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Friday Friend & Pumpkin BBQ Sauce Recipe! Oh My!


Friday Friend & Pumpkin BBQ Sauce Recipe! Oh My!


By:  PaleoBOSS Lady®

"Believe that you can and you will." Buddha Teas

A few weeks ago I started a feature called Friday Friends and it has been so well received I am going to extend it to a blog post each week! Each week I will try and offer a new recipe or food idea while highlighting a few of my favorite Friday Friends.

Friday Friends are picked randomly by PBL and will be across all conscious living idea's.  Anything that will help us along our journey is free game as a Friday Friend.  The end.


This company and their website have taken tea to a whole new level.  Literally you can spend so much time getting lost in the wonderful land of tea devouring every written word on their site imagining how magnificent each tea must taste.  I am glad my 1st choice I allowed the folks at Buddha Tea to decide for me.  They asked me what my preferences were regarding tea and delivered a delicious tea that blew me away: Papaya Leaf Tea!

The Papaya Leaf is full of antioxidants and a great source of Vitamin C which is a huge bonus and it tastes delicious!


Beyond taste Buddha Tea hits the ball out of the park informing us of all the benefits of each tea. In addition they use only organic tea's, bleach free bags and each bag comes with a wonderful inspirational quote.  They offer so many teas there is no doubt one has your name on it.  I highly recommend you give Buddha Tea's a try and check them out.  I am pretty sure you will never look back at tea's commonly sold at most grocery stores.  My story. The End.

Pumpkin BBQ Sauce


This BBQ sauce is a home run of tasty goodness!

I literally have had this at least with one meal a day since last Sunday!  I was having dinner with my friend Hima, owner of TinStar Foods, and dry rubbed my ribs, but wanted a little kick so I whipped this recipe up and feel in love.

Enjoy and share your uses for this delicious sugar and gluten free BBQ sauce!  Happy BBQ'ing!



Throw all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat until blended. Adding water to desired consistency. I prefer my BBQ sauce thick and 1/3 cup of water seemed to work perfectly for this smiling fool. Experiment with what suites your palate and enjoy!


Smiling Fool is ME!

So you do not get your panties in a bunch this blog may contain affiliate links, which means that if you buy the products featured, I receive a small percentage of the sale price. This helps keep the lights on and supports my efforts as PBL. Thanks so much for your support always.  Namaste friends. 


Don't be Hating the Miracle of Me!


Don't be Hating the Miracle of Me!


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® Being your own miracle is hard ass work!  Let me tell you that I have been surprised at every turn and need to go to school for this shit!

1st I am all bent out of shape mourning the loss of the chaos knows as MS and now I was 'publicly stoned' via social media in a private MS group I went to for support!

Literally! #WTF

Many…um please let me correct myself …MOST….drum roll

that live with disease of any kind are not happy when they hear that I have healed using food & movement as medicine! #ohHELLno

Can you fucking imagine that?  You tell people the power to heal is in their hands, costs virtually nothing, will save you money and it is accessible to everyone and they get mad!

#ohitgetswild I tell you!



They hear, "You gave yourself ________ and continue with every bite so its your fault asshole!"

Which BTFucking way is exactly what big pharm, big business and even Uncle Subsidized Sam want you to hear! #itsworking

Rather what I am saying is, "Wow did you ever consider the cultural norms in your life and how this translates in your life?  #fuckingbrilliant

Ownership PEOPLE!

Life is about ownership and my healing is 100% based on accountability for MY LIFE!  Yup people I own 100% of my life and this shit is hard!

The minute I stop owning my shit my body be like "Yo biatch we ain't working if you be tweking!"  #partofmycharm

How about we all sit down and have a conversation or 2 with ourselves and ask some simple questions????

Who said breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Why do we eat pancakes at breakfast and not dinner?

Why do we go to learn in a classroom?  Why are we separated by grades?

Why do we eat food ridden with chemicals?

How did we get Gluten?

Who said healthcare is about symptom management only with little to no regard for the reason?

I am learning every step of the way and the community of conscious living is growing.  #YIPPEE

No matter how many people I piss off this #BOSS Lady will not stop until she no longer sees posts like this titled: BREAKFAST


and replaces them with this: ENERGY, FUEL, SELF-RESPECT:


If you like, hate or reacted in any way to what I just said I hope you will subscribe to my blog.  I also would be jazzed to shit if you would share this!  My life is my work and I could use a cheerleading squad!  Community matters to me and is the blood of my heart and soul!  My hope is to inspire, engage and empower you with every curse word!  Love the life you live and live the life you love! Why the fuck not???






By: PaleoBOSS Lady® I wish I had some euphoric thing to say in this post. I have thought about the words for months & planned every character and yet here I sit the day of the official launch of PaleoBOSS Lady™ staring at the reality of a blank page for the last 2 hours.

I cry everyday.

At some point every day I am brought to tears of joy by my own life reality.


PaleoBOSS Lady has almost fully recovered from secondary progressive MS!

I vowed in 2013 that if I was told everyday I inspired someone by using food as medicine this would direct my future.

My future was directed.

My life and how I live it is my future.

PaleoBOSS Lady™ mission is to help others to live a conscious life.

"The Path to Success is to Take Massive Determined Action." Tony Robbins


Join me for a street smart, real time account of what it’s like to question the status quo, love the life you live & be your own miracle!

Crying, PaleoBOSS Lady