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Healing is Not Just For Me


Healing is Not Just For Me

One of the things I know for certain is that we all have the right to heal our bodies. That does not mean everyone is going to heal from everything, but it does mean we all have the same options before us regarding consciousness.

Now clearly if your body is filled with a deadly invasion this is an entire new level and I have no insight. If you live with allergies, constipation, disease or any condition we each have the same choices before us.

Healing comes from consciousness.

Once I realized the role I had in sickness and health beyond going to the doctor and taking drugs I made healing available to me. I had to own me. Every thought and interaction. 100%.

The autopilot of life had to stop and once that does ownership came right along with it. I remember being in the temple at Burning Man and realizing for the very 1st time I had a role in my health beyond being a good patient.

Heart in hands.jpg

What a fucking concept.

Not once did anyone tell me I had a role in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) beyond preparing myself for life with a progressive often cruel disease. I was lead to believe I was now simply a victim in waiting regarding life with MS. We simply were told to hope for the best and pray.

For decades I hoped for the fucking best.

I did every damn thing the doctors told me. I spent money and traveled far to see 'the best' in everything MS and all this did was create space for MS to continue to be in control .

Everything I did was in response to MS.

Western medicine is a response only healthcare. You have a problem they will fix it and most often with drugs to simply get rid of the symptom. You have heartburn after eating pizza simply take a pill to make it go away.

Western medicine does nothing to understand the way of healthcare.

My miracle status is because I answered and continue to answer every why. Every day.

  • Healing did not happen in a finite period of time.
  • Healing did not happen because I simply changed my diet.
  • Healing did not happen because I love to work out.
  • Healing did not happen because I fell in love with me.

I know this surprises you. All of those things are the steps that lead to the miracle known as PalreoBOSS Lady.

Knowing my why is why I am in this miracle journey. Knowing MY WHY outside of societal and cultural norms lead me to the healing steps I share above.

Healing is not only for V. It is for anyone who is willing to truly wake up & know their WHY!

Western medicine does not care about the why. Instead they care about keeping the body free of symptoms using drug therapy.

I am a miracle because I know my why. Do you know your why?


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Review of Green Enough


Review of Green Enough

The book Green Enough is a book filled with tips, tricks and insights into how to detox your home from top to bottom. Written by Leah Segedie this book offers a lens for the entire family to learn how to live consciously.


I first was introduced to Leah's work about 3 years ago when I attended ShiftCon. Shiftcon is an eco-blogger event founded by Leah. Shiftcon is also the most supportive environment I ever participated in with my peers. From the moment you enter ShiftCon and at event you are supported, educated and respected for your contributions.

I was excited to read this book knowing Leah personally and how much she has opened my lens. I thought I was conscious and as I turned page after page I realized just how much I still need to learn. Love being a student! In addition not a handful of pages into the book when the 'f' bomb was dropped. I nearly jumped for joy. seeing this. I love someone who keeps it real. I fired a literary agent and co-writer for a book I want to write because they told me no one will respect me if I use curse words. They told me it tarnishes all the words on the page. How wrong they are because after reading Green Enough I confirmed once again the use of 'swear' words merely serve to get our attention and exclamation to our words. .

I love how Leah breaks things down in each chapter focusing on a different area of your home and lifestyle choices.

So many of us get caught up in the auto pilot of life and forget to really make sure we are awake and aware of what we are eating, and putting in our homes. Environmental toxins are everywhere and Leah helps to cut the barrier to entry so we can really understand just where toxins may be leaking and steps we can take. I love how the book puts things in categories for so many of our favorite things letting you know what are the worst, medium and best choices we can make. Immediately I felt empowered with my knowledge.

From room to room and in every important aspect of your life Leah inspires the reader to begin to question the status quo in an easy to read and powerful book.

The book includes recipes, how to clean your home 'green', DIY household product idea's and even goes so far as to call out companies not walking the walk. I love Green Enough for its straight forward approach to life and the drops of wisdom on day to day living mixed with approachable science.

I think Green Enough is a must have for every home and everyone. Brava Leah. You have done it again with excellent content. BAM.


The Missing Piece to Healing is Not Food


The Missing Piece to Healing is Not Food

  • Special Edition Blog Post!

  • Featuring V Capaldi and Trevor Wicken of The MS Gym!

Now once again please don't freak out by the title simply because my brand is named PaleoBOSS. Hear me out. As one of the most healed with secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS), former board member of the Delaware National MS Society and someone who tours the USA living with others I would think my insights are valuable. 

Food was my last piece to the miracle life puzzle. It is 100% important,but not the most important.

So often I meet people and they are trying so hard to use food to change their life outcome and are seriously struggling and big time. When I 1st started touring I was shocked at how many people were failing at trying to heal. Until I realized most were just starting and doing so with food. 

I personally disagree with this as the 1st step and know why most if not all seem to feel they are failing.

I spent hours working on figuring the why and as usual my reference is my own personal experience leading me to realize the order to a miracle life starts with moving your body, loving yourself followed by consciousness regarding diet & lifestyle. 

There was a common thread in all of this and after a year of living with others I noticed this pattern. Most are coming to a holistic healing lifestyle by way of food and it stops there. I personally don't think that is the right approach and it certainly was not mine.

I also don't believe food should be the 1st step. I believe it is the last step and not because it was my path. 

I can count on one hand the number of people I have met who are able to stick to a food as medicine lifestyle. Most seem like the stereotypical New Year's resolution and launch with great momentum then die off. Time and time again I see this as a common thread.

Believe it or not I have the answer to this problem and I know it is the golden ticket like Willy Wonka. 

When Movement and getting your mind right are the start of your journey into miracle status you not only start a conscious relationship with yourself it has shown to motivate you to make other healthy lifestyle choices. Getting to know your body through movement is key and will be a huge part of your road to BAM.

Thoughts from Trevor of The MS Gym-


Moving your body does 3 things: 

#1 Exercise releases “feel good” chemicals called endorphins. 
These hormones work to inhibit the pain receptors in your joints, muscles, and brain. Endorphins also act as natural anti-depressants and anti-anxiety chemicals to bring your body back to a state of calm and composure to ward off things like panic attacks, depression, and dementia. 

Daily exercise like dancing, dynamic stretching, yoga, balance training, core strengthening, full body resistance exercises, and sustained / interval based exercise has also been proven to:

- Boost self-esteem
- Improve sleep
- Increase memory
- Allow you to focus better
- Clear brain fog

Moving = Happiness

#2 Exercise improves Your Over All Health & Physiologic Function of your body:
Exercise not only helps your body counteract your stress and fatigue but also helps you manage and reduce the intensity of your MS symptoms. When your body functions better, it can find a balanced state of functioning quicker and maintain that balanced state better. 

This is super helpful for MSers since your body is constantly riding the MS roller coaster and having to re-adjust on the fly as your symptoms can change week to week or even day to day. Exercises teaches your brain to find alternative pathways around your damaged MS nervous system and improve your strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. As these physiologic components improve, your body gets stronger which trains it to fight off MS better. 

With this, Exercise also has these added health benefits: 
- It strengthens your heart
- It increases energy
- It lowers blood pressure
- It improves muscle tone
- It strengthens and builds bones
- It helps to reduce body fat
- It makes you look and feel fit and healthy

Movement Is Medicine. Take your daily dose!

#3 Exercise flushes out toxins and brings in oxygen and nutrients
As you exercise your heart rate, respiration, and blood flow increase. When this happens, it signals your blood vessels to dilate and allow more blood to flow in and out of your tissues, more oxygen to get into your lungs and bloodstream, and more toxins to be filtered out of your body. 

This means that your cells are absorbing more nutrition to feed your muscles and nerves, delivering more oxygen to your cells which decreases fatigue, and flushing out bad chemicals and waste out of your body that cloud your thoughts, stiffen your muscles, slow down your nerves, and destroy your body. 

Movement is one of (if not THE) MAJOR driving force behind all physiologic function in your body. If you move you live. If you don’t you die. Period.  


Thanks Trevor for these words of BAM regarding movement!

Once you are loving the movement portion on the road to a miracle life you often start feeling better about yourself which creates the space for a kinder & gentler you to emerge. This often brings a loving lens which allows the conscious awareness self love work to easily be brought into the journey. It is in this space you bring about a lens that will support a healthy food journey. A road that exists without deprivation, fear, anger and a fight it out of mentality. 

i say it often and I mean it with 100% certainty that I am not mad I have MS. In fact the things I love about myself are a direct result of living with MS. This my friends is how we heal. Food seals the deal after you got steps 1 & 2 down.

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Failure to Launch


Failure to Launch

Touring is a life changing experience and I am learning every day. Being invited to share others lives is a great gift and I am humbled daily that this is my life.

I am also no longer surprised at how much we live in a world that includes what I call, 'Failure to Launch.'

The work I do deals mostly with individuals/families in need who are dealing with a physical or psychological issue. Most of what we do based on psychology and the idea of a Failure to Launch' seems to happen often in many households.

When you are dealing with any area in life that requires help from another we begin to set the ground for a failure to launch. Last time I checked we all come up against this because truly living does not happen without a little help from our friends. A 'Failure to Launch' seems to be something we all face and work to overcome at least once in our lifetime. For me it has happened more frequently.

When your need for help is almost daily a 'Failure to Launch' really becomes an issue.


Seldom does a daily need have to become a life script yet many have trouble stopping this from happening. More often than not actions viewed as helping can have the opposite outcome serving to be enabling and condoning of someones situation.

With anxiety and autoimmune disease being huge problems in American I often see families dealing with these issues on the daily. Building a padded house and lifestyle is not the answer. Supporting a sustainable lifestyle is and changing the household narrative to support the needs of others is most important here.

Helping in excess can cripple the ability to overcome any life adversity. When illness comes into play we all want to help. However help has to be as conscious as the work needed to grow. When we continue to keep doing everything beyond a triage situation we hurt rather than help. Don't discount the role an autopilot life plays in a 'Failure to Launch' specifically when the role of parent/child comes into play.


Here are a few words of advice:

  • To the person or family dealing with anxiety and depression of a loved one be sure to engage then daily and encourage their life. Don't walk on egg crates and stop challenging their life choices. Be present with them everyday.
  • To the family whose dealing with a disease that makes a loved ones mobility a challenge remember this does not mean they are unable. It means new ways of moving and working have to be constructed to support the challenges. Doing is not helping.
  • To the person dealing with a physical or mental issue stop abusing the generosity of others. Do whatever you can for yourself always and no matter what. How long it takes is not an issue. The freedom to care for yourself is your greatest gift. Do not freely give it away and take care of whatever you can for you.
  • To the family surrounded by changes due to any illness remember we all have the right to live our best life and define how this looks. Judgement and lack of support stand have no place here. Different or conscious does not mean difficult. Supporting our life choices is a huge healing modality.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but these are patterns I can personally relate too as I have lived times that included the 'Failure to Launch' life.

By understanding the fine line between helping and harming a failure to launch can be avoided.

Being conscious about life is not always easy so be prepared to have to take a stand and be brutally honest with yourself and others especially when you are in need. Many times we realize in this journey that cultural and societal norms play a huge role and often dictate actions that set the stage for a 'Failure to Launch.' Needing help and giving to another are actions that should be clearly defined with goals so that the stage is not set to fail either party. Simply helping or being helped are not enough. Goals, activities and measurements for success need to be clearly defined at all times so helping does not become hurting.

I still cannot believe this blog won 'Best Of' from Paleo Magazine for health and wellness!

My heart is humbled and my spirit overjoyed.

I would not be mad at all if you wanted to share this with your family and friends.



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Chutzpah verses Fear


Chutzpah verses Fear

There was a time when fear ruled my life. Every decision I made a fear driven reality. Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) fear became my life force.

Having MS meant for years that I could not count on my body even for a minute. No two seconds of living ever the same never knowing which part of my body would function and/or when. Life was very scary with MS winning almost every hand I was dealt for a long ass time.

Circa 2010 and I am studying to get my BA in Psychology at Antioch University in Los Angeles. I fell in love with Narrative Therapy & the teacher who specialized in this post modern form of psychotherapy Charlie Lang. Narrative Therapy considers people are the expert in their own lives and uses language to recreate new narratives. Narrative therapy also considers problems we face separate from the person and that we all have the skills necessary to create change.

The start of each class Charlie asked for a volunteer to stage a 'mock therapy session' in front of the class. I literally jumped out of my seat begging to be picked. Little did everyone know I was about to give a real therapy session in front of everyone. My life filled with fear and I was no longer living.

At this time in life things were spinning out of control. MS was calling the shots which translated into a life faced with the choices of homelessness, institutionalization or I was contemplating suicide. I had little to no use of my hands, healthcare costs were so high my life savings almost depleted & I lived in constant pain. Trouble swallowing was increasing & I knew my days of using my body freely were numbered. At this point I had no hope & no tools to beat MS & fear was deciding every second of my life response to MS.

The day of class I found myself overcome with fear. Crippled by its power I was a complete mess & barely hanging on. Somehow I knew that Charlie could sense my urgency picking me to be in front of the class for the 'mock therapy' session.

Charlie starting by asking me what I would like to talk about during the session and I said fear. He asked what fear was to me so he could clearly understand what I meant by fear. I explained that fear was the leader in my life making all the decisions. I also shared how crippling it was making choices harder and harder to come by.

Next Charlie asked how long I lived with fear calling the shots and I explained since MS entered my body it was in charge because of the nature of its devastation.

The next question Charlie asked changed my life: 'Before fear what was calling the shots in your life V?'

I thought for what felt like so much time to answer this question. I remember sitting in front of everyone thinking back to before fear ruled my every move. Quite honestly I had forgotten what life was like before fear yet I knew it was not the ruler of my life journey before MS. It took me so long to remind myself of life before fear.

Suddenly it hit me! I had Chutzpah! Chutzpah ruled my life before fear!

Remembering this I began to feel better because quite honestly I had forgotten I had courage. Fear was so powerful I literally forgot who I was & the tools I had.

For the remainder of the class session Charlie had both us play the roles of Fear talking to Chutzpah and I was quickly reminded that there was more to me than fear. MS had so clouded my person that I forgot the tools I had inside me. This was a huge eye opening moment for me which began the journey to BAM I am living today.

By 2011 my fear was becoming less and less with my person making choices that were based on best life living and no longer motivated by fear alone. Before the year ended I saw the life changing TEDx by my hero, friend and mentor, Dr. Terry Wahls and was now ready to begin my journey to miracle status.

The work of the brand of PaleoBOSS Lady centers around changing our life narrative from autopilot to living. Often during this work many of us are reintroduced to the assets of love, survival and joy that live inside of us which are forgotten when we live a life of routine following both cultural and societal norms.

With 1 in 5 being disabled in the USA I am sure fear lives in many of us. My brands work focuses on reminding ourselves that we are not defined by what life throws our way, but how we respond. Somehow I forgot the power of me in the face of MS and all that is V. Today I gladly show MS who is BOSS which could only have happened once I kicked fear out of the building.

Got fear? Dig deep inside to remind yourself what defined you before fear entered the building so you too can tap your BAM.




"Free Your Mind & the Rest Will Follow"


"Free Your Mind & the Rest Will Follow"

So often during my tour & with my work as PaleoBOSS Lady I hear from the community that they are eating healthy, but still have not achieved miracle status. Food is only one piece of the puzzle. Actually the key to successfully healing for this gal began with getting my mind right.

The psyche is the key to a successful miracle outcome.

Getting your mind right is where the healing starts & ends. For so many of us we refer to eating whole foods as a diet. This alone presents a problem for healing. Giving up processed foods is not a diet it is a conscious choice to honor your body & your person. I personally consider this step #1 in tapping your miracle.

As long as we believe eating healthy is a diet failure will be part of the equation.

free yourself.jpg

When I sit down to eat I look at my plate with joy that I now get to thank my amazing body for all it afforded me that day. I find myself excited & grateful to nourish myself with each bite.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis for 30 years I can tell you that food truly is poison or medicine.

I can also share that the autopilot of life will be the quickest way to end up with disease & suffering. 1-5 are disabled in America alone with the number projected to be 1-3 in the next 4 years.

Simple facts like gluten is directly connected to inflammation which is connected to autoimmune disease cannot be denied or ignored yet many of us still to this day think going gluten free is a fad or only for those with Celiac. Wrong.

Waking up to what we are eating & putting in our body should be the societal norm.

However in the consumer driven world we live this is far from the case. Most food choices are based on taste & often price alone for many of us. Seldom if ever are we reading ingredient lists. Often we simply eat whatever we want with zero consciousness regarding what we are eating.

Eating foods without knowing what ingredients are in them is simply mind blowing & the result of marketing success by the companies that make the products.

With over 85% of grocery stores selling processed foods clearly 'mad men' are winning.

So how do you free your mind? How do you begin to wake up?

Step 1 is to commit to opening your eyes & mind to daily life. Literally asking & answering the why of what you do all day every day especially regarding the foods you eat.

A simple step is to realize what you are eating each day. Walk over to your pantry or kitchen cabinets & begin to simply read ingredient . This can be a very powerful & eye opening experience.

I suggest if you do not know EXACTLY what an ingredient is do not eat it.

Here is an example of an ingredient list for Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa:

Sugar, corn syrup, modified whey, cocoa (processed with alkali), hydrogenated coconut oil, nonfat milk,, calcium carbonate, less than 2% of: salt, dipotassium phosphate, mono-and diglycerides, carrageenan, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, artificial flavor. contains: milk.

Every ingredient listed I do not know what they are even sugar & corn syrup. Refined sugar is a modified form of sugar meaning it is not natural. Corn syrup can be filled with GMO's which is not clearly noted. Literally this drink is toxic waste dump we often give our kids without any hesitation.

Eating consciously is not a diet it is self respect married to self love.

In order to free your mind you need to remove the autopilot of life to stop living a life based on consumer driven societal norms.

Freeing your mind happens when you wake up. Literally it is that simple.

Yet somehow we feel like it is hard & not sustainable. I believe in you & hope this inspires you to begin to live a life of BAM because you know each action you take should be about being the best version of YOU.

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The Role of Your Past


The Role of Your Past

I am not going to lie I live in the narrative world & after years upon years of therapy have finally been able to understand the role the past plays in my life today.


Now don't get your panties in a bunch & hear me out. Sure the past can often be stamped into our memory so strong we cannot seem to forget. My past was nothing short of being filled with gut wrenching hardship & truly remarkable joy. Yet neither of those define who I am.

As someone who did a TEDx on the power of culture to influence life you might think otherwise. Just as my culture has had a role in the person I am it does not define me.

I define me.

In a narrative world respect for the past is understood yet it strives to re-tell your own story. I sat many hours in a therapist office hearing how the past was responsible for my current story. I beg to differ believing that the I get to author my own story by constructing new meanings to emotions, thoughts and outcomes from the past. 

The past does not define me.

As someone living in community invited into people's homes & having the opportunity to be vulnerable with each other I hear quite often how the past is the reason for this or that. "I am this way because when I was raised..." are common responses to why things are the way they are or why growth is not happening.

As I shared in my TEDx "Cultural Collision" I think many of us choose an autopilot existence allowing for the past to become a scapegoat for all things important in tapping our miracle life.

Once I began to get conscious with the who, what & why of my life story the past became a story that I got to rewrite & not one that defined me. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) used to define me until I was able to realize the story is not written by MS it is written by me. If MS was defining me it was because that is what I allowed for.

My mother was an addict which for many years did define my life. Even in therapy all the hours spent were often talking about the role having an addicted mom played in my life outcome. I felt like I spent years in therapy talking about mom & her why which produced nothing to help me tap my best life. Instead it provided me with 'reasons' for my struggles offering zero tools to rewrite the story.

I say hogwash to that.

The narrative of my life included an addicted mom this is true however the story I tell is mine regardless of how my mothers life was defined. Her actions are her life.

My actions only define & are responsible for my life.

I personally believe that once we can start to realize we are the only creators of our story can we tap our BAM. As long as we let the actions, idea's and outcome of others share in our narrative we are going to be unable to raise the roof on our own lives.

Autopilot living which includes many cultural norms make it impossible to have a narrative that is a path to your miracle life. We each need to recognize the past as a script that we get to re-write so we can define our journey and not as the reason for our why.

Your story today is written only by you not your past.

Not going to lie this concept has been so freeing for me similar to ditching the scale & no longer counting calories all of which were cultural norms I adhered to for far to long.

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The Art of Living Your Joy


The Art of Living Your Joy

It was the last event I was doing in 2016 & one of the funnest nights of the tour. The guests were so engaged, excited & interested it truly was a great night. The home hosting the event simply breath taking & every detail spot on. I literally was walking on sunshine making my way to the car about to head out calling it a night. Tired yet so excited this was the last day of the tour in 2016. The next day Gidget & I would begin making our trip back to LA for a rest month. All I knew was that my heart was full & it was a great night.

Then a magical thing happened that I never saw coming.

One of the guests came out to the car to tell me I had really hit on something during my talk that was kind of a 'brick hit forehead' situation.

The moment I shared I wake up with joy in my person everyday.

The guest literally said hearing those words immediately brought their attention to their own life & they realized joy was missing. They had a lot to be thankful for, but could not remember the last time they felt pure joy.

The definition of joy is something like feeling happy or having great pleasure says Google. For me joy is being conscious about life.

Funny isn't it that by society standards I might be considered 'not a good look.'

  • I am homeless & have virtually nothing with my total possessions close to only 50 items.
  • I have no clear idea where I am going to be resting my head from month to month and cannot tell you what the future holds.
  • I live at poverty with a disease that is known to bankrupt almost 90% of those suffering followed by the high probability of becoming homeless or institutionalized.
  • I am single and alone.
  • I am a disabled American from the devastation known as Multiple Sclerosis.

Literally I see on social media almost every day how 'different' my life is than to almost anyone I know.

For the large majority of us by the age of 50+ our homes are close to paid for, kids almost out of the house, grandchildren beginning, retirement in sight, 2nd homes often purchased, yearly travel and marriages that are close to 25+ years filled with history, family & tradition.

For me not so much.

In fact my life could not be further from that if I tried. I spend Christmas alone and literally live a life that is mirror opposite to almost everyone I know.

Funnier to think I made these choices before me:

  • Being homeless is voluntary
  • Having less a desired outcome
  • Being single my mantra

My lens toward joy comes from truly knowing I am & have enough .

Truth be told looking at social media & being awake every moment of my life it appears that most do not have enough.

Instead they have possessions and many of them. How many have garages packed with shit? Closets you cannot open or better yet a storage facility because you have run out of room? The answer is a lot of us.

How many of us wake up each day excited?

Sad reality on my tour over 75% of folks did a job they were not 100% happy with. Imagine spending the bulk of your life not being happy with what you are doing. Jobs usually are the largest time suck when living in this energy space & most are not satisfied with what they do.

To make matters worse the resistance to change jobs almost always consumer driven.

Mad men winning often translates into loss of joy. Once we realize what the meaning of living a life of "enough" is all about you will begin to find joy. 

Getting conscious sits at the foundation of a joyful life. Knowing that each step you take & breath creates an opportunity to do exactly what you want at that moment.

A dear friend a few nights ago shared that at a recent trip to Rome they felt such a connection to the country because they were certain at that moment they were exactly where they belonged.

This my friends is enough. Knowing all in your life is right where you belong.

Living a purpose driven life starts with the belief that in this journey you will be provided for in every way you need. All you need will come so no need to worry beyond your purpose.

Joy in enough makes purpose possible.

This to me is a better look than consumer driven tales of joy.

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Why Resolutions Matter


Why Resolutions Matter

So many of us hate the idea of New Year's resolutions. In fact I know many people who simply will not even consider one.

Resolution : A firm decision to do or not to do something (Google definition)

If you are conscious & tapping your miracle life resolutions are a must. Sorry not sorry to tell you that in order to be awake you need to resolve.

Now there is no rule stating it has to begin on January 1st with the New Year, but it certainly helps to use this time to reflect & resolve for the coming year. My thoughts are why not use the New Year? I also do it quarterly using the New Year for my big dreams & ideas to begin.

Just to give you an example of resolutions I have made & successfully done whose idea's were decided with the New Year yet had the sentiment to be done before the year is out:

  • Quit Smoking Cigs
  • Gave up Drinking Alcohol
  • Selling all my Possessions
  • Touring the USA as PaleoBOSS Lady
  • Moving to California from the East Coast
  • Ending Toxic Relationships
  • Becoming a Wahls Warrior
  • Fasting
  • Ketosis
  • Yoga Every Damn Day
  • Becoming Self Empowered Regarding Movement
  • Whole 30 Challenges
  • Whole Life Challenges
  • Following my Circadian Rhythm

All of these things are HUGE changes in my life & have 100% contributed to the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady.

Each step was a very, very conscious act that took hard work & mental preparedness to make happen.

This gal cannot simply wake up & decide to do something. I have to prepare myself mentally 1st and foremost. The mental game is the only game that matters when you are trying to live your best life. I personally have to play mental chess for quite a long time to decide what I am going to work on.

I never, ever like to set myself up for failure. Once I commit to something I do it knowing I am ready to make shit happen.

I have already tried to anticipate any obstacles that may appear & how to navigate them. That is what I call mental chess. Asking and answering questions before they happen.

If I do this what could happen? What might it effect? How will I handle it?

Having conversations with yourself need to be honest & done over time. You do not simply wake up one day deciding & BAM it happens. Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but they are not the norm. Most of us need reflection time to resolve what will constitute our best life. Most of us need time to consider the desired outcome & what it will take to get to our chosen BAM.

Nothing worth anything is easy. In fact the greatest rewards come from when we are most uncomfortable. Resolutions are usually uncomfortable idea's that lead to an unknown territory.

I encourage all of you to begin NOW asking & answering your best life questions. Decide the New Year will bring a starting point knowing that in 365 days you will have mastered your chosen idea's to deliver a better life energy you.

Do not let this season of rebirth seem like a season of depriving. Instead I encourage you all to view it as a reinvention of your spirit that reflects the best you to date.

Go ahead. I believe in you. I wish you all the joy resolutions bring so that you too can up your volume to miracle status.

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The Standard of Care a Consumer Driven Machine in America


The Standard of Care a Consumer Driven Machine in America

Standard of care: 1. A diagnostic and treatment process that a clinician should follow for a certain type of patient, illness, or clinical circumstance. (

The "Standard of Care" is what hospitals, doctors and clinicians are expected to follow when caring for individuals. It dictates everything & many who live consciously find themselves being informed of this standard by their healthcare team.

I have heard time & time again from doctors who have had their chief of staff talk to them about not following the "Standard of Care" when they talk to patients about using food as medicine.

To make matters worse many patients such as those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) who refuse to take disease modifying drugs are being told by their doctors they will only see them until they have a relapse. Once they have a relapse if they do not go on the drugs the doctor will end their relationship due to legal liability based on the "Standard of Care" issue.

Healthcare in America offers standards that are tied to the use of drugs which dictate the current standard of care used by most doctors & hospitals. Using diet & lifestyle are not considered in this equation at all therefore deemed outside of the acceptable standard of care most doctors are allowed to follow. Imagine nutrition falling outside of the standard of care!

In fact cancer has a standard of care which is chemotherapy even though study after study shows sugar is cancers #1 friend.

My neurologist made it simple for me. When I started using nutrition to heal my body I was asked to sign a legal document stating my doc nor the hospital were liable once I stopped taking the so called "disease modifying" drugs for MS. To make matters even easier the drug manufacturer called to record me stating that the doctor did not advise me to discontinue so they too could cover their asses.

When a standard of care regarding our health rest solely on the use of big pharm you have to believe we are all fucked. Literally the consumer driven machine wins once again at our expense.

To hear a doctor tell you they will only treat you as long as you are willing to take the drugs is beyond unbelievable yet many who live with disease hear this time & time again. The system is not only consumer driven it is also legal liability dictated. The law coupled with big pharm dictating how healthcare is done is the standard of care hospitals, doctors & clinicians subscribe too.

Literally all of this is simply disgusting & once again confirms to me personally that our healthcare system has nothing to do with wellness.

I remember a good friend who is a very successful OB sharing that he delivers most babies c-section no matter what to keep his malpractice insurance rates low. Are you kidding me!?! Where does our well being fit into this equation?

I say this in almost every talk I give & have witnessed this in every city I have traveled that hospitals, surgery centers & urgent care facilities continue to grow, expand & rebuilt. They are making money & the machine continues to crank out more dollars to support the expansion. Doesn't this tell you something?

Healing, wellness & eradicating disease are no where on the business plan for any of these organizations. Growth, expansion & continued abuse of the public are.

Isn't it time you woke up to the reason why 1 in 5 are disabled in America, why autoimmune disease is the fastest growing sector, cancer rates continuing to sore & drug companies along with hospitals and insurers continue to grow all at our expense.

My life as a BOSS is dedicated to saying F YOU to the systems in place & the powers to be that took most of my life to date away from me knowing full well what they were doing and all in the name of the almighty dollar. Son of a bitch.

As someone who lived most of her adult life as a millionaire & now lives at poverty I can without question tell you the real power in life comes from waking the fuck up.

Having the balls to own your life, stepping outside of the cultural bull shit and opening my fucking eyes were the ticket to miracle status. My life today is filled with joy because without a doubt I know who I am, where I am going & why I am here by living a conscious life. Bye Bye autopilot living.

Trust me when I tell you no one gets the right to fuck with me ever because I am awake & in charge. Sadly the system & those in power set us up for failure when we play by the standard of care game in America. Healthcare in America is governed by big business & has nothing to do with wellness. Going to the doctor is predicated on an autopilot life & most of us freely subscribe to the bullshit. WTF.

There I go again talking my thoughts out loud. Sure you might be pissed off at what I say, but the reality is it is true. Don't kill the messenger. Time to wake up is my story.

We all know it & I am just being honest. You think any doctor that has me sign legal releases because I won't take the drugs after watching me heal before their eyes using diet & lifestyle cares about healing? No fucking way.

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Slow, Steady, Sustainable Steps


Slow, Steady, Sustainable Steps

This is my mantra regarding conscious living. People always ask me how to start the process & I recommend you begin by having a real honest conversation with yourself. What can you do that will be sustainable for life? Not for today, a month or a week. A lifestyle change that you can commit to 100%.

Often our inclination is to go from 0 to 60mph. However history has shown that this will set us up for failure & we all kinda know this. Remember all the times you went from never working out to 3 days a week only to have it end within a few weeks or months of starting? Or the time you gave up ice cream before bed & it lasted not very long? You get my drift I am sure whether these examples are spot on or not that without clear motivation beyond the thought we are depriving ourselves failure is almost guaranteed.

Do not kill the messenger! Damn it.

Slow & steady wins the race. Remember the fable about The Tortoise and the Hare? Same holds true with conscious life changes. Slow & steady folks wins this one.

Really ask yourself & answer the question about what you can do that will be lasting & is a change you believe in to help live your best life.

Changes that feel like deprivation do not last for anyone.

  • Maybe start by committing to walking one day a week for 10 minutes?
  • Consider parking your car in the farthest spot for the entrance at the office, the mall or grocery store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • How about cutting sugar out one day a week.
  • Make each meal a rainbow of freshness on Sunday.

You get the idea. Simply do something that you can commit too!

Next begin asking yourself after a few weeks if you are ready to add a another day or make another change in some fashion. Always knowing that the change you commit too are lifelong. Not a diet, not for now, but forever. Your conversation has to include the forever part.

The 1st step in the conversation is to recognize this is a journey motivated by self love and nothing more.

Some BOSS thoughts:

The idea of food as a pleasure source is consumer. Yes folks it truly is based on principles developed by the manufactures of the shit they sell. This concept has nothing to do with best life living.

Consider the concept of breakfast, lunch & dinner. These idea's everyone at some point each of us have agreed are how we should eat during the day. To make matters even more exciting what we eat at those meals are also defined for us. By who? Those in power making this shit.

There is no healthcare reason why we eat 3 meals a day. There are no wellness reasons why bacon and eggs are for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch & a hearty meal for dinner. These are manufactured idea's that we all play along with. Double Damn it.

Our bodies are a like plants. We need water, sunlight & healthy nutrients from the soil to grow. Somehow we all have been programmed to believe we need only foods that taste good to live. I call bullshit!

This is just another example of consciousness that I hope opens your mind to what I am talking about. Ask and answer the questions regarding everything you do learning the reason why.

For me personally once I learned the system altered our foods knowing damn well gluten & sugar were addictive substances adding it to almost everything it was easy to say fuck you to the foods I grew to love.

That poison took almost half my life from me & I will be damn if it will take my final quarter.

Today I gleefully work out on my yoga mat daily paying homage to my person & life for another day. I meditate feeling pride connecting with myself & quieting my mind in this hectic world & every time I sit down to eat a meal I am literally giddy with joy that I can honor my body with nutrient dense goodness.

Not one ounce of me feels deprived or that I am missing anything.

Before getting conscious my life was all about being deprived. I was deprived of living a full life because Multiple Sclerosis (MS) was calling the shots. I lost years of being the best me due to real pain and suffering.

My daughter is a singer and has been performing her entire life. When she was younger having vocal classes etc there were many times I would be laying on the floor in the studio unable to move due to MS. These images live in my brain & haunt me often enough to know that those times will never appear again. My life as a mom will be full and rich because I give a shit about myself enough to know how to thrive. The heartbreak of not being able to be the best mom ever will forever be a distant memory because living a life of purpose & self respect delivers a miracle mom that no longer can barely be present.

Isn't it time you began the real journey of self love through consciousness? What is your 1st step going to be?

I believe in you.

Make today the day you begin to wake the fuck up & live YOUR best life. Stop letting the systems in place define your path.

Tap the miracle inside you & raise the roof on life!

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Biohacking to Find Your Super Power


Biohacking to Find Your Super Power

Who ever would have thought this would be a title coming from my crazy ass? Have mercy where has V gone?

Honestly I do not even recognize myself. The person I am today I am just meeting. In real time I kid you not! Fear of MS does not drive my life & this alone is a huge ass change.

The joy of living drives my life.

I am a super power & super hero all day every day. I am pretty sure you already knew that.

  • How did I get here?
  • How did I become a miracle?
  • How do I find my inner hero?

These are all questions I ask myself every day. Recently I discovered the word for it:


I never really understood what biohacking was until I realized I was a 'biohacker'.

Biohacking influences the body using mental, physical, nutritional and electronic techniques focused on longevity and optimal daily life performance. All touted to offer significant improvements in quality of life, relationships and overall health.

Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof coffee, is probably the most significant and well known biohacker there is. For the last year I lived at his Bulletproof cafe in Santa Monica among this growing community.

We shared conscious thoughts around biohacking our lives as an individual & a collective.

This was the 1st time I really understood what biohacking was & how perfectly that described my miracle life. I too was a biohacker.

You see the miracle of me surrounds the marriage of optimal living with the needs of my body. All of this accomplished by focused, conscious living for optimal outcome using all the influences described above.

Balance, attention & extreme forward focus produces the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady.

I am no Dave Asprey & learn constantly from his journey. His work like that of Dr. Wahls help to fuel my journey. Inspired by Dave's "Beginners Guide to Biohacking" I share with all of you my version. My hope is that it will help inspire how you can begin "biohacking" your life by sharing some ways I have been successful. Just as Dave Asprey & the entire Bulletproof community have inspired me.

Biohacking Your Super Power

Mobility: Movement & posture are huge aspects of my hacked life. Having MS posture is often hard for me to maintain due to body fatigue & resulting in very poor posture. The more inflammation leaves my body the easier it is to 'hold myself up' & work on proper posture. However simple steps can be taken to enhance your posture even when life makes it challenging. Focused efforts on posture critical & I recommend checking out Jill Miller's book The Roll Model for get steps to improve posture. Check out my story in the book too.

Movement for this miracle happens on the yoga mat & walking the neighborhood.

6 days a week you can find me on the mat for about 1.5 hours & every day walking miles. As life has evolved in my biohacked lens movement has been the biggest evolution based on body/mind feedback. Check out one of my most read blog posts about this here.

Nutrition:  Focus of consciousness regarding food the catalyst to my miracle status and my #1 biohacking tool.

My kitchen looks nothing like it did even 2 years ago and I have been conscious for over 5. 

Biohacking involves continued evolution for optimal outcomes with a focus on living healthier. This means food is not a measured merely as a pleasure source which was the only lens I had for over 50+ years. The biohacker in me continues to grow the evolution of my relationship with food which continues to result in drastic changes.

Nature: The role the outdoors plays in wellness is so huge it alone needs to be a blog. From grounding to vitamin D we all need to get outside. Take a walk, dance in the rain naked, put your feet in the sand & damn it stop to smell the roses. All critical elements for the biohacker in all of us.

Ride the Wave: Getting uncomfortable is an art form and crucial element to successful biohacking. This my friends continues to be the hardest of all for me yet produces HUGE benefits each time I create the space to just ride shit out. I do believe progress is happening & that lets me know time with focused effort this hack can become a huge asset in my "Bag of Tricks."

Mindfulness: Meditation is a powerful tool that sits in every biohackers ‘Bag of Tricks.” The moral of the story is meditation can be incorporated into daily life. This tool so important with the value it offers each of us should dedicate time to figuring out what this might look like in daily life.

Jump up, dance or sit like a pretzel who cares just figure out a way for you to stop life for a moment in time and just be.

The Narrative: The dialogue between the ears matters. Identifying your current narrative regarding life & living involves asking the question while answering with honesty.

  • Why do you wake at this time everyday?
  • Why do you set an alarm?
  • Why do you eat 3 meals a day?
  • Does you body live optimally with these choices?
  • Do you even know?

Time to start chatting with your bad self is the moral of the story here.

Gratitude: The art of being grateful from a scientific lens is proven to have amazing outcomes for all of us. It seems in our consumer driven world instant gratification more the status quo. Time to really check your lens to see where you. The ultimate goal is to always be working toward gratitude in all things the optimal outcome. I personally live with gratitude for breath.

Get Lost: Music, gardening, dancing & conscious/unconscious activities like this can create the space needed for super power magic to happen. Getting lost in a mindless space a necessary tool to successful outcomes yet difficult to achieve with the current spontaneous way we live today.

What is “Consciousness in Culture?

We all live an autopilot existence living the same routines day to day both personally and professionally. Consciousness in culture breaks down routine & creates a lifestyle that marries our own personal biology with optimal living. Biohacking our lives are the core foundations of consciousness aka Super Powers!

I recently wrote to my good friend, hero & mentor, Dr. Terry Wahls, that I feel like a living Wonder Woman with the amount of healing I have had over these 5 years with it continuing to grow. The longer I biohack my way through life the larger the gains in quality of living I experience. You would think there would be an end, but as of yet there is no end in sight!

Who knows maybe I will cure myself of MS some day. Biohacking every second.


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Steroid Nation


Steroid Nation

It is funny because I am sure if you asked most people who know me they would say I want everyone to live a Paleo lifestyle. However this could not be further from the truth.

"My dream is for everyone to get conscious about how they treat their body."

You would think by nature we are. Yet this is not the cultural norm for most of us worldwide. Today's lifestyle choices are based on autopilot living & have nothing to do with consciousness & everything to do with the here and now of instant gratification. The lifestyle of this century is an up to the minute existence offering very little time to get conscious in this current universal equation.

Since the end of April I have been voluntarily homeless & freed of possessions. This has presented a new lens with which to view the world that in a short time has become a huge learning experience. Once you realize how little you need to live a full rich life your lens will forever be different.

Autopilot has no place in possession-less life. The mere act of freeing oneself of possessions brings consciousness to the forefront of daily living.

In this time I have learned how seldom if ever does anyone consider or do the following:

  • Read ingredients of any non-whole foods they consume
  • Consider what is in a product beyond the consumer driven marketing messages
  • Believe their body will be anything but healthy & act accordingly
  • Base decisions solely on desired outcome

These lessons have come in all forms appearing to be ageless, sexless and/or classless. Universally day in and day out our actions solely based on desired outcome having no thought or attention to the net effects the process may have on our person & especially our body.

You see since the age of 23 I have been fighting with every ounce of my BOSS person to stop my body from blowing up as it was self destructing almost daily. Words cannot ever express how freaking hard it is to hear, witness & engage in watching others take deliberate acts that serve only to deliver an outcome without consideration of the cost to play on their body or their person.

These realities I bet we can all relate too:

  • How many of us have been on vacation or away on business feel some sort of sickness coming on and found a doctor to hook us up with antibiotics?
  • How many of us have been willing to take the latest 'diet' aid to lose weight?
  • How many of us have taken steroids to treat inflammation?
  • How many of us alter our body based on visual lens alone?

Almost all of these situations can be effectively treated by diet & lifestyle choices science has shown time & again. If you are reading this blog you already know this to be true. Regardless the masses continue to dictate their daily actions motivated by desire rather than self respect.

The real message of the brand of PaleoBOSS Lady has nothing to do with Paleo. It has to do with getting conscious beyond desire.

Paleo is my path. That does not mean it has to be your path. I am not in your body.

Paleo is my consciousness and modified at that. I follow The Wahls Protocol which is a modified form.  This protocol offers 3 levels and even in that I follow a level I invented with my body which I call level 2.5. The Wahls Protocol focuses on providing my cells with the nutrients needed to support a healthy life. As a result my ability to live my desired life appears limitless without need for outcome driven decisions.


Outcomes are easily achieved when consciousness of being are the norm.

It pains me to watch the intelligent, talented & gifted folks we all are take our bodies for granted or treat them with zero respect beyond desire. An outcome driven life is based on human desire having nothing to do with respect of our body.

Last time I checked we have only one body to live during this energy space. However we treat it as if owes us something & get mad when it breaks or does not preform to our desired needs. Almost as if to say "How dare you body!"
  • I wonder if we all started being respectful to our bodies what disease & sickness would look like?
  • Would 1 in 5 be disabled in America?
  • Would hospitals and pharmaceuticals be 2 of the fastest growing enterprises?
  • Would our youth be dying from heroin addiction often fueled by doctor induced drug addiction at alarming rates?
  • Would we have walks every weekend raising awareness for another group that needs funding?

In the end we are all kidding ourselves if we truly believe that an outcome driven life does not have negative impact on our body. You simply cannot artificially alter your temple to suit your needs before it cracks or breaks.

Your body is you & learning to honor, respect and worship it is how you get desired outcomes. Not artificially altering it because then it is no longer uniquely YOU & now has become 'theirs.'


Up your volume & own your shit with pride. Raise the roof on life!

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The end.




The Power of Doing Nothing


The Power of Doing Nothing

One of my most common pieces of advice when you are struggling is to do nothing.

I don't mean when an action is required ignore it. I mean stop pushing your life. Stop "doing" to make life happen in the direction of your dreams and just chill the "F" out.

Doing nothing is the most powerful weapon toward miracle status we have. It is also the hardest thing to do.

Allowing your mind to stop doing can be a huge challenge. I found it to be almost impossible for years. Yes folks I said years. In typical V fashion I did not stop until I got to QUIET and boy am I glad I did!

The 1st time I learned my mind was quiet happened on the yoga mat at the Brandywine YMCA in Delaware. There I was in yoga & for the 1st time in years I elevated my hands bilaterally above my waist! This amazing achievement took 6 months of religiously going to class 3 days a week for this miracle to happen. A miracle that coupled with breathing provided what my body needed to function.

I have been working hard to recreate this outcome since & now believe I have mastered the art of quieting my mind. Which equals almost 2 decades of conscious practice to get to this place. 

If this concept is new to you or if you have just stepped out of practice here is a peek into my "Bag of Tricks" to help you shut the "F" up so the real shit can go down. Damn it.

Energy: Create the desired energy needed to relax your mind. For each of us this is different so there are no rules how this energy should look or feel. My space has a yoga mat, something burning, a room honoring sunrise, music playing and a dog present. This currently is my energy space where my brain stops conscious thinking & moves to the magic space.

Intention: When you want for something the outcome is equal to the input. Wanting seldom produces miracles & often only feels unsettling. By setting an intention believing the journey will provide you create the space for miracles to manifest. Without true intention nothing ever really manifests. Sure things happen without action and those situations the focus should be on how we respond and have less to do with how they happened.

Affirm: Affirm that you know the answer is out there waiting for you. By affirming your person to the understanding that without a doubt the knowledge is within our reach the space for it to be heard is accessible.

Every time I am on the yoga mat I have a pad & pen by my side with a lit candle to be able to write down the many idea's that often arrive during my time on the mat. I affirm before each practice my believe that the space is open for divine energy to show me the way. Often the outcome appears in a stream of consciousness when I am in my most meditative quiet state. Seldom does it appear when I am actively thinking because I have not affirmed to myself the space is within me therefore I cannot tap the resource needed for the energy to be received. I personally need the mat to help create the space of affirmation.

Dedication: Saying you will not think does not deliver this blogs message. Dedicating time each day to quieting the mind becomes one of the most necessary steps you can take to making this powerful tool work. It can be defined however you want and many are surprised at how that can happen with the only rule being a solo tour.

Gardening is a great way to dedicate time to quieting the mind. This type of practice requires you to focus on gardening often quieting the mind of daily stress creating the space for desired outcomes. Cooking can often be the same for many as well as working out. However a key point is the dedicated time is a solo time not to be shared with others.

Believe: The underlying theme in all things is to believe they will happen & you are willing to accept any outcome that comes you way knowing it is the right one. With this mindset you can move mountains. If your person can truly believe the journey of life is delivered exactly how it is supposed to be you create the space for how you want it to be. Believe it or not and if you think about all that is written in the blog and its focus on energy you will begin to see how powerful this step is above all others.

The beauty of this is that is costs nothing, is inside all of us & can make our lives richer, fuller & a mirror picture of our desires and yet the power comes from the art of doing nothing. Now get busy doing nothing & tap your miracle life.

I believe in you.

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A Look Back:  5 Years of Conscious Living


A Look Back: 5 Years of Conscious Living

1979 days but who is counting?!?

My life of conscious living that includes food began a little over 5 years ago. Before that my lifestyle was spiritual, moving & mindful yet unable to heal let alone thrive. 

The most important piece was missing which was food.

Once I plugged food into my daily life the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady™ was born.

As most of you know when we are talking food that this BOSS lives a modified form of a Paleo lifestyle known as The Wahls Protocol. Dr. Terry Wahls herself has MS & prior to The Wahls Protocol shared the same outcome as me which was health devastation.  Through her studies, sheer force of will & a supportive community Dr. Wahls painstakingly developed a lifestyle protocol that is healing the world called The Wahls Protocol. This included a Paleo lifestyle with 6-9 cups of fruits & vegetables daily.

This BOSS is honored to be one of the longest & most healed Wahls Warriors.

As a result my life & outcome have become a beacon of hope to many offering inspiration to others beyond my wildest dreams. Returning from PaleoFX 2016 this reality could not feel or be more real.

For the 1st time in my life individuals came from all over the world to meet, spend time with & get to know the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady™. Words cannot begin to express the emotion wrapped up in that statement.

Self reflection was the 1st order of business to really digest the meaning of my life & my role as a change maker.

The best way to do this was to look at my journey & how the miracle of me translated in life as I know it.

Before & After in the Physical life of me:

  • Before: Limited to no use of hands bilaterally
  • After: Full use of hands bilaterally
  • Before: Constant pain/burning radiating down arms & hands
  • After: Zero pain
  • Before: Unable to walk barefoot due to Paresthesia.
  • After: I live barefoot
  • Before: Fatigue & Brain Fog
  • After: No Fatigue/Brain Fog
  • Before: Chest girdle constant
  • After: No girdle
  • Before: Trouble swallowing daily
  • After: Trouble swallowing rarely
  • Before: Balance issues
  • After: No balance issues
  • Before: Restless leg
  • After: No restless leg
  • Before: Body rigidity (body becomes stiff after repetitive movements)
  • After: Dancing fool.
  • Before: Double Vision/Blindness
  • After: No vision issues
  • Before: Could not turn my neck/head
  • After: Freely moves head/neck


  • Before: Could not drive
  • After: Planning to drive across the USA
  • Before: Took the bus
  • After: Drive a brand new car
  • Before: Had to have a roommate
  • After: Lives alone
  • Before: Full time help
  • After: 100% independent
  • Before: Could not hold a leash to walk my dog
  • After: Average 3-5 miles a day dog walking
  • Before: Took 24 prescription pills/day
  • After: 1/day
  • Before: Injected with Interferon every other day/19 years
  • After: Nothing
  • Before: 1 flu like day weekly due to injections/19 years
  • After: Not sick once since becoming conscious
  • Before: Days where I could not function at all
  • After: Crushing life at every turn
  • Before: Physical Therapy 2 times a week
  • After: For a torn meniscus only
  • Before: 10 hours weekly appointments with healthcare team
  • After: 2 hours a YEAR
  • Before: 3 hours/day of yoga/self myo-fascial release to move/function
  • After: 1 hour/6 days a week


  • Before: Lived in Delaware
  • After: Moved to California
  • Before: Life motivated by fear
  • After: Life motivated by self love
  • Before: Autopilot life
  • After: Conscious life
  • Before: Eat for pleasure
  • After: Eat at cellular level
  • Before: Drank alcohol
  • After: Alcohol never
  • Before: Toxic workouts
  • After: Body dictated/respectful workouts
  • Before: Counted calories
  • After: Fuck calories
  • Before: Low fat
  • After: Fat is my hero
  • Before: Toxic home
  • After: Toxic load decrease daily
  • Before: Toxic skincare
  • After: Earthborn skincare
  • Before: Overwhelmed
  • After: Overjoyed
  • Before: Associate degree
  • After: Masters in Psychology/Community Major
  • Before: Suicide plan
  • After: World tour plan
  • Before: Provincial
  • After: Culture/community

This miracle journey took a lot & gave the same back. I have worked hard to understand my reality & the one thing I know for sure is that the message of PBL is offered to the community free of judgement, cost & risk beyond heightened awareness. 

I have no preconceived notion of what your life should look like all I know is how to help inspire you to define your conscious reality. 

It is my joy & hope that the desire for others to tap into the resources known as the brand PaleoBOSS Lady continues to grow over the coming months as I tour the USA. The person of my knows that inside lays the power to transform myself into a miracle & I feel pretty confident together we can tap into the miracle inside all of us through conscious living as a collective community.

Let us raise the roof together inspiring each other with our internal miracle as we let them shine on loud & proud.




The Time I Out Grew My Doctor


The Time I Out Grew My Doctor

We all know I am a walking miracle who kicks secondary progressive MS to the curb all day everyday by living a conscious life. This process has been a long, hard journey that requires daily continued effort to remain a miracle life.

I am not cured of MS.

Managing the symptoms associated with MS involves commitment & straight up balls that most of us cannot begin to comprehend. This gal literally & almost without fail is consistent, diligent & a true freak about always working hard to live my best life from sun up to sun down with conscious effort, extreme focus & willingness to question the status quo.

Extreme self love sprinkled with being brave lie at the core of my choices.

Once I began my Paleo journey my neurologist did not listen to a word I said. She literally continued typing her notes as I was speaking about my last hope. All of this happening at a time in my life of complete desperation where my future clearly was facing homelessness or institutionalization. Money running out & MS getting worse by the day I was completely desperate, scared & living in constant pain.

My daughter was with me & when we left the docs office & immediately said, "Mom, I do not like her she did not even listen to you."

3 months later I saw the same neurologist to discuss my issues with injection sites as a result of 19 long years of injecting these physician pushed disease modifying drugs which I religiously took & continued to get worse and worse.

These drugs cost on average $2500/month which for me equated to: $570,000 over 19 years.

By this visit with only 3 short months of living a conscious Paleo life I already lost 25+ pounds, my skin looked amazing & many of my symptoms I had lived with for years gone. Completely gone.

There was no way to look at me & not notice a HUGE change for the better in my person both mentally & physically.

Said neurologist noted my appearance asking what I was doing? Politely I reminded her of my Paleo journey which she stated,  "I have never heard of this helping treat MS."  I then referred her for the 2nd time to Dr. Terry Wahls & her TedX where once again she did not even write it down. 

The result of injecting myself with these powerful drugs over 19 years created bruising on my buttocks & stomach making them purple always. In order to fulfill this every other day obligation I would drink heavily to tolerate injecting myself into a raw bruise until I woke up realizing this was not working.

Healthcare as I knew broke my person down to the point there was almost nothing left of me, but a drug filled, pain ridden body that was failing at every turn. My life was MS & nothing else at this point.

This appointment I told my doctor I was no longer taking the injections to which she vehemently objected. After 30 minutes of trying everything she could to prevent me from stopping her last stitch effort was to point out, "You are a very rare case & one of the longest in the world we know of using interferon for so long. We have no idea what would happen to your body once you stop. You could easily become bedridden & advance your disease state." All said while she is ignoring how I look & the results I had already visibly been showing.

This doctor was so concerned that she made me sign a paper stating it was ill advised & she nor the hospital would be liable for my choices & that they clearly did not recommend this.

To date I have NEVER gone back to a neurologist for the treatment of MS.

To make matters even worse the drug company Biogen called to see if the doctor advised me to go off the drug? I said no she ill advised me & asked their representative if I could share my story as to why? They responded they only handled finding out if the doctor advised me or not so therefore had no use for my reasons.

I hung up the phone & called the FDA who was more than happy to hear my story of bruising, sickness & more.

In complete fear & scared to death I stopped my injections. Literally for 6 weeks me & my kid waited for my body to react. I literally waited & waited & waited, but all that was happening was healing. Pure, unadulterated healing.

This was 5 years ago & as of today I am a walking miracle all day every day. No longer take the 24 pills or injections & still do not see any specialist or take any tests for the treatment of MS.

Now 5+ years of my conscious lifestyle & healthcare docs as we know them I have also outgrown.  My family doctor can no longer support the path I am on which I never saw coming.

The fact is traditional healthcare is symptom management alone & based around expensive tests with no focus on root cause. Beyond yearly physicals I do not see a place for traditional doctors in my life.

Today I see a functional medicine doc whose is working with me to understand my body at an even deeper level than before. A doctor whose intake form did not ask about family history as we know it they asked about how I was delivered as a baby, when I first took antibiotics in my life, what were some trauma's during my life & how did I handle them, what did my stools look like & how was I sleeping, managing stress & what my healthcare goals were. 

The 1st appointment was 1.5 hours long with my doctor getting to know me & my body from head to toe by asking questions & engaging with me. No physical exam just a doc who dug deep to get to know me, my body & my history from a view unlike traditional healthcare.

My healthcare goals are to find root causes of the final 2 remaining health issues that plague me & traditional healthcare has never been able to support beyond drugs that cause great side effects & only mask the problems: allergies & hormones. Working with my Functional Med doc we are doing stool tests to saliva to look deeper into my body & really see what is happening so I can make lifestyle changes to support my best life rather than drugs & continued suffering.

Today at the age of 53 I have no pain, manage all symptoms of MS through lifestyle, live at optimal weight moving my body freely & at will taking no drugs, no MRI's or neurological testing or injections.

Interested in raising the roof on life then begin to question the status quo to live find your personal miracle story than subscribe to my blog. It comes out weekly usually on Wednesday filled with information about how to tap the miracle in all of us.




My Battle With Alcohol


My Battle With Alcohol


By: V Capaldi Thought that would get your attention.  Being raised by an addict I take the use of drugs and alcohol very seriously.

I have never done a recreational drug outside of smoking weed. I have been an avid user of marijuana for almost 30 years which equals my years living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Drinking for me did not become a thing until my life on the road began at the age of 25ish.  I traveled and traveled and traveled to the tune of over 200+ days a year for over a decade. At the time I was building international tech companies which was largely a male dominated game.  In order to play "the game" you had to be where it all happened. This included many a cocktail hour, steak dinner, golf outing & strip club visits. Often. Very, very often.

Fast forward decades later & cocktail hour became my therapy.

It signified the wind down. The beginning of a 'deep breath' on the day.

Today I no longer drink.

Knowing with confidence I never will again.

I am still in shock over this reality, but my relationship with alcohol is over & it has been a battle.

make a wish copy
make a wish copy

Not a battle of addiction a battle of numbing myself.

Literally alcohol was toxic beyond what it did to my body physically. Coping skills, stress management, higher purpose ideal's, self love & important shit like that are not in the picture when your daily "wind down" comes from a sip.

Even 1 or 2 glasses, a few days a week offered enough numbing that I was able to continue to autopilot 'dealing' with shit.

When you are a miracle you have to question everything. Over the last 5 years I have slowly been cutting alcohol out of my life. The battle began with conscious effort knowing I had a lot of mental healing work to do to win this fight.

A few weeks ago I drank for the 1st time in months. I had my usual tequila surprisingly not to excess, but I drank.

My body literally went crazy & became violently ill! Painful, violent, scary stuff. No joke friends. 

That is when I knew the battle had ended & this gal would have never ever have alcohol again. I love myself enough to have felt so bad for how I treated my body especially after all it allows for in the face of MS.  Why would I be so cruel to myself? Never again. Never.

The truth is that up until now I had no physical addiction to alcohol I had life routine tied to it. Routines that mattered in a huge way to my life:

  • Winding down
  • Taking a deep breath
  • Relaxing

I am certain my battle with alcohol is finally over because I have worked hard to learn how to: slow my role, have balance, breathe complete with a large "Bag of Tricks" filled with relaxation skills to support my higher purpose life.

If you live in harmony with your body & truly are conscious I have to ask is there really a place for alcohol in our lives? If so, why does a body react so violently to even a sip once clean living happens?

When your body is forcing it out like exorcist kind of stuff shouldn't that tell us something. Throwing up from anything is not good & booze tends to have our body do that in our lifetime. Veggies I do not remember ever doing that to me. Just keeping it real.

I am still healing from that false move of drinking this month.  This is not a good look for my body, but rest assured there is a reason I am a BOSS because when it is time to show up I do. ALWAYS!

Bye bye alcohol. It's been fun, but not really when I look back. Damn it.

Raising a few eyebrows am I? Or not. Who knows.

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Thank you for being here. Means the world.


My 35+ Years of Toxic Workouts


My 35+ Years of Toxic Workouts


By: V Capaldi Not going to lie I was raised in a family where going to work was how you got in a work-out. No one in my family ever once said, "I am going for a work-out or a run" in my entire childhood.

We had a beach house growing up that was 5 houses from the beach and my mom drove every day.

Working out was something I learned about thanks to Jane Fonda. Her video's exposed me to the power of a good sweat while satisfying my need to wear tights, spandex & a headband!

Aerobics was my movement drug of choice for me & the crew. Immediately after each class the 1st thing we all did was light a cigarette while sharing a nice cold can of coke. Imagine!

Never once questioning how much of an oxymoron this was. We worked out & truly believed we earned whatever we were doing.

Toxic workout.

Then MS decided to show up & Jane Fonda had to take a back seat. No longer was I hopping around while lifting body parts for the count of anything. Damn it.

For the next several years my workouts were consistent, however physical therapist defined. I literally would work out with my PT whose clients were professional athletes learning strength training, cardio & resistance work with Moses Malone, Andrew Tony, Darryl Strawberry and many more.

Healed myself enough so I put a full gym in my home. Right off my bedroom so I could use it everyday.  Which I did. In addition to walking track on average 5 days a week after dropping my kid off at school.  If it was cold outside, no problem I went to the mall before it opened (they do that on the east coast so you can walk).

After which I would go through my day eating sugar filled foods, making unhealthy choices because "I worked out."


Toxic workout.

When MS decided it was time to disable my body I took to the pool for several years until building up enough strengthen to land myself on my hero the yoga mat.

Religiously I have been a devout yogi identifying yoga as a life long hero in my wellness "Bag of Tricks."

As yoga increased my ability to heal, move and kick MS to the curb I decided to do things like: yoga everyday for 30 days, started adding a spin class before my yoga, hired someone to help me train for a 5K, increased my work out time to 3 hours/6 days a week and so on you can see the pattern.  All in the name of beating MS.

Each time my body screaming with IT band pain, neck issues, foot pain and the list goes on.

This is what is supposed to happen when you work out. Right?!?

I was doing this not to have a perfect figure, lose weight or anything that has to do with what the eye can see. I was showing this dedication to stop MS from taking over my body. I had to be diligent. Right?!?

It was not working. In fact it was making my road to healing harder. Much harder.


As luck would have it I learned about conscious eating and began to heal my body from MS using food. Also while dancing on a bar in 2014 (do not judge)  tore my meniscus.  Having MS surgery is not an option unless no other choice.

I began with a new PT who understood my concerns. His 1st few visits all he did was have me show him exactly what my work out's look like. Start to finish. He put me on a spin bike, yoga mat and walked outside, up & down stairs, watched me open drawers, cabinets, open & close doors which pretty much the whole time I was like okay this is insane. For hours he watched every move I made.

Yet by doing this almost instantly he offered simple and easy corrections.

1st order of business was he asked me to just STOP.  No yoga, spin, walks, Zumba, bike riding. No nothing.

He wanted to see what would happen if I were to allow my body to rest from intention workouts & to begin intentional workouts.

Becoming Aware of Toxic Workouts.

He asked me to consider healing by offering my body a movement conversation daily delivering what it tells you.  A work-out routine based on loving kindness of yourself.

What a freaking concept & one this BOSS at first was like, "Say what?" & "I will have what you are smoking!" 

A torn meniscus when you do not want surgery leaves you with no choice, but to listen. Hate that shit. Double damn it.

Within 3 months I realized all of my pains were gone. Yes I was still moving 6 days a week, but with focused purpose of loving my body.

Not trying to beat MS or to push myself as hard as possible. Instead daily listening to my body, life & person delivering what was needed to support the immediate journey ahead.

The sad truth is I was the norm before. Many if not most of us motivated for the wrong reasons to break a sweat.

An Exercise:

  • Imagine dancing every day or walking down the street for about 3 minutes with the only purpose to see what your body is saying. Mind & spirit.
  • Do this with the commitment to support the message.
  • Then define what will make the support happen.
  • What do you have & what do you need to support the desired outcome?
  • How long will it be approximately to complete the process while committing to it?

Then do it. Whatever it is.

For me it often requires time on the yoga mat, more dancing, self myo-fascial release work & walking.

By starting your day like this you are questioning the status quo daily with an openness to create a narrative.

A narrative that supports your person 100%.

By compartmentalizing wellness it becomes a thing. 


Realizing my daily needs guided by a commitment to higher purpose removed all toxic workouts from my life & body has never been better. I literally cannot say enough about how liberating this has been for me & a huge growth factor in my wellness journey.

I really believe this is the reason why I can drive so far now. I was self injuring before due to excessive working out. Now I honor what my person needs, open my "Bag of Tricks" pulling out what I need & the love party begins.

Not subscribed? Damn it.

Would love you to consider joining the PBL community as we raise the roof on life & living!  #upYOURvolume

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Tips to Embrace Change


Tips to Embrace Change


By: V Capaldi My kid and anyone who knows me will tell you I did not embrace change well for most of my life. Not only that I would lose my mind with even the slightest change to my day. Yes I would officially lose my shit when life happened.

No wonder MS (multiple sclerosis) was winning at every turn.  Not only was my diet & lifestyle a mess the "mentals" were way off.

Moving to California has been a huge lesson in riding the wave.

It is amazing how much slower life appears to this east coast girl & more fluid living on the left coast.  Having the outdoors call your name almost daily requires fluid living. I am sure folks in Colorado feel the same way with all the sunny days.

Long gone are the days of 9 to 5 which was a huge wave riding thought when I 1st arrived in Venice Beach.  I can remember thinking "does anybody work?" Everyday it seemed everybody was home.


The LA work narrative is different. Fluid and wave like.

Today I am sure if you asked my kid and others how I am now they would talk about my re-invention of self that has resulted in adapting to change in a healthy way.  An approach that creates space to up the volumeof live while allowing for it to unfold.

 How to Change Without Freaking Out:

  1. Remind yourself that evolution is real. We all need to evolve in order to grow. The end. A great book & tool to help this narrative is found here.
  2. Mentally, write it down & know your fears surrounding this change and your joys. Leather bound journals make this more fun too.
  3. Check in your "Bag of Tricks" for resources. What do you need, have & gotta get? Great blog about this right here.
  4. Know it is okay to be a little scared married with self belief. Here is my favorite tool to support my journey.
  5. Do nothing. Learn how to create a scared space and do not a damn thing. Nothing at all. Just chill. More here.

Since this gal is a BOSS I also need immediate self help strategies when I am feeling overwhelmed or consumed by change in real time.

  • Stop, close your eyes & breath.
  • Slowly in & out with concentrated effort for at least 3 times.
  • Slowly is the key word.
  • Take big breaths that start in your belly expanding up your spinal column, vertebra by vertebra, reversing on the exhale.
  • Add words like gratitude on the inhale while smiling on the exhale. This is always a crowd favorite.

Cultural changes are the hardest. I was raised with tradition being the foundation of who you are.

My conscious living lifestyle stood to create huge cultural change & it scared me.

Then I remembered step #1: Evolution.

I became the change. The change did not happen to me it is me.

Please give feedback, share this shit or not. I would love to know what speaks to you or not.

You get my drift.

Thanks for being here. Subscribe if you have not. Comes out every Wednesday!


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Top 5 Helpful Tips to Detox Your Life


Top 5 Helpful Tips to Detox Your Life


By: V Capaldi You had to see it coming!  The last 3 weeks the blog is all about detoxing. I will eventually get over it, but for right now I really hope you will stick with me on this topic of detox.

How the "F"  do you detox your life? 

For many of us a starting point is beyond comprehension and for others we believe we have no need for a life detox. No matter where you see yourself in this spectrum I can almost guarantee the list below will speak to all of us. One thing I have learned both personally and professionally is that many of us share the same internal dialogue that can lead to negative outcomes in life. Often all are a result of cultural norms and/or societal pressures that occur in our subconscious.

There is no question the following list will serve as a perfect reminder for all of us to live our best life toxic free. The greatest part is they have all been tested by the miracle known as PaleoBOSS Lady®.  #damnit


Top 5 Tips To Detox Your Life:

  1. Check Yourself:  Shit is not always about you.  When we find ourselves feeling insulted or offended when someone does not call us back or respond to a text right away, when we did not get the invite to something we thought we should and blah blah blah...we need to put our shit in check because that thinking means your current life lens thinks the entire world only revolves around you.  Hello! Life is not always focused on our needs when others make their choices. We have no idea where someone may be emotionally or what their needs may or may not be with each interaction.  We are all only responsible for ourselves and what we need and everyone gets to decide for themselves no matter what.  Trust me. Stop it.
  2. Give & Take:  One sided shit sucks. If you are acting that way stop it now. If someone in your life is create change to stop it now. The 'give a shit' ratio needs to be present on both sides. Not necessarily equal, but present for a truly non-toxic relationship. Many of us have a handful in our circle that do not meet this criteria and we question it. Next time you question it, cut it off. A toxic bye bye. The end.
  3. Know Your Motivation:  Stop the bullshit of "All I have done for them and they do nothing back." If you are doing shit because you want something in return than you are toxic. Do stuff because you want to. Come from a place of genuine desire and the returns come as a result of that energy.  The type of energy you put into the universe is what comes back. Many call it Karma. Engaging in conversation about our own internal motivations when you do things for others will stop this toxic thinking.  Be honest or you are wasting your time. Damn it.
  4. #1 Status:  You have to have #1 status in YOUR life. What a freaking concept to put yourself 1st. This idea was so hard for me to overcome and many battles fought in the therapy chair over this I can promise you. Yet once I finally got out of my own damn way the miracle of my life really started to unfold before my eyes. I became a better everything as a result and believe this is a huge 1st step. Remember we only have to answer to ourselvesand what our body, mind and spirit need to thrive in a morally conscious way.  F everyone else. Jump on this shit.Now.
  5. Gratitude:  Putting time aside each day to see life through a place of gratitude is key. This allows for so many toxins to leave life. I am personally blessed because since childhood for the most part I wake up happy every day. However in my adult life this is not always the case and often has required concontrated effort.   Today when I struggle to find a sense of gratitude I take it back to the breath with personal & invigorating often exaggerated breathing mantra's that support my detox life:

Suggested Mantra's of Gratitude:

With each breath in say the 1st word and on a forced exhale say the 2nd all in your minds eye;

Breathing in love and out hate...

  • Love/Hate
  • Nurture/Toxins
  • Comfort/Fear
  • Sun/Clouds
  • Nature/Chemicals
  • Joy/Sadness

*I may or may not have fun getting really loud & exaggerated on the exhale. Similar to how I did when I was in kindergarten and we sang songs. I would scream with joy. The end. #ohitgetswild


Now that you see the list one can quickly notice all of us might fall prey to this toxic list. #doubledamnit

It is almost impossible to incorporate any of these without a conscious effort. As someone who is very self motivated I can tell you that although each step is now automatic it starting by putting 3 minutes aside to do mantra's and growing from there. Even from the start this exercise can produce HUGE results, but you have to do it.

Once again the moral of the story is if you own your life great shit happens such as living a miracle life. This gal is living proof and the above are my TOP 5 Tips.

How about we all share my blog with every single person you have ever met?

Okay if that is too radical you can make sure to subscribe and not miss another weekly episode of nonsense, maybe post it somewhere as a nice gesture of love, support and BAMness at the same time.

Together I am hoping to raise the roof on life and living by questioning the status quo. Time to say "Bye bye Autopilot life & hello BAM!"

Hello miracles. #BAM

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