored by Nutiva and Natural Habitats heading to my 1st stop in Indio, California. 

My person is literally numb with joy, wonder & determination right now.

I have worked so hard for so long & never in a million years did I think this would be my life reality. Yet here I sit writing this blog realizing that in just over 24 hours I will begin a year long commitment of giving myself 100% to the community in an effort to create a grass roots movement of change.

This BOSS Lady believes she can help her brothers & sisters raise the roof on life & living leading by example in the company of the community I serve. #ohmy

My daughter came by last night & I would catch her looking at me through eyes I never saw before. Felt how I must have looked when she was leaving for Berklee College of Music. I was so proud to see the years of hard work pay off as she achieved her lifelong dream of studying music and finally be among her piers. This is the lens I think my kid was seeing me through last night & it was a first.

This tour will finally have me face to face with my tribe.

I am certain this time next year I will be fearless. No doubt the "Taking it to the Streets" Tour has me facing every damn fear I have remaining in this person. I am beyond ready to kick fucking fear out of the building for good. I wasted to many years living a life ruled by fear & this tour stands to end this once & for all.

Bye bye fear you freaking asshole. I am way over your sorry ass.

Leading by example I hope to share with my brothers and sisters all that I have in my "Bag of Tricks" to inspire their miracle journey. The next critical step is we continue the process by sharing with others leading by example. This is how change happens: one person at a time.

By the end of the tour my message stands to be heard by 30K in over 14 states & countless cites. This grass roots movement focused on creating sustainable real change one person at a time.

Join me America as we RAISE THE ROOF on life and living! Free events all year long!

If you are dying to get involved with the upcoming tour donations are appreciated. Beyond cost of gas the entire tour has been self funded.


My good friends at Nutiva & Palm Done Right paid for all the gas expenses needed for the tour & I am so very grateful.

In addition there are expenses for accommodations that are needed along the way. These are necessary stopping points for safe travel respecting my bodies limitations. Please consider donating! Together we can up the volume!

Wish me luck! Tribe I am coming for you! BAM!



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Living a Passion Driven Life


Living a Passion Driven Life

I cannot believe that in 10 days the "Taking it to the Streets" Tour sponsored by Nutiva and Natural Habitats officially begins. Seems like yesterday I decided to make this all happen & now it is here & so very real.

Not going to lie until I am actually out there figuring it out I live in disbelief this is all really happening.  Sounds ridiculous I know, but the thought that this girl will be driving all over the USA seems unbelievable & yet is the basis of every action I take each day.

Yes I am still getting used to my miracle status.

As I put together spreadsheet after spreadsheet mapping out this journey I am overwhelmed with gratitude to serve my brothers and sisters. Little did I know when I decided to live a 100% passion driven life that I would be where I am today.

Almost every day someone asks me, "Is your body going to be able to do this V?"

Every time I stop & think silently for a brief second, "You crazy asshole this is never going to work." until I remember my history since living a passion driven life has proven otherwise.

Actually my passion driven life defies all cultural norms & continues to deliver miraculous outcomes so why the fuck can't I do this is the immediate next statement that comes right behind the negative talk.

What is a "Passion Driven Life" really many ask me?

In our global consumer driven world it is almost impossible not to fall into the autopilot of life living day after day with little thought or focus on our individual passion. Most are driven by bills, responsibility & cultural norms which have nothing to do with a passion driven life & everything to do with routine.

Trust me I was so very guilty of this for most of my life. Driven by stuff aka greed and defined by possessions with higher purpose being guided by these shallow ideal's. No wonder my body blew up with Multiple Sclerosis taking control.

Today I have zero. Merely 30 personal possessions, a leased car, dog, laptop & 20 aprons to use for cooking classes.

My life driven by moral obligation.

Reason does not come into play beyond safety & 100% pure self-love. This my friends is a passion driven life.

  • "Sure "V" sounds great, but I got shit to pay!"
  • "Tell my partner that V!"
  • "4 kids, aging parents and a mortgage say dream on."

I have heard it all. I lived each one out for years.

Until I had my entire body blow the fuck up punching me in the face day after day doing whatever it wanted while I was just taking each blow trying to act like a champ, but I am a BOSS.
  • A BOSS owns their life.
  • A BOSS is conscious & does not follow cultural norms.
  • A BOSS knows who they are.

I didn't. Somewhere along the way this BOSS lost herself. Forgetting who she was.

We all have had dreams. We all have believed if even for a moment we could do or be something that dreams are made of. I ask you to search inside yourself to find that place again. We all got that shit we just forgot about it or maybe put it on pause for a stay.

When you are ready to turn the passion switch "on" you need to tap that place again.

Search for it & once you get there ask and answer the questions:

  • If I got it all right in 1 year what would my life look like?
  • &
  • start mapping that shit out with the passion you just tapped.

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