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2019 Expo West - New Product Round - Up - Part ONE


2019 Expo West - New Product Round - Up - Part ONE

I just spent the last 3 days at Expo. West and not only am I super excited for the coming year I am also dead tired. Expo. is so big and covers so much space I did not get to see all of it. I had to allow myself permission to be okay with this which was not easy, but needed. Today I did a nice yoga stretch and have been in my most comfortable clothes watching “Say Yes to the Dress” in preparation for my daughters upcoming wedding. LOL.

Any who…here are the NEW products & companies I wanted to share from Expo. West 2019. I have so many this will be a 2 part series! BAM is all I can say.

Many are small businesses and I hope you will consider supporting all of them. I make no money selling product I simply believe in each of these products and the people behind them. Enjoy.


Nutpods - Did you know Nutpods has paid for Gidget for years? Yup their sponsorship is for Gidget’s food. I get emotional every month when I get the wire from them. Some of the kindest people I know! Our love affair began and is re-kindled every morning when I make my coffee. I am a Nutpods gal! Dairy-FREE never tasted so good and now they up’d the game once again with Caramel! I almost passed out on the Expo West show floor when I saw this. Next I tasted it smiled so much my eyes shut. I love you Nutpods and appreciate all you do for me and Gidget. Grab yours here.


Pili Hunters - I have been so inspired by the spirit of PIli Nuts, which comes directly from the founder, Jason. His energy, kindness and zest for life are the foundation of Pili Nuts. The creamy nuts are one thing now they have Expedition Nut Butters that are simply amazing! I recommend grabbing a variety pack and doing your own taste test. These are perfect for keto folks! Post work out snacks, kids lunches, treats and simply fuel for your mind, body and soul. Tap your hunter gatherer and click here.


Siete Foods - When Siete joined the tour I almost cried. I knew the Siete families line of products would help me to change the narrative in households so easily. Their complete line of Paleo perfect products elevate the family meal plan from the word go. This year at Expo West they announced a hard taco shell. I know it is almost too much to wait for it to hit the shelves. If you are like me and want to be the first to know head here.


Green Girl Bakeshop - I almost cried when I met Lisa and her team at Green Girl. From the product to the packaging they had me hooked and who doesn’t want a healthy, delicious ice cream sandwich? Right now you can only find them in the California area, but that is about to change folks so hang on. Green Girl I am a fan and cannot wait for you to be found all over America. Learn more here. 


CoYo Organic - My good friend in Bend, Oregon introduced me to the line CoYo and I have forever been hunting it down all over America. When touring I have been known to drive 30 miles to have this delicious dairy free yogurt. I love all the flavors with vanilla bean being my favorite. If you have not tried CoYo you are missing out. I had the pleasure of meeting the co-founder, Henry, at Expo. West and his story about starting this company so amazing I want to invite him to do a Facebook Live so stay tuned. Find your CoYo here.


Kitch Fix - This company is not new to me I just re-fell in love with Kitch Fix. They recently had Dr. Terry Wahls out for an event and you now this Wahls Warrior loves to hear that! Not going to lie I love a good bowl of granola to start the day or a mid-day post workout fuel fix. The line from Kitch Fix delicious! My real love affair has always been with the Paleo waffles they have. OMG. Do I need to say anymore? Waffles. Granola. Bars. Find out more here.


Hu Kitchen- OMG someone save me from myself. I swear every time I buy Hu Kitchen’s cashew butter bar I am going to share or eat 1/2 at a time. I NEVER do. Not even one time. I am a true addict. This stuff kills me. I also find myself yelling at their Instagram account. The posts send me over the ‘I need that now edge.’ To make matters more exciting I can find them almost anywhere for purchase. If you have not tried HU you have been warned. Learn more here.


Karine & Jeff - I first found the Karine & Jeff product line touring in 2018. It was a dream come true for this van living fool. Real whole food based soups & puree’s that are homemade are what Karine & Jeff are all about. This french company feels like fine cuisine from the word go. The packaging is amazing in the beautiful glass bottles which I adore. I simply LOVE this product line and almost died when I found it at Expo. West. To learn where to find them click here.


Chill Pop - Frozen fruit pops are what Chill Pop Shop is all about. Met CEO, Elisabeth, at Expo. West and tasted all the delicious flavors they offered. With flavors like avocado mint and watermelon lime you can bet the are for grown-ups and kids alike. They are creamy, dreamy yum on a stick. Learn more here.


Lilly’s Sweets - I love Lilly’s baking chips and have recently found the keto version from Lilly’s Sweets. I am not going to lie I eat them right out of the bag. So good for this chocolate loving woman. Lilly’s bars, chips and NEW chocolate covered almonds RULE. I love this line and appreciate how they make my conscious life easy. To grab your Lilly’s click here.


Base Culture - This companies breads I was first introduced to many years ago. I met the founder of Base Culture at a trade show and have watched this line continue to grow. Today they have a Keto bread that is amazing. I have been toasting it up every morning since I got my 1st loaf! So good. Base Culture also makes banana, pumpkin and sandwich Paleo breads plus a bunch more. Base Culture has been delivering quality BAM for years and the keto bread just another example. You can grab them on Amazon here.


Teton Waters Ranch - I LOVE this company and how I can find them almost everywhere all over America. Teton Waters Ranch was at Expo. West last week and I had the pleasure of meeting with the CEO, Mike Murray. What a nice guy! If I loved them before I am in love now. Literally and not only because of the Teton Waters Ranch sausages - they have grass-fed burgers! They are ridiculous! My last meal on earth would be a burger so I know burgers. I literally died. They won some big ass award for it too. Check it all things Teton Waters Ranch here.


VioLife - I stumbled upon VioLife touring and have been a huge fan ever since. I actually think I was on vacation with my cousin in Key West when I found VioLife. I love this non-dairy cheese line so much especially the cheddar cheese. Never did I think a grilled cheese would be in my life, but it is with this plant-based line of cheese. Now don’t be getting your panties in a bunch with potato starch and start saying nasty things to me. I won’t have it. I love this line. I eat this line and I am happy to enjoy a grilled cheese using Base Culture bread and Mikey’s Muffins. To learn more about VioLife click here.


Rhythm Superfoods - I met this company when I stumbled upon their beet chips and Rhythm became something I looked for when shopping. I love beets and get sick of eating them the same way. Having
the chips was a new BAM in my life. Then Rhythm added the carrots and sticks which my dog Gidget loves so I keep a bag in the van for her. Now they have fruit and I was lucky enough to taste it at Expo. West. I love this line and appreciate how they bring the super to snacking through foods. Amazon sells Rhythm Superfoods making it the easiest ever. Here is a link to get started.


Birch Benders - Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes. Did I mention pancakes? Birch Benders brings the Paleo to pancakes and boy do they do a great job of it! Not going to lie in the fall I bought the pumpkin paleo pancake mix in Denver and although tempted everyday to open in before Thanksgiving I waited to bring it home to my daughter for Thanksgiving morning and it was a highlight and now a tradition. So much love for Birch Benders and how easy they make Paleo. Now they are making keto just as simple with their line of Keto mixes and syrups. Did I mention syrups? Keto? Chocolate Chip? Have mercy is all I can say. To learn more click here friends.


Pop & Bottle - Almond milk latte’s to go = yes please and thank you Pop & Bottle! I love everything about this company! The products are delish, the energy around the booth was amazing and the packaging I find very appealing. I am a sucker for a delicious healthy nut milk. I was first turned onto nut milks by a friend in Beverly Hills who used to make and sell them to me when my hands did not work. Thankful for Pop & Bottle for making almond milk latt'e’s easy on the daily. To grab some on Amazon click here.


Gold Thread Herbs - Wow was I surprised to find these magic elixir’s from Gold Thread Herbs. So darn delicious and a healthy BAM in a jar. I have never had an herb tunic before and fell in love instantly. Then to learn more about the history of Gold Thread Herbs, the culture and that they are in my former hood of Santa Monica has me over the moon about Gold Thread Herbs. Click here to find out where you can get your hands on these amazing potions.


Stay tuned friends for another blog post highlighting my favorite finds of Expo West 2019. So many it is too much for one blog post.

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Expo West 2018 Hot Products Round Up


Expo West 2018 Hot Products Round Up

I have to say having Expo. West and the time change happen in the same week almost did me in. Still recovering and hence the delay in getting this blog post done.

I spent 4 days at Expo and still did not see everything. Heck I was not even able to say hi to the vendors I already know and love let alone new companies. I am grateful to have had 2 early morning strolls that allowed me to cover a lot of ground where I caught quite a few products I am tickled pink to see.



  • Zevia Tea:  My good friends at Zevia just introduced an organic ready to drink tea line. Like all Zevia products, these items are sweetened with stevia, and contain zero sugar. In addition, Zevia Organic Teas are non-carbonated, non-GMO, brewed with Fair Trade Certified Tea, and will carry the USDA Organic seal. The flavors include Black Tea, Green Tea and herbal flavors, featuring two caffeine-free options. BAM.
  • Nutiva: Boy did Nutiva blow me away with the new MCT Powder. The 1st of its kind and quite delicious if I do say so myself. I love this and Nutiva made the MCT powder with those who have a sensitive stomach in mind. Many complain about MCT liquid being a little harsh on the tummy and this powered MCT has got you covered . Nutiva has included ingredients that help to minimize stomach upset making this a huge win. Looking forward to this coming out in April 2018.
  • Siete: I literally lost my mind when I tasted the cashew tortilla wrap. OMG they are delicious. Siete  also launched a chick pea wrap, but I am on team no chick pea so I did not taste. History leads me to believe it will be delicious. Now stand up and scream 'Hell Yes" Siete also announced new chips with ranch! Drops mic and walks off stage. BAM.
  • Bubba's Fine Foods: I love a good serving size pack and even more when I get to chose if I want bourbon vanilla un-granola, Nana chips or a savory original. Single serving size packs keep me from embarrassing myself and eating an entire bag in one sitting. Thank you Bubba's for helping a girl out with your cute little bags of YUM.
  • Abeego: Beeswax wraps rule. I love these and literally almost hugged the woman who is the CEO of this company. What a great way to say bye bye to plastic wrap and foils. These wraps are washable and last. They come in many different sizes. Side note: For vegans this will not work.
  • Further Food: Daily Turmeric Tonic is a must have for everyone. I added turmeric to my life a few years ago and in the last year have increased how much I consume 2 capsules daily and notice a great difference in inflammation. Further Foods Turmeric Tonic is tasty and a great way to say hello turmeric and feel special doing it. Trust me.
  • NutRaw: Pistachio milk for the win. I was giddy when I tasted this line and this company is all about anything pistachio. I could see this in my refrigerator on a monthly rotation. I love all the nut milk choices don't you? Not going to lie I really liked pistachio milk a lot.

If I had to pick my favorite product for 2018 it would be the beeswax wraps from Abeego. Not to discount the foods I mentioned because all of them are delicious game changers. The wraps are a narrative changer in the space many of us still hold many toxic habits. Wraps, foils and plastic containers are filled with all kind of toxic stuff and this not only creates the space for a conversation to happen it also offers a wonderful solution.

I am grateful for shows like Expo West for many reasons. Everyone under one roof makes life easy and I get to see people I love in one event.

I look forward to trying these products and seeing if they make it to my regular rotation. Let me know if you get your hands on any of them and what you think. Wishing luck to all the companies who showed and hope Expo West exceeded your expectations.

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Eating Consciously Triggers 2 Eating Disorders


Eating Consciously Triggers 2 Eating Disorders

As many of you know I have been eating consciously for over 6 years & experienced life changing results that set the stage for the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady. My food healing journey began with gluten & the changes my body felt with removing gluten from my diet were astounding. Restless leg almost immediately left my body which is an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) symptom that is often quite troubling.

This initial result of saying bye bye to gluten let me know that food was my missing piece and I needed to keep looking at food to biohack my health. Within a year of giving up gluten I started a Paleo lifestyle followed by The Wahls Protocol which is where I have remained and to this day I am a proud & faithful Wahls Warrior.


Sadly eating consciously triggered 2 different eating disorders in my life.

Many who eat whole foods develop an eating disorder called Orthorexia which is when the restrictions of eating healthy become excessive regarding "clean" eating. Often this restrictive behavior flows into to other areas of your life limiting the ability to live your life.

I do not believe I had or have Orthorexia, but I do believe I have had bouts of Anorexia and Bulimia.

About a year after becoming a Wahls Warrior I decided to follow the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP Protocol) to see if I had any food triggers especially regarding night shades (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, potato) & eggs. A trip to Italy where I got very sick eating a tomato, pepper & eggplant based meal prompted me to feel I needed to see what foods did not work for me in my healing journey.

AIP focuses on eating foods that heal your gut. After 90 days I begin a slow reintroduction which is the recommended path to see what foods may be a trigger for my body.

Because I am a dark chocolate lover extraordinaire I chose chocolate for my reintroduction & it did not go well. I was devastated & symptoms of MS started to return. This result made me pause, but I still keep going and in another couple days I reintroduced eggs with another poor result.

dark chocolate.jpg

Now I am 2 for 2 with negative outcomes & I begin to get concerned.

During this time my only resource or support system was Dr. Google. I was completely alone in the journey outside of a few bloggers offering online information. I personally do not know a single person using food as medicine & my doctors had already thought my approach to healing was bogus. Dr. Wahls had no book yet and Mark's Daily Apple was my most significant resource which is not AIP focused, but proved to be a lifeline regardless so many times during this period of my life.

Without conscious effort the negative results of the reintroduction translated into an almost anorexic behavior for me.

Suddenly food became an enemy & I was afraid to eat because I did not want any MS symptoms to return. The sad truth is I began losing so much weight & the compliments started pouring in which did not help my healing journey. It almost reinforced my anorexic behavior which was easy to hide because most stopped listening to me using food as medicine. At this time these types of healing protocols were new and somewhat ground breaking translating into most thinking it was 'hippie' bullshit.

I am not going to lie the positive reinforcement by way of comments about how great I looked losing so much weight continued to fuel my anorexic behavior.

Eating foods again became hard not only because of fear of an MS flair, but also because I loved all the attention around 'how great I looked.' Luckily for me I was deep into my conscious life journey & I woke up. It was a true brick hit forehead moment when I began realizing that my mitochondria needed food to continue to kick MS to the curb & eating was essential. I also reminded myself that I was not interested in being on the cover of Vogue & that I was trying to heal myself & regain some quality of life.

My current state of using food as medicine involves killing my sugar demons. Gave up refined sugar years ago yet I still struggle with anything that has a natural sweetener especially honey & maple syrup. In the last 2 years I have noticed a bulimic style behavior eating 'healthy' desserts with reckless abandonment

I literally can eat an entire pie, cake or box of Paleo style treats without any sense of self control & in one sitting.


My 2017 healthcare goal has been to kick this type of habit to the curb as I have every conscious eating change. For some reason this demon has been the hardest of my life to date finding myself dealing with daily struggles that shock & scare me. I lack self control in a way I have never experienced. In May with the help of community I worked hard on a road map with tools, a good plan and course of action to overcome this addiction using tried and true steps that have served me when I quit smoking, gluten, dairy and processed foods and still the struggle is real.

I began looking at my conscious eating journey since the beginning and trying to see what I may be missing that I forgot or simply for insight into what has brought me to this place.

When I first started this path I was 100% alone not knowing anyone using food as medicine. There were little to no companies or food products that you were able to buy at a grocery store beyond ingredients to make all of your meal. There were no cakes, cookies, tarts, pizza, puddings, ice creams etc that were called Paleo. In fact, few and far between even recipes for making this desserts where hard to come by with bloggers just started to pop up. 

I have come to understand in this year of focused effort that my addiction is not to the ingredients it is to the food category.

I was under the assumption that eating ingredients that are Paleo or Wahls compliant was a good look & okay. I was dead wrong. In fact it simply is a gateway drug to get back into old unconscious eating habits or in my case creating new ones.

Once I have one compliant cookie I cannot stop until the box is gone.

Literally this is the path I have been on and of course I don't discount the power of addiction to substances, but this for me is coupled with a HUGE psychological addiction to my favorite comfort foods of days gone by.

I thought I needed to take honey & maple syrup out of my diet for life, but the reality is the types of foods that have these ingredients added are what I need to give up.

America is a consumer driven country and the conscious living movement is one of the fasted growing retail sectors in shelf space and new companies in a long time. Almost every month there is a new brand of some favorite processed food that is now available in a Paleo version. Companies know this is a fast growing market and are jumping on the gravy train yet this is merely recreating different forms of "processed type foods" using acceptable ingredients.

All of this truly serves to continue the bad habits we are trying to break regardless of the ingredients.

Now I am taking it back to my conscious living roots which did not include desserts of cake, cookies, ice cream and all the new products that mimic the things that simply are not Paleo or conscious no matter what we tell ourselves.

No doubt I got this finally. I am pretty confident the final quarter of 2017 will finish with me reaching my goal. Wish me luck.

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Managing a Sugar Addiction


Managing a Sugar Addiction

Sugar continues to be my drug of choice. I am a full blown addict who craves sweetness all day long. Yes my sugar comes from natural sources like honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, dates, sweet potato, fruits & other veggies. No matter what it is sugar, I love it & crave it 100%.

Since becoming conscious my sugar addiction has evolved all with the thought of overcoming this strong addiction.

It took me about 17 years of effort to overcome a strong addiction to Coke. I had the hardest time giving up 1/2 of a small can. I would sip it all day long many days not finishing the can, but still 'had' to have it.

I used to eat cookies everyday with cake & pie's too. Now I limit my sugar to natural options, however I still find it to be too much for optimum health. I have had a plan to end this & I thought you would like to hear about it.

I feel as if I am about 1 year to 18 months out of totally conquering this addiction of life & it has been a concentrated journey for almost 6+ years. Slow & steady has been my mantra always during my miracle life.

In order to live a truly conscious mindset & life as a Wahls Warrior I need to stop eating these types of foods in excess. MS hates sugar of any kind. It took hard work, but I did give up pizza, bread & gluten filled options & did not replace them with Paleo substitutes, but sweets are another thing all together. I have taken the slower road to this victory.

When I first started my conscious journey I ate about a 1 pound jar a week of local, raw honey. Literally I would simply put the spoon in the jar & go to town. This was how strong my addiction was that I had to consume large quantities of honey just to cope with the mental & physical changes happening from giving up refined sugars.

The next step for me was to do Whole 30 challenges.

These challenges are strict for 30 days with an automatic reset if you make a mistake. The competitive person I am did not ever have the need to reset & in the 1st year I did 7- Whole 30 challenges.

In the last year I decided to take it up a notch & do Whole Life Challenges.

Whole Life Challenges are 8 weeks and offer a few more elements to the challenge than the Whole 30 that I like. In addition to the time of the challenge being double a Whole Life Challenge offers several lifestyle goals & habits that also need to be met. It is not an all or nothing competition & has a scoring element that helps me to work even harder due to my competitive nature. Currently I am doing 3 of these yearly with each one limiting the amount of natural sugar I can consume helping to control my addiction.

The problem with both the Whole 30 and Whole Life Challenge is that when I am not participating I am back to consuming natural sugars & the addiction appears out of control.

Once I begin eating I eat it all. Not one cookie, but all the cookies. This is what I need to fix. This is where my issue lies just like any addiction. My hope is that after my next Whole Life Challenge I plan to not turn off the 'sugar' button because it is time to say goodbye to sugar foods forever. I am not going to allow myself to turn it on with compliant cakes, cookies & more for the last time.

Binging on foods during the off challenge times is not a good look & needs to stop for good so my body can have another level of healing.

I am hopeful this transition can happen & my sweet tooth can finally turn off so that living my best life will elevate to another level. Last year giving up booze was a huge step toward overcoming this addiction & I believe helped set the tone for me to overcome sugar this year & I am ready to make it happen.

Saying forever goodbye to sugar is the last piece in my food as medicine journey. Rome was not built in a day & my healing process has followed this mantra. I have worked consciously since 2011 to heal my body using food and this would be the final step & obviously has not been easy.

I am confident I can do this & have build a community of support with 5 other friends who are cheering me on & agreed to be my mentors. In addition I will be identifying several non sugar options to satisfy my temptations for the 1st 6 months with a plan to eventually weed those out eventually. I believe overcoming the need for 'something' after a meal is the behavior I am changing.

Wish me luck.

Have you given up sugar? What were your steps? Share below so we can all inspire each others journey.

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Are you a Fat Burner or Sugar Burner?


Are you a Fat Burner or Sugar Burner?

The truth is I can pretty much tell you without even knowing you which way you roll. Are you someone whose body gets its energy from sugar or fat. Yup! All of this information can be known merely by asking a few questions. The truth is I never knew there was a difference until a few years ago. Learning this information has been the biggest BAM of my miracle status.

So lets find out about you: do you consume sugar & carbs?

If the answer is yes you are a sugar burner.

If the answer is no you still can be a sugar burner. Damn it.

Sad to say it is not the easiest thing to become a fat burner. Not because our body struggles it is because we struggle. Actually our bodies for most of us act happier when the energy source is fat.

I know, I know must of us are low fat consumers. We have been told time and time again that fat is evil and not I am saying that high amounts of fat in my diet was the biggest BAM to the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady. Would it surprise you if I told you the whole idea about fat being evil was a consumer driven idea? Meaning companies that stood to have financial gain from sugar sales were behind this concept.

The traditional diet of almost all humans tends to be heavy on the sugar, carbs and dairy and very low on the greens, protein & fruits. In order to be a fat burner you almost exclusively have to give up carbs and all sugar & consuming what may appear to be large amounts of fat.

For over 5 years I have followed a Paleo lifestyle. I have even taken it a step further and follow The Wahls Protocol. The Wahls Protocol differs slightly from simply Paleo. Dr. Terry Wahls developed a protocol that supports your body at the cellular level. Using a combination of 6-9 cups of fruits & vegetables offers our body mitochondria support and for many of us that results in transitioning your body to becoming a fat burner. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cells so becoming a Wahls Warrior means you are eating at the cellular level. Food is about nourishment to your body & no long based on taste buds alone.

Ketosis is the state your body enters when you are a fat burning fool and this is what I am talking about. Ketosis from an uneducated lens happens when your body starts to develop ketones. Ketones start to be seen in the body when you stop consuming sugar & carbs while increasing your fat consumption. Think Atkins on steroids.

I am no expert and this blog shares my personal experience. There are other things you can do to help Ketones arrive and to get in the state of Ketosis. Fasting is a huge tool many who enter Ketosis incorporate almost daily. For Ketosis many will typically ast about 18 hours between their last meal and their 1st meal. I personally do a daily fast on average of 10 hours a day. In order for my sugar loving body to get into Ketosis I am an 18 hour a day faster. This actually was the key to my 1st successful round of true Ketosis meaning it lasted for more than a few days.

Science continues to show that a state of Ketosis helps cancer risk, decrease inflammation, weight issues and overall health. Eating healthy whole foods, intermittent fasting combined with a state of Ketosis yearly have been my miracle script.

About 3 years ago I started my 1st attempt at Ketosis and failed miserably. My carb consumption was too high and fat not enough. I couldn't get it through my head that this much fat was okay. Years of being told the opposite made this transition hard for me. So I would say my 1st year was a learning experiment. I actually gained 15 pounds. Oh my.

I remember when I told Dr. Wahls she said to try again and to increase the fat and add fasting. Dr. Wahls also recommended switching the fat source from primarily coconut milk to meat fats or uncooked EVO. The next year I followed her lead and Ketosis was a much different experience for me. I lost weight, my energy was amazeballs while MS continued to run scared of my bodies power while in Ketosis.

I am not going to get into the steps to take for Ketosis and recommend you all spend a little over $10 to grab a copy of The Wahls Protocol. This book is not for MS it is for everyone. Level 3 is the one where ketones become your friends. This book belongs in every damn medicine cabinet & should be read if you really care about you and your body. Dr. Wahls work is approachable, easy to understand, ground-breaking & the only one based on human, clinical trials.

If you have never consciously been a fat burner it is time to consider doing it. Give yourself ideally 90 days, but 30 would be a great start. At the end of 90 days hit me up & fill me in on how you feel. If Facebook is your thing there is a private group called The Wahls Protocol which is a great community to support your journey.

I believe in you.

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Crush the week everyone. Namaste


How to Love Driving in Traffic


How to Love Driving in Traffic

Literally I love driving in traffic. Okay maybe not love in the traditional sense as in, "looking forward too."

A straight up 100% gift is the ability to sit in traffic.

For many years I could not drive due to the devastation of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) on my body. As of this moment this is no longer my reality. Literally having to pause as I type.

Sure you may think this outcome of traffic joy is only available to me because I have MS, but that could not be further from the truth. We all can have traffic joy or as my good friend Claire calls it, "Traffic Karma!"

The secret is in the lens having nothing to do with having a disease or not. Sorry to disappoint, but we can all LOVE traffic.

I remember vividly when I had my 1st DMV appointment in Santa Monica after moving to CA from Delaware. I was driving out of the parking lot & a woman thought I "cut her off." She immediately rolled down the window & yelled "I hope you die." I was shocked for days.

When you are 100% Italian you believe, practice and know 'The Maloik' aka the evil eye. This felt like the evil eye cast by a stranger rattling this Italian girl to her core.

I could not for the life of me figure out how to shake off this 'curse' that a complete stranger had so powerfully cast upon me.

Then the famous 'brick to forehead' returned & it became so clear. I had no idea what was going on in that ladies life. She could have just heard the worst news of her life. She could be sick and/or suffering in ways I could not comprehend.

I was a mean driver.
I did not wish others dead, but I yelled & used my horn a lot. Probably too much. 
I hated driving & found it a horrific task.

I literally started to embrace an empathetic heart after that experience driving at the Santa Monica DMV.

Do not judge.

We all get to decide our own "Bag of Tricks" & empathy work for me started in LA while driving. From that moment forward at the DMV I drove with a lens that someone could have just heard really bad news & needs to get in front of me, cut me off or yell at me. I however was no longer going to be that person.

Conscious effort to change my thoughts toward others bought a lens that every person driving "like a complete ass" may be dealing with the worst news ever. My role in this journey of driving in traffic was to send loving kindness to others with an empathetic heart. The end.

Say what! Where is V???

Clearly for many of us the frustration level traffic alone can produce is at an all time high based on personal experience. Having a stranger look you in the eye yelling they wished you dead was a powerful wake up call.

Rage in the car was my norm.

I was not wishing others dead, but cursed at a dozen of you on the daily with offensive wishes as a driver. My truth was not far from my friend who cast the evil eye on me.

Rage is rage.

Empathy is hard to translate when you are a BOSS. Having such a strong character often comes with a tough exterior.  That being said empathy although present may be hard to tap "on demand" especially in situations that occur during traffic.

When I lost the ability to drive I lost a practice that helped make me a better person: the practice of empathy.

Today I find myself driving on highways & NEVER EVER did I think I would return here.

The 405, 5, 101, 22, 10 are all my new BFF's. They are also always crowded. Traveling 20 miles during rush hour averages 2.5 hours & yet I love it.

At 1st I thought it was because I was able to drive again. The joy of traffic was driving & that is why I felt so alive when stuck on the 405. However my gut kept coming back to the same question of "why?" knowing it was more than that.

My love of traffic comes from living in conscious empathetic harmony with my brothers & sisters while on the road.

Okay now you want to know what I am smoking right?!? Another blog post.

Truth be told it is true. Being stuck in traffic forces us to chose how we want to play this: we can be aggressive, annoyed & controlling (which is my natural tendency) or in community, empathetic & persistent.

The answer to this choice lies the ability to Love Driving in Traffic.

Today when I am stuck on the 405 & at a standstill I take the moment to engage in the energy of the community around me. Offering my energy to those who need it, smiling at others, having gratitude my body is functioning & absorbing the energy of the community around me. All of which are a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us.

Remember history has shown that times of extreme emergency most of us have a universal call to action and that is to help. Each person you are stuck in traffic with could actually be your hero in a moments notice. You simply never know.

It is a conscious choice to honor each driver, passenger, trucker & whatever rolls our way. 

Take the "Love Driving Challenge" giving this lens a try. Instead of allowing the space for a situation that is 100% out of our individual control & making it a source of energy supporting your best person in the spirit of community.

Try it. I bet you will be completely surprised how life changing this challenge can be.

I believe in you. Namaste.

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Biohacking to Find Your Super Power


Biohacking to Find Your Super Power

Who ever would have thought this would be a title coming from my crazy ass? Have mercy where has V gone?

Honestly I do not even recognize myself. The person I am today I am just meeting. In real time I kid you not! Fear of MS does not drive my life & this alone is a huge ass change.

The joy of living drives my life.

I am a super power & super hero all day every day. I am pretty sure you already knew that.

  • How did I get here?
  • How did I become a miracle?
  • How do I find my inner hero?

These are all questions I ask myself every day. Recently I discovered the word for it:


I never really understood what biohacking was until I realized I was a 'biohacker'.

Biohacking influences the body using mental, physical, nutritional and electronic techniques focused on longevity and optimal daily life performance. All touted to offer significant improvements in quality of life, relationships and overall health.

Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof coffee, is probably the most significant and well known biohacker there is. For the last year I lived at his Bulletproof cafe in Santa Monica among this growing community.

We shared conscious thoughts around biohacking our lives as an individual & a collective.

This was the 1st time I really understood what biohacking was & how perfectly that described my miracle life. I too was a biohacker.

You see the miracle of me surrounds the marriage of optimal living with the needs of my body. All of this accomplished by focused, conscious living for optimal outcome using all the influences described above.

Balance, attention & extreme forward focus produces the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady.

I am no Dave Asprey & learn constantly from his journey. His work like that of Dr. Wahls help to fuel my journey. Inspired by Dave's "Beginners Guide to Biohacking" I share with all of you my version. My hope is that it will help inspire how you can begin "biohacking" your life by sharing some ways I have been successful. Just as Dave Asprey & the entire Bulletproof community have inspired me.

Biohacking Your Super Power

Mobility: Movement & posture are huge aspects of my hacked life. Having MS posture is often hard for me to maintain due to body fatigue & resulting in very poor posture. The more inflammation leaves my body the easier it is to 'hold myself up' & work on proper posture. However simple steps can be taken to enhance your posture even when life makes it challenging. Focused efforts on posture critical & I recommend checking out Jill Miller's book The Roll Model for get steps to improve posture. Check out my story in the book too.

Movement for this miracle happens on the yoga mat & walking the neighborhood.

6 days a week you can find me on the mat for about 1.5 hours & every day walking miles. As life has evolved in my biohacked lens movement has been the biggest evolution based on body/mind feedback. Check out one of my most read blog posts about this here.

Nutrition:  Focus of consciousness regarding food the catalyst to my miracle status and my #1 biohacking tool.

My kitchen looks nothing like it did even 2 years ago and I have been conscious for over 5. 

Biohacking involves continued evolution for optimal outcomes with a focus on living healthier. This means food is not a measured merely as a pleasure source which was the only lens I had for over 50+ years. The biohacker in me continues to grow the evolution of my relationship with food which continues to result in drastic changes.

Nature: The role the outdoors plays in wellness is so huge it alone needs to be a blog. From grounding to vitamin D we all need to get outside. Take a walk, dance in the rain naked, put your feet in the sand & damn it stop to smell the roses. All critical elements for the biohacker in all of us.

Ride the Wave: Getting uncomfortable is an art form and crucial element to successful biohacking. This my friends continues to be the hardest of all for me yet produces HUGE benefits each time I create the space to just ride shit out. I do believe progress is happening & that lets me know time with focused effort this hack can become a huge asset in my "Bag of Tricks."

Mindfulness: Meditation is a powerful tool that sits in every biohackers ‘Bag of Tricks.” The moral of the story is meditation can be incorporated into daily life. This tool so important with the value it offers each of us should dedicate time to figuring out what this might look like in daily life.

Jump up, dance or sit like a pretzel who cares just figure out a way for you to stop life for a moment in time and just be.

The Narrative: The dialogue between the ears matters. Identifying your current narrative regarding life & living involves asking the question while answering with honesty.

  • Why do you wake at this time everyday?
  • Why do you set an alarm?
  • Why do you eat 3 meals a day?
  • Does you body live optimally with these choices?
  • Do you even know?

Time to start chatting with your bad self is the moral of the story here.

Gratitude: The art of being grateful from a scientific lens is proven to have amazing outcomes for all of us. It seems in our consumer driven world instant gratification more the status quo. Time to really check your lens to see where you. The ultimate goal is to always be working toward gratitude in all things the optimal outcome. I personally live with gratitude for breath.

Get Lost: Music, gardening, dancing & conscious/unconscious activities like this can create the space needed for super power magic to happen. Getting lost in a mindless space a necessary tool to successful outcomes yet difficult to achieve with the current spontaneous way we live today.

What is “Consciousness in Culture?

We all live an autopilot existence living the same routines day to day both personally and professionally. Consciousness in culture breaks down routine & creates a lifestyle that marries our own personal biology with optimal living. Biohacking our lives are the core foundations of consciousness aka Super Powers!

I recently wrote to my good friend, hero & mentor, Dr. Terry Wahls, that I feel like a living Wonder Woman with the amount of healing I have had over these 5 years with it continuing to grow. The longer I biohack my way through life the larger the gains in quality of living I experience. You would think there would be an end, but as of yet there is no end in sight!

Who knows maybe I will cure myself of MS some day. Biohacking every second.


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Wahls Protocol Plus: A 4 Week YUM Fest in Pics!


Wahls Protocol Plus: A 4 Week YUM Fest in Pics!


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® As many of you know I have been a walking miracle since embarking on The Wahls Protocol over 1100+ days ago.  Prior to that my life was on a downward spiral with my health failing at rapid pace resulting in limited to almost no use of my hands & lack of ability to swallow.  #damnit

When I discovered Dr. Wahls her protocol was not as accessibly defined as it is today. I began my journey after watching a Ted Talk & a few DVD's I purchased from Dr. Wahls.  I had no interaction & no idea what I was doing.


Starting January 2015 I began my 1st conscious attempt at The Wahls Protocol Plus (WPP) & ketosis!  Can I just say that I am loving the 2 meals a day!  In addition I am not feeling hungry, sleeping through the night and my overall meal plans have been delicious, easy, seasonal & damn good!

The hard part for me to date has been the fasting of 12 hours. I find myself an hour short each day yet it has not altered my level of ketosis. It took just 7 days for my strip to show ketosis which is spot on what the average is for most.  I have been able to maintain this except for one night at dinner party where I could not be so sure beyond gluten how clean my food was.

I chose to begin a #90DayManifestingMEChallenge to begin January 1st in conjunction with my WPP.  There are many reasons this decision was made and I am happy to share them with you:

1.  Being a miracle is hard work.

2.  30 days a habit - 60 days you freaking got this - 90 days forget about it!  Since I am PaleoBOSS Lady® we gotta forget about it! (Italian South Philly slang here)

3.  It's time to be quiet.  Manifesting YOUR Life requires you being with you. #ohitgetswild

4.  Being a miracle is hard work.

5.   Fighting for the right to overcome disability to once again lead a self sustaining life requires huge commitment & effort.

As part of the #90DayManifestingMEChallenge I meditate everyday, have at least 2 hours of movement a day, attend 3 yoga classes a week, live by candlelight after sundown, rise & set with the moon, fast 12 hours daily, live in noble silence unless work, teaching or yoga related efforts.   Minimum contact with others and total self immersion!  #BAM

Many of you are probably like "Well good for you sister!" That is never going to happen in my world!  I got kids, family, people in my life!  #damnit

This is MY manifesting me challenge!  I encourage you to create yours!  #whyNOT

Maybe it is taking a moment out of your day to just be, or lighting a candle each night before bed, diffusing oils at your desk, knitting a little each day, painting, walking, dancing…name it!  Only thing to remember is that it has to be from within.  Taking a class or going out with friends does not serve to manifest in this way.  Internal work is needed to manifest which results in shhhhh or in other words #shutthefup


Enjoy the PaleoBOSS Lady videos of 4 weeks of Wahls Protocol Plus YUM Fest!  I hope they inspire you to realize that conscious eating does not mean boring or not pretty. In addition PLEASE remember that this girl still has to watch how much she uses her hands meaning no remarks like this stuff is hard. #damnit

Wahls Protocol Plus 1 Day of Yum

Wahls Protocol Plus Yum FEST Week 1

Wahls Protocol Plus Yum FEST Week 2

Wahls Protocol Plus Yum FEST Week 3

Wahls Protocol Plus Yum FEST Week 4

I would be honored if your would subscribe to my blog!  This journey is a real time account of what it is like to question the status quo and manifest a miracle life!

The greatest part about being PaleoBOSS Lady is that this journey is accessible to everyone!  The idea's and principles that fill my "Bag of Tricks" truly are available to anyone who!

I promise to keep it real cursing the whole time.  Part of my charm! Namaste and Thank YOU!




Smoothie Palooza!


Smoothie Palooza!

By: PaleoBOSS Lady® 10417579_939519842747118_475329702822404998_n 1013615_938695066162929_4856681122587819813_n

PaleoBOSS Lady's smoothie game is relatively new starting in October 2014! I did a short stint with a nutritionist around 2010-2011 focused on whey protein.  Other than that I've never really understood when and how to introduce a smoothie into my diet. #ohitgetswild

I have been a Wahls Warrior for over 1100+ days!  This lifestyle change resulted in an eating pattern change that has me really consuming about two meals a day.  Eating a high fat diet my body does not require more than that.  This makes it hard for me to get all the vegetables and nutrients I need daily. My NutriBullet smoothies have become essential in helping me achieve my Wahls Warrior status regarding veggies! #9cupsaday

Even if you're not following The Wahls Protocol for many of us getting the proper amount of vegetables can be a challenge! A smoothie can provide a delicious and easy alternative! #yippee

Those following a ketogenic diet requiring large quantities of fat I have found coconut milk based smoothies help me to maintain my level of ketosis without using dairy. This is critical for me during my Wahls Protocol Plus phases.

Whatever the reason a smoothie enters your lifestyle here are a few of my absolute FAVS & a reminder that a smoothie does not have be green: #notkermit


Cacao Berry Blast:

1 cup of greens & frozen organic berries

1/2 avocado

1/3 can coconut milk

3 tablespoons of cacao powder

1 teaspoon of vanilla, turmeric & cinnamon

filtered water

Whip till smooth & creamy!

10945725_950126201686482_9030176298439418744_n 10646790_950126221686480_6641974295624809492_n

Chocolate Peppermint Cacao Nib Smoothie:

2/3 can full fat coconut milk

1/2 cup of cacao powder

1/4 cup cacao nibs (1/2 in smoothie 1/2 on top)

1/2 avocado

9 ice cubes

filtered water

5 drops peppermint essential oil

Blended for about 60 seconds! Pour into Mason Jar and sprinkle with remaining nibs!


Strawberry Chia Seaweed Smoothie:

2/3 can full fat coconut milk

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1 teaspoon seaweed flakes, cinnamon & turmeric

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1/2 avocado

filtered water

Blended till creamy delicious!


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Manifest your miracle life! #BAM



Travel Tips for Conscious Eaters...


Travel Tips for Conscious Eaters...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® Watching the spread of empowerment offered through The Wahls Protocol® is almost a daily nirvana for this BOSS Lady!  More and more I am elevated with joy at the outcomes of wellness many are achieving!

 Thank you Dr. Wahls for giving us the tools to heal ourselves!  #empowerment

One of the hardest parts of being a Wahls Warrior is traveling!  So many ask me about how to make this work & this blog post is dedicated to the world traveler in all of us! #knowledgeispower

PaleoBOSS Lady's Top 10 Travel Tips for Warriors!

1.  Preparation is key to any successful trip that includes following the protocol. Just like daily 'non-vacation' living requires Warrior planning travel does too and actually tends to step this need up a peg.  #damnit

No complaining allowed because you are on vacation and planning more seems like an oxymoron.  Consider the alternative is all I am saying.   #bossladyhere

Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Rolling is GREAT for travel!


2.  Consider accommodations that offer a kitchen. With many travelers using Airbnb & VRBO this reality is easy & economical to make happen.  This option has offered PaleoBOSS Lady  at least one compliant meal a day on average and always a safety zone when finding meals out an impossible task.  Not to mention the savings traveling this way!  #nirvana



3.  When staying at a hotel call and ask for a small refrigerator to be put in the room.   Many if not most hotels do this on a regular basis.  This way you can keep items on hand that are compliant if you are traveling with your own food of any kind.

4.  Pack a travel kit of hard to find items or must haves!  Many times PaleoBOSS Lady has shipped ahead items to a vacation destination!  Makes a huge difference and most travel destinations have no problem receiving deliveries!  #ohitgetswild


5.  If you are like me & love food many vacations have 'destination' dining spots on the list of must do's.  When an eating event is known way in advance than call the restaurant.  Be honest & tell them how food is your medicine  and it can easily turn into your poison and can they help you?  It seems that anywhere, but in LA the answer is always yes!  #ohyesidid

6.  The secret is in the planning?  A Wahls Warrior needs to plan vacations with food, mindfulness and movement accounted for on the itinerary.  #notestep1

7.  Search the internet for recommended spots that are Paleo or Wahls compliant.  More and more are popping up & I recommend looking at the latest food bloggers websites.  Especially if they have just published a cookbook because many of them are touring around for signings posting the food spots they are hitting during the tour! #bam

8.  Lighten up a little and don't get yourself crazy over food not being cooked in the right fat for a few days!  Not going to lie and say after a while this does not bother me because I do notice when I am not living optimally.  How I extend this outcome is by increasing my movement and mindfulness work during vacation! Not to the point of being out of balance, but I may add a little extra breath work or longer meditation time.

9.  Planning is essential to being a successful Wahls Warrior!  #refertosteps1and6

10. Don't travel to places that do not offer you optimal best life living options unless you have no choice.  I know in an ideal world we want to be able to go everywhere and see it all, but this reality is not realistic and that is that.  #SoBOSSy


PaleoBOSS Lady has been a living miracle as a Wahls Warrior for over 1000 days and it does get easier over time, but it is not easy!  Nothing about living with disease is easy!  

Anywhere I go I always have something like a bag of nuts, almond butter packet, a bar or fruit on my person so that I will never go hungry.  Long gone are the days of panic because there is nothing I can eat.  #learning

Never does a situation happen that I starve, but I have been out and unable to eat what was being served.  This used to make me mad until I changed my lens.  Now I feel more empowered to promote the movement by example as I am reminded that so many are still blind to the self poisoning our food system is causing their bodies!

Not a day goes by that PaleoBOSS Lady does not hear that she has inspired, engaged or empowered someone to live consciously and that is the greatest joy of all!   No longer does PaleoBOSS Lady get mad when being a Wahls Warrior is hard instead it reminds me of how important my mission as a warrior really is! #teachbyexample


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Well enough of my nonsense and I hope this helps you to somehow stand a little taller than before you read it.  #ohitgetswild



Dancing Queen


Dancing Queen


By: PaleoBOSS Lady®

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

I remember it like it was yesterday watching my 1st ever exposure to exercise.  I have Jane Fonda to thank for it & to this day I have never looked back.  Never once has this gal been athletic, but I have certainly loved a good sweat.  From aerobics, interval training I have been getting my sweat on for most of my adult life.

When I was 1st diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) the docs offered me Valium and a pat on the back.  I chose aromatherapy and mindfulness training & to this day utilize both in my 'Bag of Tricks" to empowerment.  Learning early on the power of these 2 elements in my efforts toward peacefully co-existing with my new friend known as MS.

Nothing offers the benefit of movement & mindfulness better than dancing!  PBL recommends we all dance everyday!  #whynot

Everyones favorite, Ellen DeGeneres, says "If your dancing you are happy!" and I agree.  I have never been on the dance floor miserable!

Dancing is freeing your mind to let you body move however it wants.  Without thought just feeling the music! #mystory

Imagine what life might look like if you started it with a dance each day.

Really take a moment and think about it.  Check out my video to see what my life looks like in a random hotel room during my travels.  #hysterical

Call "Dancing With The Stars" and tell them PaleoBOSS Lady is ready for next season!  #gotmoves


Nothing has been more of a game changer than to question my status quo regarding concepts like: breakfast, lunch & dinner.  A Paleo lifestyle removes these constructs and encourages changing your view of food to be free of any commercialized notions such as breakfast, lunch & dinner. 

I have certain things I eat any time of day.  Not going to lie it took me a little getting used to this way of thinking.  If I ate certain things outside of  'culturally' accepted norms I felt weird about it.  Not that anyone was even paying attention.  Just me, but still I struggled.  A prefect example is the PaleoBOSS Lady version of Chocolate Pudding.  I eat this whenever I want and it took a minute for that to be okay.  #ohitgetswild

Now FREE of these burdens of nonsense my life continues to become even more of a miracle each day.  The simple change of questioning why eating meat is only a dinner choice can change so much.  Just like having pudding before 9am.  #howiroll

Paleo Chocolate Pudding!

1/2 ripe avocado

2 tablespoons of Almond Butter (or nut butter of your choice)

2 tablespoons of 100% organic cacao powder

1 tablespoon of local honey

dash tumeric & cinnamon

Mash the avocado using a fork ( PBL likes her lumpy like her mashed sweet potatoes) and all the remaining ingredients.

Mix until a pudding like consistency and enjoy!

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By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ Just home about 24 hours from my virgin Ancestral Health Symposium (#AHS14) held in Berkeley, CA!   PaleoBOSS Lady (PBL) had 4 days of learning filled with the awesome  Paleo Community!

This trip was my second amongst my piers within the Paleo world which for me is a really awesome thing to have happen!  For the most part this journey of using food as medicine has been a solo ride.   Although PBL has lots of 'cyber-support' I travel this alone in my home.  Thank God I live at the beach!  I digress.  #damnit

Being able to spend time with others who don't require an explanation beyond "I have MS" for how I eat and live my life makes this a huge slice of heaven in the life of PBL!

#AHS14 is like going to class from 9am until 5pm everyday!  The learning intense and not for the faint at heart (mini damn it)!   At least a working knowledge of the Paleo lifestyle is a 'good look' to gain the full POW that can be experienced.  I am not gonna lie many times during presentations I was like " What the fuck are they talking about & why does it matter?"  #ohitgetswild

photo 4


You all know how much PBL LOVES to play school girl & for 3 days I did a damn good job until I could not learn anymore! Thank you ! #AHS14

photo 3


Empowerment is huge in life & needed for a real win!  My story.  PBL is winning & this community continues to empower anyone who will listen. EVERY damn speaker I heard has at least one of the following/most have all: website, podcast, blog, social media, book, published journals or articles you name it!  Each eager &  excited to share their learnings offering 100% accessibility!  #POW

photo 2

The Paleo Community is some of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! #VISOINARIES

This movement is not exclusionary to anyone.  100% accessible for those who truly want to live an empowering conscious life! It is no secret we are sick, fat  & out of balance! It is also no secret that our food & way of eating is of great concern!

Everyone knows it! #TRUTH

For those truly interested in learning about all that happened this weekend I encourage you to check out the #AHS14 website & watch the recorded video's. Take it one step further to browse the speakers sites as well to meet my friends!  #EMPOWERMENT


There is a really important common denominator that #AHS & #PaleoFX offered beyond how nice everyone was.  We are a collection of people who at some point decided to live a conscious life & care about our personal footprint.  That fact that we all ended up in the ancestral health movement is no surprise to this BOSS Lady.

What is a huge surprise is the magic that comes when this group gets together! #TRUELOVE

photo 5

Suddenly this group of what I learned are often "special, different, misunderstood rebels" now get to live as one community together: respectfully, consciously & supportively! #GOODTIMES

I encourage all of you to empower yourselves and consider peeking further into this community for many reasons.  If you don't that is okay too cause I am not really the best at sharing. #partofmycharm

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LA Farmers Market = Gluten ridden food?


LA Farmers Market = Gluten ridden food?


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ photo 1

First I must say I LOVE culture and tradition!  It is the core of my Italian soul!  My 1st trip to LA was on business and I had an extra day off between meetings thrown in so I took a trip to the LA Farmers Market!  I remember seeing my 1st celebrity at the market and enjoyed strolling the quaint vendors & shops.

A good friend posted on Facebook, "Did anyone want to go the 80th Anniversary Taste Of?" $35 for 50 different tastings this is for me!  The Market has an engaging history and this visit was 2o years overdue! #timeflies

A Farmers Market is certainly going to have healthy fruit, veggie and meat options. With 50 food options at $35 this was exciting and going to be perfect!!!

NOT SO MUCH! (a strangers plate of food pictured. #OMG)

photo 2

I find it irresponsible for anyone in the food industry to not take notice to what a movement like Paleo is saying beyond what you can and cannot eat. Especially when you have 50 chances too make this happen!

Paleo is not a damn diet or fad it is a movement! A movement of eating consciously!

I don't have a gluten sensitivity, I DO HAVE an issue that 85% of the food available to me in the grocery store & served at restaurants includes processed/chemical ridden shit!

How did we get here and why are comfortable staying? I do not for one second ever consider I gave up pasta.  I gave up killing myself and I AM NOT LYING.  #LITERALLY

Simple steps like:

Maybe Magee's House of Nuts next year will offer nut samplings rather than sandwiches.

photo 1

On the flip side Magee's Kitchen offered the BEST OPTION  for anyone with food sensitivity with their delicious Chicken, Asada Tacos on corn tortilla's!

I look forward to next years event and hope that someone wakes up in LA and organizes an event that respects the culture of all those who support the market!  Many of us do not eat nor want processed food especially at a FARMERS MARKET event!


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photo 4


The decade of surgery...


The decade of surgery...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ Not to be an ass, but I consider myself similar to a fine wine since I have improved with age!  No one can deny this reality!  Even strangers because I have it all on film.  Clearly you see my transformation which is a direct result of  using food and movement as medicine.

Life is an amazing journey and my decades have played out like this:

20's everyone gets married,

30's everyone has babies,

40's everyone gets divorced,

50's everyone has surgery...

Swear to God!

Social media is so great about bringing forth connections to so many in a rather intimate forum.  Many times when someone is sick social media offers a wealth of support for those friends which I love about social media.  Therefore it is common to be aware of a friends health because somebody somewhere will mention an illness hoping for prayers & support.

Gallbladders, thyroid, backs, knees, sinuses and the list goes on and on…surgery everywhere!

I have run out of hands how many people I know my age who have had surgery in the last 12 months!   I am not talking cosmetic either.  It blows my mind!

Interesting when you are PaleoBOSS Lady how this reality sits with others.


Seldom do those having surgery ever want to hear from me.  Quite honestly they 'dislike' me.  I coach 100% accountability for self which means self care is healthcare.

It is who I am and what I scream from the rooftops daily!

The folks that want to hear from me are those who question the status quo regarding healthcare.  Somewhere their own health reality brought them to a place that does not feel right and they are peeking outside of the traditional box. #YIPPEE

If you live in 'the box' of traditional healthcare, PaleoBOSS Lady will only stand to annoy you!  Self-care as healthcare is the foundation of my being.

My person cannot stop my dedication to this movement!  My passion increases daily as I watch the art of consumerism cut open another person I care about rather than give them a plate full of healthy nutritious food & a movement program 1st.

If you have not seen my videos I encourage you to watch just this one of my 1st Paleo Year.  It blows my mind that this video stands to annoy many, but it does.

PaleoBOSS Lady 1st Paleo Year

Consider for one minute right now:

How the F*CK did we get here?

Why are we so willing to stay here?

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PaleoBOSS Lady is committed to the movement of awareness for living and I hope to inspire, engage and empower you to love the life you live!  Thank you for being here!



Cooking my way through "The Paleo Kitchen"


Cooking my way through "The Paleo Kitchen"


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ They say timing is everything right?  A dear friend was having major surgery at the same time The Paleo Kitchen was released by 2 of my FAVORITE  Paleo food bloggers: Civilized Caveman & PaleOMG! Paleo cooking nirvana began!

PaleoBOSS Lady happily worked in the kitchen all weekend preparing a handful of delicious recipes to deliver to my friend that did not disappoint in any way except when the food was gone!

Paleo Kitchen Banana Cinnamon Swirl Bread





1st up was the Banana Cinnamon Swirl Bread!

I had 2 girlfriends over and we successfully ate the entire loaf in one night! Okay each of us did take home a slice for coffee the next morning! Which we texted each other photo's of as we were reminded of how damn good it is!

Followed by the Bread Pudding of course! PaleoBOSS Lady is no fool!  #BAM












After an overnight stay in the fridge the herb rubbed pork shoulder cooked all day in the Crock Pot until pulled pork goodness was apparent with the first touch! This dish is mouth watering with a sure fire kick!

Crock pot Pulled Pork

*if you don't like spicy tone it back a little because it has bite!

Sweet Potato Bacon Lime Dill Salad



The Sweet Potato Bacon Lime Dill Salad is my Summer 2014 salad!

This salad will arrive with PaleoBOSS Lady to every potluck meal this summer & will be included in every BBQ this year!

The combination of ingredients makes it fun for the palate with unique flavors and textures!

So far the PaleoBOSS Lady™ palate and cook give The Paleo Kitchen a 5 Star review!  Congratulations to George and Julie and thank you for making cooking FUN!


How Can This Be True?


How Can This Be True?


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ No one recovers from secondary progressive MS!  That is all I knew and everyone around me.

Even my doctors knew that telling me I had transitioned to secondary progressive MS was telling me my life as I knew it had forever changed.

I heard the words my body had been telling me for months. I remember feeling like the ground opened and swallowed me whole.

With those words came the end of a marriage.  One that I only knew to be a life commitment until the day it was not.

What the fuck was I going to do?  How the hell was I going to fix this one?  

Fast Forward 8 years later...




Never in my wildest dreams did I know I would become PaleoBOSS Lady!

I still cannot believe I am!


I live my own life everyday in 100% pure astonishment for it's reality.


I am almost 100% self healed from secondary progressive MS thanks to:  The Wahls Protocol®, Yoga for Athletes®, Yoga Tune Up® & the many facets of using food & movement that define PaleoBOSS Lady.


How can this be true? My question is where in our healthcare system is this information? 


Speaking of how can this be true who said Paleo meant bye bye to Bread Pudding?

Check out a photo of one of my 1st recipes from The Paleo Kitchen: Cinnamon Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread Pudding!














Conscious living continued...

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Conscious living continued...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ Once I started living a conscious Paleo lifestyle the transition to questioning every thing I bought, used, consumed became a reality for me.

I literally have questioned almost everything that touches my body asking myself what exactly am I doing?

Every cleaning product, makeup and clothing label I read!  If I didn't know what it was I Googled it!

Once again a I was freely living in a chemical shit storm!

Here I was using products, all over my body, without question or regard  beyond my immediate needs or desires.

Consumerism at it's finest!

Fuck me!

It is not easy transitioning your life to a conscious reality.

It takes time.

It takes ownership.

It takes accountability.

Conscious awareness is a process that involves a cultural, mental and physical shift.

The rewards are beyond comprehension and PaleoBOSS Lady proudly is a living testament of exactly what those rewards can mean to your life and to your person!


Here are some of the products that I just adore and am grateful to have in my conscious life for skincare!


This is my face & body moisturizer!  


Primal Life Organics are the only Paleo Natural Skincare line!


Trader Joe's Tea tree oil is perfect for all anti-viral needs!






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How Hard is a Paleo Lifestyle?


How Hard is a Paleo Lifestyle?


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ How hard is the Paleo lifestyle?

It's all about the lens and how you view it.  I find that once I started looking at "the how" of food most decisions regarding what I eat became moral issues for me.  Not only how I eat, but what I eat and when.


Living consciously I began to ask who said that we have breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Who said that we eat certain foods with certain meals?

Why do we all so blindly agree to these ideals?  Universally and across almost all cultures?

Somehow there is a cultural collective that food that is not natural is better, food is a reward and sugar should be in every meal in everything!  Most household diets across America share these values and this cultural collective could not be farther from the truth and yet a common reality!

Once I began looking into how 90% of the food we eat falls into this collective and how all of this ties directly into the increase in disease and sickness my lifestyle became necessary and easy!

Food a reward??? Really?

Think about how this reality came to be.

For one minute just stop all that you are doing and think about why we eat cereal for breakfast.

My personal reward  was disabling Multiple Sclerosis that took my health, my life savings and my family from me!

The hardest thing about a Paleo lifestyle is allowing the time it takes to deprogram a cultural collective regarding food that goes deeper than what you eat.  It is when you eat, how you eat and why you eat that also needs to be questioned, answered and reprogrammed.


Living a Paleo lifestyle is not about giving up, dieting or losing weight it is about looking at food through a conscious lens, taking ownership for your body and how you live in it.  Living a Paleo lifestyle is as hard as living a conscious lifestyle.  Conscious living means freedom and I will never consider my right for freedom hard.