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Vendors I love & Coupon Codes - Part II


Vendors I love & Coupon Codes - Part II

I am blown away on the daily how many of my favorite vendors believe in the work that i do on tour. I could not drive one mile without them. This is the reality of the work I do.

Each vendor on tour offer something that is essential to my "Bag of Tricks" and the community I serve.

Often times people who reach out for a tour visit are living in community and not living alone. With this being said it is hard to be the only one conscious especially regarding food choices. Many of the vendors on tour help to change the narrative around food choices without alienating yourself and others.

These vendors also open the door for a healthy dialogue to begin when I am touring regarding ingredients and what we put into our bodies. I am humbled to have such an all star list of supporters and grateful beyond belief I get to share these with all of you.


I remember meeting Will like it was yesterday. I met him through my good friend, Dr. Terry Wahls. Since day one it has been a love affair for me. Today I am proud to say that I have officially met his staff and family and have no words to describe just what an amazing man Dr. Will Cole is.

I remember reading so much from Will via MindBodyGreen where he has been a huge contributor forever. So meeting Will was a huge BAM in my life. In 2016 Will helped me as part of my healthcare team and that was simply the icing on the cake. Will taught me what a true healthcare partner is about. He spent time with me and asked questions no one has ever cared to ask me before. My intake forms took me hours and I was not mad about it. Will saw me via Skype and was really looking at my entire body as a collective. which was new to me. Dr. Cole’s advise helped prepare me for the start of the “Taking it to the Streets Tour” and I have never looked back. His advice and recommendations took my healthcare lens to a higher level. Even today his blogs, interviews and book continue to inform my ‘Bag of Tricks.”

Today Will has recently released his new book Keto-tarian whose 1st press sold out almost instantly. It is a must have for every families medicine cabinet. Filled with information and recipes that will change the narrative easily in homes.

For any friends interested in a Functional Medicine approach to wellness I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Will Cole. He see’s patients via Skype all over the world. Just mention PaleoBOSS Lady sent you when you call and Dr. Cole will extend a huge savings to you! No words to describe how amazing this is for everyone. BAM times a billion.




I first met this team at Expo. West I am pretty sure. If not it was PaleoFX. Not going to lie I returned to the booth many times eating their entire line of samples. One I liked more than the other. This was a huge stumbling block for me regarding entering the Paleo movement. I wanted muffins for breakfast.

For the 1st - 6 months of me going Paleo I batch cooked muffins every Sunday and had muffins and bacon for breakfast. It was the only way I could have begun this journey. I like cake like things in the morning especially with my coffee. When I enter homes typically one member of the family is looking to eat clean. Muffin Revolution makes it easy to include the entire family in eating consciously delicious in the morning. We all know our highest sugar intake happens at breakfast for all of us. From kids to adults we start our day with more than the daily amount of refined sugar. It is the hardest meal to get kids to consider eating healthy.

Muffin Revolution is the solution to this hurdle in the conscious living world. They freeze for easy grab and go mornings. Every home on tour so far has gone crazy for this line: 24 Carrot Gold, Banana BAM BAM and Cha Cha Cha and many more.




I am not going to lie the entire line of Primal Kitchens products address a HUGE need in the conscious living space. Most condiments we give our kids and families are filled with sugars and gluten. Cooking with olive oil we know many times converts to a trans fat. Don’t even get me started on mayonnaise and ketchup.

Primal Kitchens has the answer to all of it. An entire line of avocado oil salad dressings, mayonnaise and stand alone. I love crisping up roasted veggies in avocado oil. My favorite oil when making fries or chips of any kind.

I do confess I have a problem with Primal Kitchens dressings. I can’t decide which is my favorite. Every time I think I have decided they come out with a new one. Hard to keep up with this company and happy every time they launch a new product. Wonderful to have them on tour.



Siete Family Foods:

I remember the 1st time I bought Siete. I had been searching for them at Whole Foods for quite some time and they were always sold out. I was in Florida touring and BAM they had them in stock and I ate the entire bag in one sitting. I could not believe how delicious they were and that somehow in my conscious life tortilla were back!

Fast forward and the following year at G2F2 and Siete shared they wanted to join the award winning “Taking it to the Streets Tour” and it has been amazing to share Siete with the homes I visit. Often families are shocked that such an amazing line of products exist that are Paleo. This year with the new additions to the product line Siete continues to raise the bar on what we think is possible in the clean food world. BRAVA Siete for changing the narrative for many of us. Taco’s everyday are BACK baby!



Jilz Gluten Free

I remember back in the early Instagram days my friend Shay would always post eating Jilz Gluten Free and I would be so jealous. I missed crackers and could not find Jilz anywhere. Until that 1st day and I literally cried with joy. The Mediterranean blew my mind it is so delicious. Lavender in a cracker made me happy and Jilz delivers. Later that year I met Jill and her wonderful mom (may she rest in peace) at PaleoFX and that sealed the deal. I feel in love with Jill as much as her crackers.

As luck would have it we both took the same flight out of Austin to LA and were able to get to know each other a little better which made my day. No words to express how much Jill has believed in my work and how much her crackers change the narrative around every holiday meal, BBQ, party and/or any type of gathering. No one ever guesses her crackers are anything, but delicious.

Bring back the crackers and never look back because Jilz are the only alternative that tastes great and everyone loves them. Grab some today and save! BAM.




When I met Ben and Stacey from Cappello’s I literally cried. I almost felt like I was being punked because not only did they have pasta, but they had cookies and pizza. My 3 favorites of all time. This was so unheard of in the Paleo world I was starting to tell myself zoodles would be an okay replacement for Sunday pasta. Thankful this lie never had to be realized.

Pizza was my hardest gluten item to give up. I lived for pizza at least 2-3 times a week. I could not imagine giving it up forever and now with Cappello’s I don’t have too. Having Cappello’s on tour has been a dream come true. Almost exclusively every home I enter has the same list of foods they cannot live without and Cappello’s has almost all of them covered with their amazing line of: pasta, pizza and cookies.

Having Cappello’s on tour has meant that all, but one cooking class in 2018 have been lasagna. Many of the classes I have witnessed someone crying tears of joy shocked this is gluten free, fresh, homemade pasta. Not hard noodles you need to boil. Just like Nona made. So delicious it is unbelievable. Isn’t it time you welcomed Cappello’s into your family!




This company gave in so many ways to the tour it is almost too emotional for me to even type this. I happen to have an introductions to the VP of Sales at Zevia, Robert, through a good friend of mine. We had coffee one Sunday and he was intrigued to hear about my tour. After that meeting we kept in touch and I discovered the Zevia Cream Soda.

Cream soda was my dad’s favorite. I started bringing it on tour with me when I was driving and channeling my dad. I know this may sound weird, but I take great comfort in feeling my dad’s presence with me when I am out on the road touring/driving alone. Every time I have a Zevia cream soda and/or hear LeRoy Brown on the radio I know my dad is with me watching over me.

When I was building out the van I needed more money than originally expected for the build out. I was off by a ton and really stressing out about how I was going to get the BAM van done and me back on the road serving. One day I get an email from Robert introducing me to his team and asking how they can help. Next thing I know Zevia wired funds for the van build out washing away great stress and worry getting me back on tour by April. NO WORDS. GRATEFUL.

When I think of Zevia I get all warm and fuzzy. My dad riding with me on tour and the BAM van would not have been completed so quickly without Zevia. Not only do I love their root beer and cream soda but we make the Turmeric Tonic in the cooking classes and everyone gives them a huge thumbs up. You can find Zevia everywhere. BAM.


Soda Page_Banner.jpg


Food sensitivity is a huge indicator of bio-hacking for gut health and optimization. I am a huge fan and wish I knew about Pinnertest sooner. For years I wanted to test my food sensitivity and quite honestly could not see how to afford it and then on top the need to pay someone to read it to me because it did not make any sense.

Then comes Pinnertest who not only delivers the simplest form ever to read, but also has an easy payment plan. BAM. BAM. BAM.

I never had to leave my house. It was the easiest test I have ever done and took like 5 minutes from start to finish. No words to describe how spectacular this is and informative information. I plan to redo my Pinnertest every year to see how my gut is healing and potentially creating the space for more foods. I am proud to be able to see how my gut continues to heal with Pinnertest by my side. Not going to lie I think this makes an excellent holiday gift to anyone who you think has food sensitivity. Knowledge is power and Pinnertest delivers on all fronts. BAM.




I was walking down the isle at PaleoFX and by a booth that was on the diagonal from the BAM van which was on the show floor for people to check out. The man behind the very crowded booth stopped me and introduced himself to me sharing he had read my website the night before and was impressed with my work. I was totally taken back by this and humbled beyond words. The man was the founder of Alitura Naturals and a great guy, Andy Hnilo.

Andy and I started talking and learned he too had a life threatening incident that lead him to a passion driven life. Now the founder of a Alitura Naturals: a skin care company built on quality and craftsmanship of products with extreme attention to detail. Andy shared with me his enthusiasm and the commitment he has about bringing the best, high quality skin care line for both men and women. That is one of the things I love about this line is that it is sought after by both men and women.

Andy hooked me up with some samples back in April and I have been a huge fan ever since. I get compliments on my skin almost daily. Many cannot believe my age and ask me what I do for such amazing skin. I do very little beyond washing and caring for my skin using Alitura Naturals. I call it the skin care with guts. No matter what product you use someone notices. From compliments on how pretty my skin is to how wonderful I smell my answer is always the same: Alitura Naturals.




I first met Pique Tea last December. I was fortunate enough to spend time talking to the founder Simon Cheng whose story blew me away. He personally found his way to tea during his own healing journey. Having walked away from the finance world looking for a more purpose driven calling Simone started studying medicinal breath-work. His studies brought him to monks where he learned a lot about medicinal breath-work, meditating and discovered the role tea plays in overall health & wellness. Simon learned and created a tea company in the spirit of those before him who treasure it’s healing properties and teas’ ability to support your best life.

Pique tea crystals are easy for me personally to drink. Simply grab and go are how I role with Pique Tea. So simple and yet Pique Tea’s line offers huge benefits to any wellness program with little to no effort. You can have Pique Tea hot or cold which I love best. I love my tea temperatures to change like the seasons and Pique makes it easy offering both versions of many of your favorites. I recently did a bone broth fast that was supported by Pique fasting ginger tea which I love. It really helped me keep my fluids up and my energy high. Noted a huge difference with my fast with Pique added into the fasting. So much that I don’t think I will ever fast without Pique Tea again. Isn’t it time you tried Pique? Their website filled with tons of amazing information and recipes that will blow you away friends. I love Pique Tea.




Meeting the team at NutriGold has been a life changing event for me personally and professionally. I first heard about them at ShiftCon which is an eco-conscious bloggers conference. I was attending a talk on supplements and quickly learned that I knew nothing about how to know if I was buying whole food based supplements or marketing based. Seemed every slide they showed of companies run by Mad Men were the ones in my stash.

Yes they all said whole foods on the package. I had no idea there is little to no regulation on supplements in the USA. Not surprised and was kind of mad at myself for not knowing this. I quickly got over that and decided it was time to up my game.

In walks NutriGold. This company inspires me from the owners down to every single employee. They have a corporate culture that jazzes my soul and a product line that is so transparent the number of 3rd party tests alone will blow your mind. I literally love reading the NutriGold labels because they are real food based. Ingredient lists that have food listed are what you get from NutriGold. Their products are certified free of almost everything you can imagine. It is simply mind blowing how many products on the market have synthetic vitamins and are loaded with sugar and gluten. Even what I was getting from my Naturopath had sugar. Everyday I am thankful for the NutriGold standard for keeping my body running like a well oiled machine. This discount code link makes all purchases cheaper here than Amazon friends. Don’t miss out.




It was Halloween 2015 when I was introduced to The Date Lady. I received a gift from a handful of vendors and the Date Lady syrup was in the gift basket. I almost died. BAM is all I can say.

Following me you know I am a sugar addict. I love me some sweet, but tend to overdue the honey and maple syrup on the daily. The glycemic index for dates is less than both and adds to my harms reduction approach to my addiction. The Date Lady syrup works well in all recipes when added as a sugar replacement. It is now included in all of my cooking classes and the crowds LOVE the taste of all the items we make using the Date Lady.

Can we talk dates? The Date Lady dates are like delicious caramels and melt in your mouth. I have never had such soft creamy dates in my life. I thought all dates were hard and chewy. Not anymore! I simply cannot believe I am eating a date when I have them from The Date Lady. Add this to any meal time and everyone will feel special. The Date Lady change the date game beyond words. You need to taste these candy’s from earth. Nothing added just pure goodness. Great for holiday baking friends. Start creating delicious healthy versions of your favorites with The Date Lady.

Don’t even get me started on the Chocolate and Caramel spreads. You all need to try these. They will simply blow your mind. BAM.



The tour would not be happening without the kind support of all of my vendors. Each and every one continue to help monthly with donations for gas, Gidget and so much more. Without their generosity this tour would not happen.

Many are small family owned businesses and I hope you will make the effort to add their products into your bag of tricks while supporting small business at the same time. Even the few vendors who have merged with larger companies still employee the original team members which for me is a huge win.

Personally my miracle life happens because of each of these companies. I am humbled to have their support. BAM for all of us.



Vendors I Love & Coupon Codes - Part I


Vendors I Love & Coupon Codes - Part I

I wake up with every day with joy in my heart and certain I am living my purpose of being by serving the community as part of the award winning “Taking it to the Streets Tour.” I fail to have words to describe how full my life is and how much I know this is why I was put on this energy space. My miracle life is free of possessions, consumerism, no longer dictated by societal and cultural norms while filled with community, empathy, acceptance and a tour that has no judgment of others as I continue to kick Multiple Sclerosis to the curb all day because of all of this. Consciousness of being created the space for all I have and I am grateful as fuck.

  • I am certain my work helps many by breaking down barriers to entry in living a conscious life.

  • I am certain my work has been a lifeline for several in the community I serve.

  • I am certain I am living my bliss.

No matter what I never walk alone. Each mile of the tour fueled by vendors and generous donations from the community which makes this a community-powered tour. I am merely the vessel delivering the work of an entire community.

All vendors on the tour have products that are essential to my miracle life and important tools in the famous “Bag of Tricks.” In this blog I would like to share with you the ‘why’ of each company’s role in my journey and how our love affair began.

I am proud to be an ambassador for every one of these companies & can't wait to share exactly how we feel in love.

Great news is many are offering DISCOUNT CODES for anyone interested in trying their stuff. Read on to find the codes and begin filling your ‘Bag of Tricks’ with these wellness tools. So much goodness in the blog post I am giddy. I have the greatest support team EVER!

Ready. Set. Go. TEAM


The BAM van sponsored by Elixinol.

Elixinol is the lead sponsor of the tour and the BAM van. I have no words for how much they bring to my wellness program and the work I do. This tour would not be a reality if not for their generous support. Elixinol is a hero in this journey and their products have people approaching me all over America sharing the PROFOUND effect CBD has had on their lives. I am humbled to be an ambassador for Elixinol and blessed to work side by side with this amazing team of indivdual's. Truly an honor. How we meet - A friend who has been in the natural food business for over 30 years and knows her stuff introduced me to Elixinol. While staying at her home she offered me the Elixinol x-pen and gave it to me to try. After 5 weeks of using Elixinol CBD I noticed large changes in my body and knew CBD was a great addition to my ‘Bag of Tricks.’  Neck nerve pain, sleep and anxiety are a few of the benefits of using CBD not to mention its role at the cellular level to maintain homeostasis which with my hyper MS immune system is way welcome. No side effects and so many different delivery systems make Elixinol CBD one of the best additions to my wellness program in many years. My good friends at Elixinol have a great website full of information to help educate each of us. If you can't find your answer from me or the Elixinol site no worries you can contact Elixinol's doctor for an answer...FREE. BAM. BAM. BAM.




Suja Juice:     

Big shout out to Suja for being one of the very first companies to join the tour back in 2016! I met Suja with The Food Babe at an event in Venice Beach and shared my love of their product and my tour. They agreed to join that night and have been HUGE supports since the very day. Without hesitation Suja’s products have been what the experience of having them on tour is like. They are dependable, accessible, transparent and game changers. The line includes kombucha, pressed juice, drinking vinegar and probiotic waters. Each one fills a huge need in my wellness program and most for gut health. Pressed juice helps when I am unable to get all my veggies in through food and you know my mitochondria need it always. You can imagine how beneficial this is for me when touring. I am so grateful for Suja products every time I have them which happens several times a week. I am also excited about how easy it is to change the narrative around sugary fruit juices for many families because kids LOVE Suja! Thank you Suja for being YOU!

Love Suja!

RX Bar

I loved my RX Bars melted after sitting on the BAM van dashboard for a few hours. They are the best slightly warm and melted. I have a strong addiction to the packaging, no BS marketing and any of their flavors that include chocolate. This line of bars hits me seasonally with pumpkin and gingerbread that jazz my soul. I love my RX bar as a meal or snack. RX bars are also sold all over America. Almost every gas station, 7-eleven and/or grocery stores everywhere have RX bars making them a huge tool in my bag that are very accessible. Being thankful for RX bars would be an understatement. My heart is full working with this amazing team. Everyone loves an RX bar and their kids line rules too! Did I mention nut butters too? BAM every time you open your eyes with RX Bar.




I remember the 1st time I had an Epic Bar it was at PaleoFX. I had no idea what to think about a bar that was lamb and mint. I tasted my first bite and immediately was shocked how much I liked it. This began my love affair with Epic. Over the last few years Epic has grown the line to be one of my all time favorites. They now have my beloved bone broth; which has joined every fast I have done to date offering flavors to satisfy every palate. In addition the pork rinds are to die for with the maple bacon bags I literally eat the entire thing. Zero self-control.  Their cooking fats are amaze balls too. When touring the snack strips are a major asset and often my go-to snack. I love how Epic has grown and you can find them at almost every grocery store and co-op in America making the readily accessible to everyone. I am 100% an Epic girl.



Further Food:

I remember it like it was yesterday I got an email from a Further Food stating they loved the work I was doing and interested in donating all the profits from ‘Giving Tuesday’ to the tour. I literally did not move for a few minutes and keep re-reading this email. What? How? It is true the fine ladies at Further Food made a very generous donation to the tour last year that meant the world to my mission. The product line and work of Further Food are so aligned with the message of PaleoBOSS Lady having them on tour and in my ‘Bag of Tricks’ a no-brainer. Collagen a huge part of my gut healing health and Turmeric keeping inflammation down are in my Top 10 tools. Humbled for their believe in the tour. Honored to have them on tour every day.




Paleo Treats:

A few years ago I attended my 1st Expo West, which is the largest natural food show in the world.  A few days after the start of Expo West my good friends at Paleo Treats released this video and I knew from this moment on I loved them more than most. Their treats have already rocked my world and the video sent me over the edge. I love a good rebel yell! Winners of the Federal Express small business award and owners of the internationally famous mascot Rocky, Paleo Treats never disappoints and having them on tour a huge BAM for me and everyone. Paleo Treats makes feeling deprived a thing of the past.  I am a HUGE fan of the Rocket Paleo Treat and may or may have had more than one in a day. Love me some Paleo Treat & the entire company culture. Can you say YUM.





PaleoFX a few years back and I had my 1st Nutpod. Instantly the love affair began and continues to this day. This company warms my heart daily. They pay for all of Gidgets food each month and have for years. It was their idea after Gidget and I were the 1st visitor at the Nutpods office. For those that don’t know I live for my morning cup of coffee. I literally have been known to rush to bed so I can wake up for my coffee. Nutpods is a huge part of why. Their products offer me so much variety each morning and have grown to be used in my kitchen to thicken soups and even are added to cookie batter. Nutpods always enhancing any recipe I add them too makes them versatile beyond belief. This versatile product is a huge game changer and win in my life. Thankful that every morning Nutpods starts my day with a BAM. Gidget and her mommy adore you Nutpods. Thank you Nutpods for changing the narrative around chemical sugar filled coffee creamers. Thank you Nutpods for believing in me since the day we meet. Love you so much.



Sauna Space:

When Multiple Sclerosis (MS) became debilitating it was due to my body overheating. I have struggled with body temperature regulation issues for over 30+ years. MS has plagued me with this so much that I moved from my home in the east coast to a better climate in Venice Beach, CA leaving everything I knew and loved to try and save myself from the effects of MS on my body. Even with of my healing I still have been dealing with this issue in the face of my miracle status. Last year I attended The Wahls Seminar and met the founder of Sauna Space who I shared I could not use sauna because my body does not do well with heat. He proceeded to educate me as only Brian can how he invented a single light panel just for people like me and believed it would help. I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. After only a short time using the single light ,3 times a day for 20 minutes, I noticed a dramatic change in my body temperature regulation issues. So much that I reached out to the Brian to share and he was thrilled! Today I live for my easy Sauna Space time and am proud to share it with everyone I meet on tour. This tool is a HUGE win for me in my ‘Bag of Tricks” and the only treatment for my body temperature regulation issue that caused my disability from MS. Thank you Sauna Space for being a real BAM in my life. I love you all so much.



Paleo Magazine:

I have been a fan of Paleo Magazine for years and have to admit each year I fall in love deeper and deeper. The content always informs my best life which is a huge BAM for me. From recipes to in-depth articles and their amazing podcast I am a fan times a million. Not only are the staff and writers at Paleo Magazine huge advocates for all things Paleo, Primal and Keto they are informed, knowledgeable and all about consciousness of living, which rocks my world. Honored and humbled to be named Paleo Ambassador for 2018. Paleo Magazine informs our Paleo life and challenges each of us to continue to up the volume on life and living. I am so in love and proud to share this magazine with all the homes I visit on tour.  I am also grateful to have had the support of Paleo Magazine since day one of touring. Paleo Magazine you rock my world and inspire me to continue to break down barriers and serve.




new logo.jpg

Disclaimer: I do not do affiliate relationships in the traditional sense which means I don’t make money off of the sale of products to you.  I am an ambassador for these companies and believe in each and every one. Each company supports my personal wellness program. In addition each vendor pays for one tank of gas a month and a car wash supporting the tour. Some vendors have chosen to have a bigger role especially during the BAM van build out. In addition vendors send product to homes I visit at their expense so folks can try what I love, which is a huge win for everyone. For larger products like Sauna Space I am given a generous discount code to share with others. This is my relationship with all the vendors I am sharing.