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30 Day Challenges Suck


30 Day Challenges Suck

Here I am once again talking without caution about how I believe 30 day fitness challenges suck. A girl who goes by BOSS usually has no problem speaking her truth. Sorry not sorry

Yes it is true I have done them all! You name the 30 day challenge & I have done it. 

I have done 30 day challenges for yoga, squatting, running, rock hard abs & to make my butt beautiful all in my recent adult life. Quite honestly I have done more than I care to admit.

With each challenge beyond completing the challenge I gave no real thought to what I was actually doing & what would happen beyond finishing the challenge. Sure I was hoping for 6 pack abs, a perfect butt & to be able to be a pretzel in yoga which of course never happened.

What did happen:

  • I over worked my body pushing if often past a comfortable limit
  • I did not listen to the needs of my body once during each challenge
  • I was driven by a desire to change my body visually

In addition if those challenges took place where money was involved they were purely consumer driven marketing idea's having little to nothing to do with wellness.

Anytime workouts are based on number of days, amount of time or reps you are disrespecting your body.

You see challenges such as this never have space for thoughts like:

  • Not today I am tired
  • Wow my body is sore maybe I should slow down today
  • How about we change it up today to allow the rest of my body to have some loving

The only space allowed is to complete the challenge no matter what.

The problem with a 30 day challenge doing the same thing is just that. It is the same thing. Nobody needs the same movement session every day & I was famous for this way of thinking. Especially because I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I believed this was important because at least I knew what my body could handle. FALSE & I call bullshit on my self.

Yes folks this was autopilot movement. Movement based on things that fall outside of listening to my body. Just like challenges. In addition challenges done with cost involved are purely marketing machines driven by revenue streams which could not be further from wellness.

This does not mean that I do not work out almost every day because I do. My body loves them, moves better & looks forward to our daily sessions. However today's movement sessions quite often start with a dance party to help define what they will look like. This simple fun step allows me to multi-task by offering mental support while identifying the needs of my body based on how it moves when I am dancing like a fool.

Workouts customized to support the daily needs of my body are the most respectful way & turn off the autopilot thinking. Most of us tend to follow a routine similar to this:  I go to this class M-W-F, run on off days while walking this many miles 5 days a week blah blah blah.

Where is consciousness here? Sure you may be driven by self love, but are you addressing your bodies needs doing this? NO.

After dancing I customize a movement session based on my bodies physical needs. My physical inventory coupled with a clear understanding of the potential demands on my body for that day help me design a work out that satisfies the daily voice of the body I love & cherish.
Yes this may include going to a class, taking a long walk outside or maybe both. Yet I never know until dancing what the outcome will be unless I am clearly having an issue that dancing does not need to happen for me to take note.

A 30 day challenge offers exactly the opposite. It requires your body to show up, no matter what being forced to perform. Trust me I have done enough challenges to know it is a struggle to find space for body awareness in any of them. However easy to find pushing beyond your limits in all of them.

I will call bullshit if you are sitting there thinking, "Well V you have MS so your body is different." Almost every challenge I have done with folks who are of 'normal' health & watched most end up with IT band issues, extreme body soreness often causing trouble functioning, foot problems & the list continues. Yet somehow these outcomes considered a badge of honor. WTF.

I encourage you all to take a 30 Day Self Love Challenge!

  • Wake up every day with a commitment to have a conversation with your body both mentally & physically
  • Plan your movement sessions around your bodies expressed needs
  • Show loving kindness with each movement paying attention to how they feel & what outcome they deliver
  • Be nice to yourself every step of the way driven by self love & not superficial consumer driven ideals regarding visual perfection

So the next time you want to challenge yourself for 30 days how about you consider a self love challenge that includes movement in some form every day. You just may find yourself simply dancing in the streets which is not a bad look for anyone.

Oh hell yes I have done it again. Addressed a topic that I am sure many are like 'Say What Bitch?"

No need to stop your gym membership or forgo your yoga class. Instead make sure that is what your body needs that day turning off the autopilot which often defines our workouts.

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An Invitation to Join "Propville"


An Invitation to Join "Propville"


By: V Capaldi I am someone who for most of her adult life has probably averaged more than 3 days a week working out. My mental and physical body require it and I would say I am addicted. These workouts have evolved, but one thing has always remained: my love of props. Using props during a workout & life offers a richer, deeper experience in many ways.

For some reason the mental conversation most of have regarding props are centered around defeat or lack of ability. I find the opposite to be true and believe my growing ability to thrive in the face of MS due to my willingness to use props in my life both physically & mentally.


A great example of the joy of using a prop during my workout is triangle pose in yoga. This pose is a huge necessary in my "Bag of Tricks" due to gait issues resulting from MS. However 9 out of 10 times the best outcome my body receives from triangle pose happens when assisted into the pose with a block. This pose incorporates so many different yet important variables that using a block is the best way to gain the maximum benefit of the pose. The experience of this pose is night and day without a block for my body.

Sure I can touch the ground and offer a beautiful triangle pose on command with no block needed.  This however is not the goal just getting into the pose. The goal is to be one with the pose.

Allowing for the complete experience often will land most of us in my favorite place: "Propville"

I literally have a box full of fun props for movement & life.  Each day before my morning workout I lay the choices of the day on the floor next to my yoga mat. This way once I am on the mat whatever I need is accessible.


  • I am Wonderfully Made:  My yoga mat is a prop in itself. I do all workouts starting and ending on my mat. This is a prop that reminds me why I am doing this and to take time to allow the workout to be felt and appreciated.  A huge step #1 on "Propville"
  • Necks are Nice: Another great tool is something under my neck for whenever I lay down. Many times I am in yoga watching row after row of folks hyper-extending their neck when laying down. I have a few options  beyond rolling my towel.  Almost every class someone asks me about my props which leads me to believe there is a need. Neck rolls are nice.
  • Save the Knees: Hello folks stop acting like kneeling is not a challenge.  If you have knee pain please put something under them.Save the knees & the bees (I digress). I have a few tricks to share if you do not want to buy a support like I use.  I sometimes fold my yoga mat double or my towel to support my sore knees.  Both are accessible & super easy to incorporate offering maximum benefits.
  • Cork Block:  This thing is hard as hell and I am in love, love, love. OMG!  That is why I love it because there is no doubt when using it that I feel sturdy. Having MS many times balance is an issue. Using a block that feels like a dead weight I love. Plus it most often is made of sustainable and recyclable material which is an added BAM.
  • Wonder Wall: Imagine that! Using a wall for help during a work out. I actually have a workout wall in every room of my house. I know you are jealous. So often people come over and ask why certain walls have nothing on them (but marks from me being a badass) & when I tell them because they are my work out walls it definitely brings a pause.  Workout walls rule and are FREE.
  • Chairs Care: The greatest invention behind the wheel maybe? Okay another blog post and I digress. Damn it. Use the damn chair when you need it. I use it to put my feet up in meditation, balance when getting into certain yoga poses & to keep me stable when stretching. I need to be very careful due to a torn meniscus and support is my friend. Without the support of a chair my home care would be lacking effectiveness big time.
  • Band Babe: I freaking love my bands. I use them all the time to assist in stretching, assist with clam pose and so much more. For a few dollars you can really do amazing strengthen training, stretching and so much more.

The moral of the story is to engage in your own narrative regarding props in your workout & life.  Make sure your reasons are not based on cultural norms & societal pressures which I believe for most of us to be the case.

Look at a packed yoga class and when the instructor asks if you need props no one moves. Yet when class ends half the room now has props the teacher handed them because their experience would be better with them. Nothing else folks.

Don't be a workout douche and give your body what it needs.  Some loving support every once in a while to show it how much you care.

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We talk about consciousness across all things in an effort to up the volume of life and raise the roof on living. BAM!

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Saying Bye Bye Social Security Disability in 2016


Saying Bye Bye Social Security Disability in 2016


By: V Capaldi I am 100% grateful and do not know what I would do without social security disability income (SSDI). I literally have spent my entire everything trying to heal from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) following traditional healthcare until almost homeless or institutionalized and today have little more than SSDI to pay my living expenses. IRA, life insurance, jewelry are all gone with accounts empty.

Yet somehow I have a goal in 2016 to be one of the 1st if not the 1st person in American who has MS who goes off of SSDI.

Did you know the longest and youngest population in institutions in the United States have MS 2nd to psychological disorders?

Did you know that one of the largest populations disabled collecting SSDI in the US have MS?

Being a Wahls Warrior my next HUGE life goal is to become self sustaining once again for the 1st time in 15+ years so that I can turn off my SSDI payments.

This would be a true victory personally & for the community I serve. To let others know that if you stay on the path of conscious living through higher purpose you too can raise the roof on life and living!


In typical me fashion this does not look even humanly possible if your lens is filled with the narrative that comes from the autopilot of life. When you are a BOSS like me that is never the case.  I chose my narrative and work always toward higher purpose of life and living. This being said anything is possible, nothing happens by accident and I believe with all of my person this really can be true.

I am already a walking miracle!

This shit does not just happen folks. In any way shape or form.  My miracle life is work that has been the outcome of re-programming almost everything about my person, life and environment.  Yet the longer I stay on this path the more joy I have for life and living that produces the certainty that I can break down walls and barriers before me.

My volume is way up!


I thought it would be nice for me to share my TOP 5 Wellness Tools that aid in my miracle life:

  1.  Aromatherapy:  I have been a huge advocate since being diagnosed with MS and value this in my life daily.  I recommend we diffuse, use and appreciate the power of essential oils. Recommended starter kit: Diffuser, Essential Oil Blend, Tea Lights and you are ready to go.
  2. Angel Cards: Since 1996 these have been a huge part of my intention setting tools that have allowed my mindfulness journey to blossom.  I love Hay House and this product is a great tool in my Bag of Tricks.
  3. Yoga, Yoga, Yoga: I have been a huge fan and avid yogi since 2000. One book I have had and use to this day to aid my practice is by Eric Small. He shares the disease of MS and teaches yoga in a format all of us can approach MS or not.
  4. Meditation:  I do not care how you do it, but do it.  Conscious down time is a must for higher purpose outcomes.  All of the above tools help to create the scared space often needed to get our meditation game on. Download a group app and feel apart of community if that makes it work for you. Whatever it is do it and jump on quieting the mind.
  5. Ball Rolling: Self myofascial release is so critical to my mental and physical well-being it is ridiculous. I literally have a body that works better due to dedicated time ball rolling. I am a huge fan of both Yoga Tune Up and Rad Roller products using both daily in my wellness routine.

I hope all of you will use this time to end the year reflective of highs, lows, lessons, outcomes and whatever else floats your boat.  Also take time to project, dream and design what 2016 should hold for you. If you got it all right what would it look like this time next year?

Get some.

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The BAM of Life


The BAM of Life


By: V Capaldi One of the nice perks of MS is that you have a hard time with emotional control. An example is laughing when others hurt themselves and also not being able to keep a lid on the highs and lows of life.  A little more than 24 hours home from my trip to Ecuador and I am struggling to keep a lid on the exhaustion mixed with the joy of all this trip afforded my person and the brand of PaleoBOSS Lady®.


Natural Habitats are the group that organized and invited me to Ecuador. They are the only organic, sustainable farming company producing red palm oil in Ecuador.  With the knowledge many of us have regarding the production of red palm in other countries being a devastating reality Natural Habitats wanted to make sure others knew they offer completely the opposite outcome and how they do it.

During my trip we were taken to very remote farms to 1st hand witness how community, heart and pride can build a company that not only supports culture, fair trade and the human collective, but does it with grace and elegance offering a product that truly lives up to the food is medicine standard.  I so look forward to sharing my trip and what I learned over the next few weeks and hope you will engage in my 3 part series.

For now a few pictures that really capture the BAM of my journey:

IMG_7491IMG_7587When the reality of my being offered this once in a lifetime opportunity hit I am not going to lie the question of "why me?" kept playing over and over again in my head? How did I get here? Of all the people in the world why did they ask me?  Yup that was my internal dialogue sad, but true.

Now I am proud to say I know the answer!

I did not just get here. This is not a random gift that fell from the sky. This is an earned right and I clearly see my role in this amazing journey.  Natural Habitats collected the most well rounded group of individuals that they believed not only could share about red palm, but could also offer insight into how to create products to support the communities represented. Natural Habitats was as interested in what each of us did as we were in their work.  It was a collective community that spent days sharing, comparing and building community around conscious living.

Not only in food practices, but business and community. 

IMG_7599Seldom in life do you end up in a situation with complete strangers where the bond is instant. This is exactly what happened in Ecuador.  A group of individuals came together and left knowing without question each of us are raising the bar on conscious awareness regarding the autopilot of life and as a collective it is a movement that is real and happening in a big way.

The volume is pumped way up and conscious living is here to stay and growing in a big way!

Raising the roof on life and living is not the easiest for most of us.  Each of us find ourselves often trapped in the autopilot of life or feeling as if we are alone in our thinking.  Self expression and living our dream reality for many of us is a private matter. The sad truth about  this is that reaching higher purpose becomes an almost impossible outcome when this is how we are rolling.

I say F that to impossible and Hell Yes to possible!

We are in the final days to sign up for the Up Your Volume Webinar series with PBL!  This series is poised to help you do just that raise the roof on life and living.  For the next 6 weeks we will embark on a journey that will be engaging, fun and offer so many tools of empowerment your personal "Bag of Tricks" will be overflowing.

Click the link below and commit to ending 2015 with the roof raised on life & living!

Raise the roof on life & living,




Friday Friend & Slow Cooking Artichokes


Friday Friend & Slow Cooking Artichokes


By: V Capaldi Last week I missed the Friday Friend feature because I was in Iowa at the Dr. Terry Wahls Symposium and I apologize.  Tried for a Sunday make-up day, but that did not happen either.  Such a test of 'riding the wave' for this Type "A" gal.

I am uber excited to talk about this weeks Friday Friend for 2 reasons.  The 1st is because I love being a Roll Model and sharing the power of Yoga Tune Up (YTU) Therapy Balls!  The YTU balls are one of the most important tools in my wellness "Bag of Tricks" and support my program no matter where or when I need them. I have been an avid Roll Model for over 5 years and my body and person are grateful.

Just as I stalked Dr. Wahls about my amazing healing journey following The Wahls Protocol I stalked Jill Miller the founder of YTU to share with her my healing story of movement using the YTU balls.  The power of self myo-fascial release to help me to "work better in my body" are beyond description and should be experienced by each of you 1st hand!


Self Massage w/ Jill Miller

I encourage you all to click hereand invest the $15 for a set of YTU balls and get rolling. Literally at the symposium I gave a talk and so many of you were singing the praises of how well your body felt in just that short time. 

Another way to get to know the power of the balls is to invest in a copy of The Roll Modelby Jill Miller.  I am proud to be featured  sharing my story of healing using YTU.  This book has photographs that take the guess work out of the poses and I find it to be the  perfect compliment and very helpful as a YTU fan.   A bible on wellness actually!


Slow Cooker Lemon Infused Artichokes

Can I just tell you this rules and is delicious beyond words!

What a nice transitional dish from our grilled summer foods to the slow cooking of the fall and winter season.  I have been making artichokes non stop these last few weeks and each time reminded of my family and Italian culture.

Growing up my maternal grandmother made killer Italian stuffed artichoke that inspired the recipe in my Paleo PerfectHolidays e-cookbook.  Enjoy this new version of one of my cultural family favorites!


3 Artichokes trimmed and prepped (snip off pointy ends using scissors trimming tops and bottom)

1 Lemon

1 Bay leaf

1/4 cup Kasandrino's EVO

Pink Himalayan sea salt

Fresh ground black pepper

1 cup of bone broth or filtered water

Tin Star ghee or Brown Butter melted

Slow Cooker or stove top for 25 minutes covered


Place trimmed and cleaned artichoke in Crock pot with 1/4 inch fluid on bottom. Add bay leaf, squeeze lemon, S&P drizzling with EVO cooking slow for 4 hours. Serve with melted Ghee of your choice. Enjoy!


Changing the World w/ Dr. Terry Wahls


Changing the World w/ Dr. Terry Wahls


By: V Capaldi Barely back in one piece and still on an emotional high that will take me at least a month to recover from.  The 2nd Annual Dr. Terry Wahls in-person Symposium just ended and I am speechless.  Simply finding it hard to socialize, idealize and realize all that happened in the last 6 days.  My body has demanded so much attention since I am home my post may seem jumbled and all over the place since my person has had little time to process. #damnit

The 1st thing I want to say that was the most amazing outcome was to have the entire Wahls Family present for the symposium!  Mind blowing they all participated in a BIG ASS way and how much this elevated the bonds, learning and experience of the Wahls Warrior community and how deep it goes.

A huge highlight was to officially meet Zach Wahls.  He has been a hero of mine long before I realized his mother was Dr. Wahls.  Zach opened and MC'd with the level of professionalism, heart and soul the WORLD has grown to love. His  presence is warm, welcome and commanding just like his mothers.  Zach added a huge element to the entire event that was magical.

Zebby whose art is beyond words in my limited vocabulary. She is a young lady who portrays a large dose of self expression, is complex, captivating and beautiful.  In addition Zebby held a key role facilitating testimonials of those like me who have been given the gift of hope and healing from The Wahls Protocol.



Last, but not least Dr Wahls wife, Jackie shared with much vulnerability her life as a partner of Dr. Wahls and MS.  The bond that was witnessed by each person in the room between these two was deeper than anything I have ever felt or experienced and I am sure I do not stand alone in this feeling.  At one point Jackie shared, to a tear filled room, how she fell in love with Terry's "eye's and heart and that MS did not change that."  Amazing, amazing, amazing.

We were also gifted with another panel discussion that included couples dealing with both life threatening sickness and disease.  Both of these couples gave us full access to their personal lives and how they manifested their healing outcome.  Tears of sorrow, joy and determination where shared by everyone and after all of this I knew each of us had forever changed and become one.

When you live with disease being vulnerable in community is

never really experienced and these events brought me personally to a place of emotion

that lifted my soul to a higher level. 

This years event was about twice the size of last and if offered triple the punch.  A day longer and larger community brought lots of energy and was felt by everyone.  As of today all indications show this outcome to almost be universal with about 1/3 already signed up for next year. 

To be disabled, alone and often isolated in my struggles there is great strength in knowing that I will once again see my FAMILY in wellness and knowing when.  The Dr. Wahls Symposiums are a life line and intergral part of my wellness plan and this year solidified this reality. 

I recommend you all start now saving and plan to attend next year. 

This is a must for the warrior in all of us!

11903854_1078078138891287_2822465731031819778_n Big Announcement!

Dr. Terry Wahls and PaleoBOSS Lady

are proud to share they have developed

The Wahls Protocol Coaching & Practitioner Certification!

For the better part of the summer I have had the honor of working side by side with Dr. Wahls to develop these 2 programs and am thrilled to announce this huge achievement for both of us! 

The official announcement has not happened, but I wanted to give you all a heads up since a soft announcement was made at the conference and on various social media outlets last week. 

If you are interested in information please email me at  We are sending email blasts out soon and would love to include you! So far we have close to 100 interested from as far as: Trinidad, South Africa, Greece, The United Kingdom, Canada and more.  Join the movement!

For more information about Dr. Wahls and her work go here:


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One Small Step for me...  One Giant Leap for my Family!


One Small Step for me... One Giant Leap for my Family!


  By LL

As I sit here on the eve of my first food challenge of my PBL career... I'm not gonna lie. I'm uncomfortable!

In fact, I keep asking myself why I'm doing this?! Why am I choosing to take a risk, step out of my comfort zone in front of an audience, and drag my family along with me for the ride?

Because it's time! Because I want my family to be healthy ... ALL of us! And I want us to be more conscious about the choices we are making.

V and I have been chatting a bit about what I will take on as my first step towards conscious eating. This one has been tough for me. I was a vegetarian for a while after college. In the past years, I have been deeply impacted by Michael Pollan's: The Omnivore's Dilemma. I've also become a big fan of food writer Mark Bittman and share his concerns not only about the health impacts of our modern diet, but the ecological impacts as well. I have been trying to cut back on the amount of meat in our diet for the past few years and add more vegetarian options to the table. I'm a big grain eater. I love quinoa!! I love oats! I love bulghur & farro. So trying a Paleo lifestyle is going to be a big adjustment on many levels for me. I'm drawn to the focus on sustainability, conscious farming & slaughtering practices, organics... so I know the Paleo consciousness is very in tune with my own. It's just a big leap!!

So how do I pick my first step?

I decided that I should look at everything we eat in a week, and also... what we DON'T eat. What languishes in our refrigerator until it gets tossed or thrown in my neighbor's compost pile? What real-time food decisions are we making on a daily basis? Let's question the status quo a bit in our kitchen...

I was pretty disappointed when I got to the end of the week. Farm stand veggies wilted in the face of another busy evening with everyone running in different directions. Sandwiches purchased on the fly, or take-out for dinner were chosen in multiple instances instead of taking the time to cook something fresh and healthy from our fridge. The biggest problem in MY house right now? Processed foods and pre-prepared meals. The evil twin attached to that... SUGAR!

Holy cow! There are cereals packed with sugar (and these are supposed to be the healthier options!). There are snack bars and pre-blended yogurt smoothies. There is soda in my house!! When did we start drinking soda again?!

Ok... there's a lot to clean up here!

cupboard clean out


Step One: dump the packaged crap and start cooking real meals instead of grabbing things on the fly. (Does that count as #onesmallstep?!  It sure feels HUGE to me!)


sometimes love hurts...


No more bowls of cereal or yogurt drinks instead of a good breakfast. No more pre-fab dinners or lunches. I'm cooking up some of those veggies and organic, grass fed meats!

I'm not ready to knock the grains yet. That's going to have to come later. But I am ready to do a refined sugar clear out in the pantry! I've enlisted the troops... and they are on board. I think cereal will be my husband's biggest hurdle. For my son... soda & ice cream? Not sure. We'll have to see. For me? All of it?! I'll report back and let you know.

To kick us off, my son & I just listened to Nom Nom Paleo's recent podcast about Paleo desserts. It was a great lead in to our month of clearing out the refined, processed, sugary crack in our pantry.  They make great points about the fact that somehow dessert has found a place at every meal... every day!  Sweets used to be a treat for special occasions or Sunday dinners.  How have we gotten so off course?! My son loved the idea that, after our August purge, we only add dessert or Paleo treats back into our diet on "S days," like they mention in the podcast. (I'm hoping we only add them back on holidays & birthdays... but I'm not ready to let him in on that part yet!)  I've done a ton of reading over the past week on Clean Eating & Paleo, and focused in on the debate over Paleo sweeteners.   I already caught an earful from one of my neighbors on the topic.  I can tell this is going to be an interesting ride!

I'll save that for my next post!! Right now, I have a lot of junk to purge from my cabinet, and a week's worth of meals to plan & prep!

Wish me luck!


5 Steps to Fight Winter Blues!


5 Steps to Fight Winter Blues!


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® #PBL It is that time of year where many finds themselves down in the dumps struggling with winter depression.  I have lived with family members that struggle merely due to the cycles of the sun and the moon every year no matter what.  Depression is real and affects more of us than not. Sadly our hurried lives create an almost perfect storm all the time for depression to foster existence. #damnit

I was reminded of a blog post I wrote after obtaining my Masters degree:

"For the last 15 days I have becoming more and more depressed. This coming from someone who in 51 years only has identified with depression once and that was when my life became disabled and my partner walked out!

Last week when visiting with my therapist I cried from the moment I walked in the room. I have been feeling overwhelmed and on an emotional roller coaster. Asking myself over and over again, "What are you doing with the 30+ hours weekly you have free now? Basically having the "What am I going to do with my life now that I graduated conversation!"

Saturday while spending the day with my daughter I literally told her at least 10 times I was struggling emotionally. This type of conversation never happens with this mom/PaleoBOSS Lady because I am a rock damn it! Not this day…" #PBL

A little more than 3 weeks left of a winter everyone!  Except for those of us in California the winter  has had most of the country in below zero temperatures.   I am sure physical and mental wellness are being tested for many and this blog is an effort to help.

5 Steps to Fight Winter Blues:

1.  Community!  Do not kill the messenger and if there is one thing you will learn is that community is the foundation for everything good in life.  Without it you cannot and will not manifest your reality. Sorry but this is the truth!  Identify a community and make it part of your life.  If you are a dog person find a dog community, play cards find a card club, love to walk find a walking group and so on…Just pick one and JUMP IN!

2.  Get moving!  YUP! Move your body with focused intention in some way everyday! Listen I know we are all busy I also know we are talking optimal living here and if you are not moving you are not living. Movement can be as simple as saying good bye to elevators, parking further from an entrance, walking around the block after lunch/dinner. Whatever it is identify it, commit and move your body!

Dancing always is a great idea and nothing better than this to get things started!


3.  Meditate.  Studies have shown time and again that meditation offers only goodness, costs nothing and is a universal healthcare tool.  Yet almost all of us discount its power which for me speaks to the power of big business. Hence I am drawn to this practice even more!

Everyone can find a meditation practice that works to support a healthy outcome. Meditation is not limited to sitting cross legged and not moving.  Allow yourself to explore all different types and forms  of practice until you find the one that fits into your "Bag of Tricks."

4.  Journaling.  The traditional rules of journaling do not apply to the life of a BOSS Lady with limited hand use.  I use an app called TimeHop which serves as journal for me.  TimeHop sends me a daily email of all social media posts I have made for like 5 years.  Literally this is therapy for me and my idea of journaling…today.

Journals are an evolution and have changed each year, but always serving as a record of where I was mentally & physically at that moment.  You can write them, draw, paint, type grow what ever works for you is a journal you just have to be able to recall the moment when needed.

5.  Eating & sleeping matters.  When you are down food becomes a drug and sleep can be either too much or too little.  PAY attention and commit to eating clean and optimal sleeping hours!

The internet and social media offer so many tools to empower all of us regarding both of these topics & can reflect each of personal needs if we look.  I like to eat Paleo and my sleeping patterns follow the cycles of the sun. Whatever it is identity your relationships with both and make it a focus of your daily life to eat clean and get some rest!


One of the healthiest things you can do is drink bone broth daily. I call it liquid gold!

Check out my recipes for Bone Broth that my friends at Breaking Muscle helped me to share:

To create change one has to pick a starting point. Riding the wave of life is the optimal reality however not sustainable.  Our bodies are powerful creatures and we often need to help them to live optimally.  As you know I believe in slow and steady wins all life changes so maybe pick one and start there.  Just start! #doubledamnit

If you got this far than you need to subscribe to my blog.  The end.

Thank you and I so appreciate your support.  It is the ground on which I stand!


Wahls Protocol Plus: A 4 Week YUM Fest in Pics!


Wahls Protocol Plus: A 4 Week YUM Fest in Pics!


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® As many of you know I have been a walking miracle since embarking on The Wahls Protocol over 1100+ days ago.  Prior to that my life was on a downward spiral with my health failing at rapid pace resulting in limited to almost no use of my hands & lack of ability to swallow.  #damnit

When I discovered Dr. Wahls her protocol was not as accessibly defined as it is today. I began my journey after watching a Ted Talk & a few DVD's I purchased from Dr. Wahls.  I had no interaction & no idea what I was doing.


Starting January 2015 I began my 1st conscious attempt at The Wahls Protocol Plus (WPP) & ketosis!  Can I just say that I am loving the 2 meals a day!  In addition I am not feeling hungry, sleeping through the night and my overall meal plans have been delicious, easy, seasonal & damn good!

The hard part for me to date has been the fasting of 12 hours. I find myself an hour short each day yet it has not altered my level of ketosis. It took just 7 days for my strip to show ketosis which is spot on what the average is for most.  I have been able to maintain this except for one night at dinner party where I could not be so sure beyond gluten how clean my food was.

I chose to begin a #90DayManifestingMEChallenge to begin January 1st in conjunction with my WPP.  There are many reasons this decision was made and I am happy to share them with you:

1.  Being a miracle is hard work.

2.  30 days a habit - 60 days you freaking got this - 90 days forget about it!  Since I am PaleoBOSS Lady® we gotta forget about it! (Italian South Philly slang here)

3.  It's time to be quiet.  Manifesting YOUR Life requires you being with you. #ohitgetswild

4.  Being a miracle is hard work.

5.   Fighting for the right to overcome disability to once again lead a self sustaining life requires huge commitment & effort.

As part of the #90DayManifestingMEChallenge I meditate everyday, have at least 2 hours of movement a day, attend 3 yoga classes a week, live by candlelight after sundown, rise & set with the moon, fast 12 hours daily, live in noble silence unless work, teaching or yoga related efforts.   Minimum contact with others and total self immersion!  #BAM

Many of you are probably like "Well good for you sister!" That is never going to happen in my world!  I got kids, family, people in my life!  #damnit

This is MY manifesting me challenge!  I encourage you to create yours!  #whyNOT

Maybe it is taking a moment out of your day to just be, or lighting a candle each night before bed, diffusing oils at your desk, knitting a little each day, painting, walking, dancing…name it!  Only thing to remember is that it has to be from within.  Taking a class or going out with friends does not serve to manifest in this way.  Internal work is needed to manifest which results in shhhhh or in other words #shutthefup


Enjoy the PaleoBOSS Lady videos of 4 weeks of Wahls Protocol Plus YUM Fest!  I hope they inspire you to realize that conscious eating does not mean boring or not pretty. In addition PLEASE remember that this girl still has to watch how much she uses her hands meaning no remarks like this stuff is hard. #damnit

Wahls Protocol Plus 1 Day of Yum

Wahls Protocol Plus Yum FEST Week 1

Wahls Protocol Plus Yum FEST Week 2

Wahls Protocol Plus Yum FEST Week 3

Wahls Protocol Plus Yum FEST Week 4

I would be honored if your would subscribe to my blog!  This journey is a real time account of what it is like to question the status quo and manifest a miracle life!

The greatest part about being PaleoBOSS Lady is that this journey is accessible to everyone!  The idea's and principles that fill my "Bag of Tricks" truly are available to anyone who!

I promise to keep it real cursing the whole time.  Part of my charm! Namaste and Thank YOU!




How To Meditate in 5 Easy Steps


How To Meditate in 5 Easy Steps


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® The first time I made a conscious effort to start meditating was 1996. I just suffered a severe Multiple Sclerosis attack and was desperate to find calm within the storm. I bought tapes, books and magazines and devoured as much information as I can find.

At the time I was living in Delaware and access to holistic intentions like this were often difficult to access community. So off I went to the Golden Door in Escondido, California. During my time at the Golden Door active daily participation in medication classes happened coupled with much internal 'work'.  The beauty of this was each day students were offered various forms of meditation.  By the end of my week stay I had several variations in my "Bag of Tricks!"



The key to success for me was to continue the practice and identifying how to best accomplish this.  It's funny because only recently has my mindset regarding meditation changed.  A conscious effort to meditate is not a meditation practice.

A practice of meditation comes without effort and is commonplace in your life.

Today, PaleoBOSS Lady® meditates using several variations all based on the day, the moment and the intention. The greatest thing about meditation is learning and accepting the myth of sitting down in a cross-legged position and chanting is bull shit.

Meditation can be done however you define and that is the most empowering message of all!

How to Meditate in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Spend time figuring out how to be most comfortable enabling you to eventually achieve the goal of quieting your mind. Quite honestly this can be any way you want! Sitting, standing, lying, legs up, legs down, cross-legged even walking is acceptable regarding meditation.


For me personally this position evolves and changes. Living in constant conversation with your body allows for this with ease. You may identify several positions that work for you based on these conversations. The key is to listen for the answer.

2. Find the space that works for manifesting a quiet mind during a practice. Consider the space sacred for at least the time the meditation is happening. Your sacred space can be different and evolving just as you practice is.  However, setting an intention within the space is a critical element that remains regardless.

I often find once I locate the space certain elements within the space are essential to the mindset to have the space feel sacred. Lightening candles, diffusing essential oils,  listening to music or sounds playing in the background  & even being out doors works.  Many times I find myself yearning for the sound of air & the feel of sun, wind or rain on me as the sacred space.

Incorporating elements to enrich the experience should also be part of the conversation when creating your sacred space.  Be comfortable asking yourself what makes your space comforting to you!  No body, but you and for that moment!

3. Download an app with a meditation timer! I love this and it makes it easy because many of them offer wonderful meditative sound effects to start and end your practice. I personally use Insight Timer and love how it shares how many other people worldwide are meditating with you! The power community once again speaks with this little feature in the app!

In lieu of downloading an app, I recommend getting a timer and/or a bell to be used to start and stop your practice. Little gongs and triangles are often used once again personal preference is essential.

4. Start slow without expectation beyond commitment! I recommend starting with a five-minute commitment for at least three days a week. It is recommended that you not be fully awake when engaging in your practice. Typically I've consumed about half a cup coffee before meditating. Define what this means for you and for many the state of mind needed to accomplish a successful practice happens before going to bed. No rules here just breath and quiet your thoughts.  If your mind is busy no pressure.  Just remind it that it is quiet time!


Gradually and at a sustained pace increase your time. There are no rules beyond honest conversation that continues on a path of self growth that often feels uncomfortable coupled with real commitment to quiet the mind!

This should be a lifestyle change and not a short-term resolution. Therefore there is no race to the finish and often slow and steady is the best way to roll.

5. Change your mindset or fake it till you make it regarding meditation. A conscious life requires balance and with balance comes daily large doses of self-care. To include dedicated time to a meditation practice should never be an issue when you are living a conscious life.

I know you're all thinking sounds great in theory, but there's this thing called life!

I honestly have to tell you that the first step of a conscious life is realizing what's important for you to manifest your life. Some of you may not believe meditation is important or needed. I am not going to argue this point.

The only way to find out is to allow for 30 to 60 days of some form of commitment to a practice and see. Science, personal experience and history have shown that meditation increases quality of life for those practicing. What you have to lose?



If anything I said offended you than you MUST subscribe to my blog! Kidding.

I hope something engaged you however that manifested.  Offensive is not what I am going for, but I will take it because it means you were engaged.

Consider subscribing to this great blog by this gal who considers herself a walking miracle!  Overcoming secondary progressive MS is not easy and it is the community of YOU that encourages my journey.

Long story short…is just subscribe and lets manifest life together!  Kicking ass the whole time!


Vision Board to Reality in 5 Easy Steps!


Vision Board to Reality in 5 Easy Steps!


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® As many of you know doing a vision board each year is one of my most thought about, important and sacred acts of the year!

A vision board provides the roadmap toward manifestation of life for this BOSS Lady!   I still have vision boards from a few years back that if laid out would paint a picture of my path.  A path that has intention, direction and a willingness to see options in growth.

Overcoming a disease that has shown to offer the opposite reality for others is no small feat! In fact it is a daily committed challenge to keep such a disease at bay.   This does not just happen!   I often say to others, " don't let my good looks fool you!"

Making this look easy and never letting you see me sweat are mantras that living by often offers confusion on the part of  others.  

This is hard ass work and not for the faint at heart!

It all starts with the board!  Spending time creating a vision board is an easy, inexpensive way to begin manifesting your dreams toward reality.  Top 5 steps to making a Board to Reality RoadMap!

1.  Have a chat with your self!  Call yourself up and say, "Hello life what do I want? Where do I want to be? What kind of person do I want to be?  How do I want to spend my time?  With who do I want to the spend my time? "    Began asking yourself questions and answering.

Vision board should offer a 12 month focus. When creating the board is recommended that the steps somehow be shared within the board.  An example could be regarding fitness: you might start with committing one hour a week for the first month and then reevaluate, but the overall focus is fitness will be a focused effort from this point forward.  On the board this could be shown with picture of sneakers and also a yoga class. A progressive experience artistically portrayed is the desired outcome.


2.    Party Planner or Party Pooper?   Finding out how  you would like to represent this year is a logical next step.   The great thing about vision boarding is that it creates a fun party as well as a terrific solo experience! Each year my desire changes regarding my vision board celebration . Most often this is a reflection of the direction I'm heading.

Many years the desired outcomes create a more  internal or external focus. This can help to influence how I choose to create  my board.  Starting with a group can be viewed however it fits best: as a great to kick off to an externally focused year or to celebrate becoming internal in 2015!

The beauty of  Vision Boarding is the outcome is what you desire!  Asking yourself the question needs to happen because energy leads the process of good intention. 

3.   The space! The location for creating and the process that will happen needs to be thought out and planned! I personally like to have options remaining flexible for most aspects except for the date.

The week between Christmas and January 2 is the time my vision board is made each year! #howiroll

Think of the space as an altar to your life purpose and dreams. Such a sacred reality deserves strong consideration. I prefer in my home with the ritual of movement through music before, during and after. Followed by a food celebration similar to an Italian holiday! Culturally a meal solidifies thoughts and actions!


In the past few years, I've begun adding an ocean/beach experience to the process of boarding. #healingenergy

Some time around the making of the board I hit the sand to allow for deep breaths of salt air and the memories that are filled with this life energy! Doing this allows for awareness of the sacred spaces internally ingrained in my person and myself that are my grounding forces.

4.   Get organized!   Don't be scared this is actually quite simple and can be done borrowing from others, hitting the dollar store as well as sifting through your house and seeing what you have!   This PaleoBOSS Lady®  didn't have use of her hands for many years creating traditional vision boarding and impossible reality. Cutting, pasting and collaging require so much in the use of hands there was no way this would ever be my reality. I began to create boards however I wanted and the experience became even more affirming!

Considering your board as an artistic expression of outcomes gives you the freedom to create the board how ever you want!   The sky is the limit and there are no rules other than a concentrated effort needed to produce any outcome! #ohitgetswild

5.  Enjoy yourself!   Allow yourself to bask in the glory of your life! Map out a clear path that's focused toward dreams becoming realized!  Prepare your altar and sacred space with the energy needed to inspire dreams mapped out consciously by you!

Light a candle, have a glass of wine, listen to music whatever you need to allow yourself to enjoy with intention the manifestation of dreams becoming reality!

Once the board is complete the placement is critical! You need to see it everyday with concentrated effort!  Why make the damn thing if you do not use it??? #ohyesIdid

I have found that my morning movement is where I like to have my board. This way I start my day affirming my roadmap with a clear understanding of where I am headed and the steps to get there.

Dreams becoming reality don't often happen unless you actively are aware of what your dreams are and what you're doing to make them happen! 


The best advice I can give anyone regarding vision boarding is flexibility in thinking is critical to living a life dreams are made of!   Rigidity of the mind, spirit and body do not allow the movement of energy needed to manifest dreams!

Life is alive and  cannot be contained! It needs to be embraced and understood as a privilege and a right!  Make it one of manifesting dreams or not.

If anything I said here matters at all I would love it if you would consider subscribing to my blog! Being a miracle is hard work and having people engage is what keeps me inspired to continue this path.

With one in five Americans disabled I'm sure many of us know someone who might be enlightened about my conscious journey. Maybe consider sharing with others!

Happy holidays to you and yours and all the best in 2015! Health, happiness and dreams realized are always my wishes for you! I thank you for being here. Namaste.


How to Kick Fear Out For Good...


How to Kick Fear Out For Good...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady®

"I would like to think this all started when I first became sick, but the reality is I was born into fear." 

The fight or flight mentality that most of us experience during intense times of life have been present in my life since birth. So many of us born into dysfunctional, addictive  and abusive families live in fight or flight from infancy into adulthood.  Many of us living this emotional reality for a lifetime.

This certainly held true for PaleoBOSS Lady® for the first 40+ years of her life! #truth

For the 2nd half of my life I lived in fear of a disease whose track record had shown to leave its victims:  alone, penniless, homeless, bedridden and/or institutionalized.

Fear is that the only thing in my life that I could count on!  #damnit

Until it stopped serving me… #f*cker

In 2006,  I directed my life to began ownership of self rather than a fear driven existence.  I knew without this drastic change of the status quo my life was headed for disaster! #writingonthewall

I literally packed up my bags and moved to Beverly!  #venice

Fast-forward and here I am a living miracle whose life is no longer motivated by fear!  #applause

This outcome did not happen by accident, easily or without consequence.  Fear in our culture is used as a tool in almost every interaction we have. #bam

The final removal of fear for my life was the biggest jump I had ever taken!   The outcome of this jump has granted the biggest leap of my life to date and responsible for PaleoBOSS Lady®  becoming her own miracle!

Without removing fear from my person being a miracle could not happen! #heardithere

Below are steps outlining how to kick fear to the curb & gone from your life for good!  These steps are based on psychological principles that produce effective outcomes.

Roll up your sleeves & lets get conscious!  #jumponit

7 Steps to Kicking Fear Out of Your Life for Good:

1.   Agree to own your life!   That means 100%!  A conscious reality removes fear from daily existence.  This does not mean to no longer be able to "ride the wave of life" or "go with the flow: it means to be aware of your standards so that the "ride" and the "flow" match your identified moral obligation and person.  All the time.  Always. Without question.

2.   Surround yourself with community!   Community matters so much across so many areas in life!  Building many different communities to support your conscious existence removes a tendency toward fear.  The power of community has been known to create miracles since the beginning of time.

3.   Get moving!  Energy that sits in the body becomes toxic waste. Movement, sweating, deep breathing and pushing oneself past your comfort zone are essential to kicking fear out of your life!  Done alone, in a group or with community movement is critical to understanding fear and eliminating fear!  Some of the most harmful toxins live in our bodies & a good sweat often must happen to remove them without question.

4.   Bye-bye toxic people! Now it's time to look at every single solitary relationship for its mutual value in your life.   This exercise often can be the hardest because we find that the majority of people in our lives are toxic. Leave personal judgement at the door & get serious with yourself.  

I found this a HUGE challenge and chose to hibernate and walk away from everyone for 6 months indoors and slowly connecting with others over the next few years to the present day. This becomes even more challenging when those relationships are familial or long-standing. Without removing & limiting exposure to toxic people fear will continue to grow as if it were in a petri dish.

5.  Love yourself! The only way to fake it till you make it in this regard is to truly "put yourself 1st!" Above all others and without fail!  I'm not kidding and this is no joke! There are many times you may find your self fatigued, mentally exhausted or just not in the right place overall to do something that is expected  and you still do it. Stop it!  Most often our body is telling us something and we need to pay attention!  The longer we stop listening the more reason we have to be fearful. Listening means loving and working in harmony with our person mentally & physically!  Fear literally has no where to go when you truly love yourself!

6.  Slow the F down!  Somehow our subconscious life has taught us time is our enemy! Time is on our side and we are best served enjoying the seasons, going for long walks and allowing for afternoon naps! This should replace the current reality of  then running on little sleep, never seeing sunrise or sunset and seldom taking vacation/time off from life!   The art of consumerism alone is what drives our pace today!  A conscious existence  should result in an immediate ability to enjoy small pleasures and slowing your role.

7. Manifest your life!   This is the most important and challenging part of kicking fear to the curb!   The point where you become certain of your path, your purpose and your role and now set out to affirm its reality. Manifesting can only happen when doubt and fear are completely removed from your being and on every level.   This work is focused and conscious!  Manifesting requires time dedicated with concentrated effort focused on potential outcomes that produce life dreams!

My father  always told me, "I could do anything I wanted if I put my mind to it!" I have always believed this dating as far back as the second grade, but somehow for most of my life Multiple Sclerosis keep winning!  No matter how hard I tired to believe my Dad!  I began to question the mantra that had always proved true throughout my entire life that hard work equals results!


I remember learning about the power of fear in a Narrative Therapy class in my BA  program. For the first time in my entire life I was able to see fear within me and the power it had. From that moment on I knew this was the missing piece for me to hold true the mantra my father always told me! I had to overcome FEAR!

Since overcoming fear my life daily is experienced in an elevated state of goodness! These are not words of a Southern California 'hippie', but words based around life experience!   A conscious existence that produces manifested realities can be nothing short of Nirvana!   Not a single argument will ever prove this not to be true in anyone's life from the lens of PaleoBOSS Lady®!

The final hurdle for this gal to remove fear for my life focused 100% primarily on my health care team! Imagine what a challenge it is to realize toxicity lies within the team entrusted with your wellness?   With all of the above steps in place I was able, with the help of community, to finally say to 'goodbye' to fear and hello to life!

This week I am celebrating 1 year of being 100%  fearless!  #holla

The decision to jump and manifest my life reality has produced a miracle and it is me!  Almost daily my life offers me concrete signs that fear is gone and dreams do come true!   It is amazing what happens when life gives you what you bring to it!

Without fear life is no longer a waiting game and no longer a power struggle!

Life is all about living it to the fullest, all day, every day! #howiroll

 Come and get it!

If anything at all that you've read speaks to you in any way I would appreciate  you subscribing to my blog! Being a miracle is hard ass work and  a community of readers produces the wind in my sail.

Maybe share the blog with family & friends!   This would elevate you hero status immediately!  Who doesn't want to be a hero?

So it takes like three seconds, but who's counting?   Just do it and THANK YOU! PBL


Travel Tips for Conscious Eaters...


Travel Tips for Conscious Eaters...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® Watching the spread of empowerment offered through The Wahls Protocol® is almost a daily nirvana for this BOSS Lady!  More and more I am elevated with joy at the outcomes of wellness many are achieving!

 Thank you Dr. Wahls for giving us the tools to heal ourselves!  #empowerment

One of the hardest parts of being a Wahls Warrior is traveling!  So many ask me about how to make this work & this blog post is dedicated to the world traveler in all of us! #knowledgeispower

PaleoBOSS Lady's Top 10 Travel Tips for Warriors!

1.  Preparation is key to any successful trip that includes following the protocol. Just like daily 'non-vacation' living requires Warrior planning travel does too and actually tends to step this need up a peg.  #damnit

No complaining allowed because you are on vacation and planning more seems like an oxymoron.  Consider the alternative is all I am saying.   #bossladyhere

Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Rolling is GREAT for travel!


2.  Consider accommodations that offer a kitchen. With many travelers using Airbnb & VRBO this reality is easy & economical to make happen.  This option has offered PaleoBOSS Lady  at least one compliant meal a day on average and always a safety zone when finding meals out an impossible task.  Not to mention the savings traveling this way!  #nirvana



3.  When staying at a hotel call and ask for a small refrigerator to be put in the room.   Many if not most hotels do this on a regular basis.  This way you can keep items on hand that are compliant if you are traveling with your own food of any kind.

4.  Pack a travel kit of hard to find items or must haves!  Many times PaleoBOSS Lady has shipped ahead items to a vacation destination!  Makes a huge difference and most travel destinations have no problem receiving deliveries!  #ohitgetswild


5.  If you are like me & love food many vacations have 'destination' dining spots on the list of must do's.  When an eating event is known way in advance than call the restaurant.  Be honest & tell them how food is your medicine  and it can easily turn into your poison and can they help you?  It seems that anywhere, but in LA the answer is always yes!  #ohyesidid

6.  The secret is in the planning?  A Wahls Warrior needs to plan vacations with food, mindfulness and movement accounted for on the itinerary.  #notestep1

7.  Search the internet for recommended spots that are Paleo or Wahls compliant.  More and more are popping up & I recommend looking at the latest food bloggers websites.  Especially if they have just published a cookbook because many of them are touring around for signings posting the food spots they are hitting during the tour! #bam

8.  Lighten up a little and don't get yourself crazy over food not being cooked in the right fat for a few days!  Not going to lie and say after a while this does not bother me because I do notice when I am not living optimally.  How I extend this outcome is by increasing my movement and mindfulness work during vacation! Not to the point of being out of balance, but I may add a little extra breath work or longer meditation time.

9.  Planning is essential to being a successful Wahls Warrior!  #refertosteps1and6

10. Don't travel to places that do not offer you optimal best life living options unless you have no choice.  I know in an ideal world we want to be able to go everywhere and see it all, but this reality is not realistic and that is that.  #SoBOSSy


PaleoBOSS Lady has been a living miracle as a Wahls Warrior for over 1000 days and it does get easier over time, but it is not easy!  Nothing about living with disease is easy!  

Anywhere I go I always have something like a bag of nuts, almond butter packet, a bar or fruit on my person so that I will never go hungry.  Long gone are the days of panic because there is nothing I can eat.  #learning

Never does a situation happen that I starve, but I have been out and unable to eat what was being served.  This used to make me mad until I changed my lens.  Now I feel more empowered to promote the movement by example as I am reminded that so many are still blind to the self poisoning our food system is causing their bodies!

Not a day goes by that PaleoBOSS Lady does not hear that she has inspired, engaged or empowered someone to live consciously and that is the greatest joy of all!   No longer does PaleoBOSS Lady get mad when being a Wahls Warrior is hard instead it reminds me of how important my mission as a warrior really is! #teachbyexample


If anything I said inspired, engaged or empowered you please consider subscribing to my blog.  This cursing fool does have some amazing wisdom that might just help you to become your own miracle!

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Well enough of my nonsense and I hope this helps you to somehow stand a little taller than before you read it.  #ohitgetswild



Namaste Bitches


Namaste Bitches


By: PaleoBOSS Lady®  

I remember a favorite yoga teacher of mine thanking me for saying "Namaste" after each class.  I was surprised although I had noticed no one else can really be heard saying it.  I thought it was because I was a BOSS Lady whose voice over powered everyone else.

The reality was no one else was saying it.  #bitches

Namaste:  "The Divine in me Honors the Divine in You" 

Why I wonder are people not saying Namaste when finishing their practice?  Do they not honor each other?


In my short time of being PaleoBOSS Lady it has become uber clear most of us don't honor the divine in ourselves.  Making Namaste an oxymoron to say out loud let alone in front of a group of strangers!

Honoring the divine in ourselves is a conscious effort that is accessible to all of us.  It requires dedication & willingness to engage in active participation of your life!

What a concept! #bam

Check out my latest video offering suggestions from my "Bag of Tricks" to help you get your divine on!  #ohitgetswild

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Where is the holiday spirit?

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Love you mean it or LYMI!  #doit



Dancing Queen


Dancing Queen


By: PaleoBOSS Lady®

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

I remember it like it was yesterday watching my 1st ever exposure to exercise.  I have Jane Fonda to thank for it & to this day I have never looked back.  Never once has this gal been athletic, but I have certainly loved a good sweat.  From aerobics, interval training I have been getting my sweat on for most of my adult life.

When I was 1st diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) the docs offered me Valium and a pat on the back.  I chose aromatherapy and mindfulness training & to this day utilize both in my 'Bag of Tricks" to empowerment.  Learning early on the power of these 2 elements in my efforts toward peacefully co-existing with my new friend known as MS.

Nothing offers the benefit of movement & mindfulness better than dancing!  PBL recommends we all dance everyday!  #whynot

Everyones favorite, Ellen DeGeneres, says "If your dancing you are happy!" and I agree.  I have never been on the dance floor miserable!

Dancing is freeing your mind to let you body move however it wants.  Without thought just feeling the music! #mystory

Imagine what life might look like if you started it with a dance each day.

Really take a moment and think about it.  Check out my video to see what my life looks like in a random hotel room during my travels.  #hysterical

Call "Dancing With The Stars" and tell them PaleoBOSS Lady is ready for next season!  #gotmoves


Nothing has been more of a game changer than to question my status quo regarding concepts like: breakfast, lunch & dinner.  A Paleo lifestyle removes these constructs and encourages changing your view of food to be free of any commercialized notions such as breakfast, lunch & dinner. 

I have certain things I eat any time of day.  Not going to lie it took me a little getting used to this way of thinking.  If I ate certain things outside of  'culturally' accepted norms I felt weird about it.  Not that anyone was even paying attention.  Just me, but still I struggled.  A prefect example is the PaleoBOSS Lady version of Chocolate Pudding.  I eat this whenever I want and it took a minute for that to be okay.  #ohitgetswild

Now FREE of these burdens of nonsense my life continues to become even more of a miracle each day.  The simple change of questioning why eating meat is only a dinner choice can change so much.  Just like having pudding before 9am.  #howiroll

Paleo Chocolate Pudding!

1/2 ripe avocado

2 tablespoons of Almond Butter (or nut butter of your choice)

2 tablespoons of 100% organic cacao powder

1 tablespoon of local honey

dash tumeric & cinnamon

Mash the avocado using a fork ( PBL likes her lumpy like her mashed sweet potatoes) and all the remaining ingredients.

Mix until a pudding like consistency and enjoy!

IMG_5706If anything at all here rings with you please consider helping a sister out and subscribing to this blog.  Literally  this effort is my fuel that keeps me fighting the good fight.  Having others dig it makes me happy!  Maybe even share this with someone you care about.  #keepingitreal


I Can See Clearly Now


I Can See Clearly Now


By: PaleoBOSS Lady®

For almost the last year I have been maintaining my life 100% physically alone.  

No physical therapy, no bodywork, no one driving me, no help cleaning my home and this gal is even hitting the laundry mat every couple weeks! #soproud

In hope of inspiring, engaging & empowering others to live their best life I began filming this journey at the onset.  Every step of the way questioning the status quo changing my life narrative through consciously living! #empowermentproject

During this journey I became aware that the goal is to truly empower another and not hold them hostage in any way!

PaleoBOSS Lady has worked hard to develop tools that are for EVERYONE!  #nohostageshere

Many of us know that our narrative needs adjusting yet we don't have the slightest idea how to adapt this.  For most changing how we eat is a first step which is a huge leap, but not enough.  If this is the only change many times we fail because these attempts do not become a lifestyle change and resemble just another current fad reality.

For PaleoBOSS Lady the key to kicking secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to the curb has been more than being a food goddess (LOL).  It actually started with mindfulness!

One of the keys to any success is having a roadmap or a plan based around your ideas or thoughts.  By taking your ideas or concepts one step further and allowing them to truly be considered and idealized with the potential to be constructed to produce a result often results in actualization.  This process is the foundation of a 'roadmap' and a path for realization.

This roadmap I believe becomes more essential to those of us who may be compromised in any way with things such as MS or any type of illness either mental or physical.

One of my recommended 1st steps is to create a 'vision board' for your life!  

At least the next 12 months of your life!  

This BOSS Lady strives to compose her board the week between Christmas and New Years Eve and it has become an empowering tradition for me once I began my journey of a conscious life!

Enjoy my video talking about this great mindfulness approach to creating your life narrative!


As many of you know I have what I call my 'bag of tricks' that has been developed over the course of almost 30 years of having MS as a life partner.


In an effort to empower ALL OF US PaleoBOSS Lady embarked on a journey of 12 months of self empowerment.  I am honored to have this journey unfold before your eyes with video real life accounts of how this badass bitch continues to kick MS to the curb all day everyday! #ohitgetswild

I hope you enjoy my hard work albeit raw as f*uck!

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You might be your own miracle just like me & then we could be same same in a unique empowerment way and that would be really really groovy!

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By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ Just home about 24 hours from my virgin Ancestral Health Symposium (#AHS14) held in Berkeley, CA!   PaleoBOSS Lady (PBL) had 4 days of learning filled with the awesome  Paleo Community!

This trip was my second amongst my piers within the Paleo world which for me is a really awesome thing to have happen!  For the most part this journey of using food as medicine has been a solo ride.   Although PBL has lots of 'cyber-support' I travel this alone in my home.  Thank God I live at the beach!  I digress.  #damnit

Being able to spend time with others who don't require an explanation beyond "I have MS" for how I eat and live my life makes this a huge slice of heaven in the life of PBL!

#AHS14 is like going to class from 9am until 5pm everyday!  The learning intense and not for the faint at heart (mini damn it)!   At least a working knowledge of the Paleo lifestyle is a 'good look' to gain the full POW that can be experienced.  I am not gonna lie many times during presentations I was like " What the fuck are they talking about & why does it matter?"  #ohitgetswild

photo 4


You all know how much PBL LOVES to play school girl & for 3 days I did a damn good job until I could not learn anymore! Thank you ! #AHS14

photo 3


Empowerment is huge in life & needed for a real win!  My story.  PBL is winning & this community continues to empower anyone who will listen. EVERY damn speaker I heard has at least one of the following/most have all: website, podcast, blog, social media, book, published journals or articles you name it!  Each eager &  excited to share their learnings offering 100% accessibility!  #POW

photo 2

The Paleo Community is some of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! #VISOINARIES

This movement is not exclusionary to anyone.  100% accessible for those who truly want to live an empowering conscious life! It is no secret we are sick, fat  & out of balance! It is also no secret that our food & way of eating is of great concern!

Everyone knows it! #TRUTH

For those truly interested in learning about all that happened this weekend I encourage you to check out the #AHS14 website & watch the recorded video's. Take it one step further to browse the speakers sites as well to meet my friends!  #EMPOWERMENT


There is a really important common denominator that #AHS & #PaleoFX offered beyond how nice everyone was.  We are a collection of people who at some point decided to live a conscious life & care about our personal footprint.  That fact that we all ended up in the ancestral health movement is no surprise to this BOSS Lady.

What is a huge surprise is the magic that comes when this group gets together! #TRUELOVE

photo 5

Suddenly this group of what I learned are often "special, different, misunderstood rebels" now get to live as one community together: respectfully, consciously & supportively! #GOODTIMES

I encourage all of you to empower yourselves and consider peeking further into this community for many reasons.  If you don't that is okay too cause I am not really the best at sharing. #partofmycharm

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The Narrative of the 20 year lens...


The Narrative of the 20 year lens...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ Since acquiring my MAP I have been in the 'funk' of  "What the hell am I going to do with my life?"  I know I have been here before I have just not been 51 and self-healed from Multiple Sclerosis!  This is an entirely new look trust me!

Since 2001 I have been legally disabled and now I am trying to embark on 100% self-sustaining life!

My life with MS has always been responding to what MS decided. Every job, place I lived and move I made have been dictated by MS.

MS lives in me and has many rules that I need to play by.  The difference is I am now writing the play book not MS.  

If I keep on my daily path of movement, clean eating and mental un-cluttering MS is a distant memory.  Step out of the boundaries and MS is in control.

Took me 27 years to figure this shit out and in the meantime I gained an MAP!  

I'm 51 years old and although I still have a good 50 left I am making decisions with a new lens.  This lens is how do I want to spend my next 20 years & potentially  last years of my life.  Lets be honest dammit the clock is ticking!

This narrative has been so hard for me!

SO... I am back to hibernating while driving my family, confidants & mentors crazy!  I have gone from living in Vietnam on $300/month and meditating for the rest of my life to moving to Utah and becoming a sister wife!  Not really, but the Vietnam part is really true.

Let us add a cherry on this decision making cake and I HAVE SELF HEALED FROM MS!  


This reality alone opens up doors and possibilities that I never imagined or thought about!  I have been searching the job market and this gal is powerhouse and qualified for many executive level positions!

Do I want that?  Is that how I am rolling for the next 20?

I have lived in Venice almost 10 years and that went by so quickly.  To think only 20 more makes this a really big mental process for me.

I never thought I would reverse MS!  I am not going to waste my life not continuing to question the status quo and how I live it!

Part of my charm is I JUMP!  I see the entire world and every idea imaginable to be within my grasp and will JUMP to get what I want.

So I ponder daily and believe my life will unfold before my eyes if I allow myself to listen to my thoughts.

Several years ago I went to Burning Man to hear my life question answered.  I was disabled, going broke getting sicker and sicker and I sat for days staring into the playa asking life's energy to guide me.  My present reality are the answers I heard in Black Rock City.

Today I am sit almost daily with my feet in the sand listening for the narrative of my life to unfold.  I have no doubt the answer is there I am just waiting to hear it.

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries

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LA Farmers Market = Gluten ridden food?


LA Farmers Market = Gluten ridden food?


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ photo 1

First I must say I LOVE culture and tradition!  It is the core of my Italian soul!  My 1st trip to LA was on business and I had an extra day off between meetings thrown in so I took a trip to the LA Farmers Market!  I remember seeing my 1st celebrity at the market and enjoyed strolling the quaint vendors & shops.

A good friend posted on Facebook, "Did anyone want to go the 80th Anniversary Taste Of?" $35 for 50 different tastings this is for me!  The Market has an engaging history and this visit was 2o years overdue! #timeflies

A Farmers Market is certainly going to have healthy fruit, veggie and meat options. With 50 food options at $35 this was exciting and going to be perfect!!!

NOT SO MUCH! (a strangers plate of food pictured. #OMG)

photo 2

I find it irresponsible for anyone in the food industry to not take notice to what a movement like Paleo is saying beyond what you can and cannot eat. Especially when you have 50 chances too make this happen!

Paleo is not a damn diet or fad it is a movement! A movement of eating consciously!

I don't have a gluten sensitivity, I DO HAVE an issue that 85% of the food available to me in the grocery store & served at restaurants includes processed/chemical ridden shit!

How did we get here and why are comfortable staying? I do not for one second ever consider I gave up pasta.  I gave up killing myself and I AM NOT LYING.  #LITERALLY

Simple steps like:

Maybe Magee's House of Nuts next year will offer nut samplings rather than sandwiches.

photo 1

On the flip side Magee's Kitchen offered the BEST OPTION  for anyone with food sensitivity with their delicious Chicken, Asada Tacos on corn tortilla's!

I look forward to next years event and hope that someone wakes up in LA and organizes an event that respects the culture of all those who support the market!  Many of us do not eat nor want processed food especially at a FARMERS MARKET event!


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photo 4


The Miracle of Raw Rita...


The Miracle of Raw Rita...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ OMG I just cannot believe how much this shit is right in front of my eyes, happening in record time & still people look at me like I have 7 eyeballs.

My dog has officially been named Raw Rita!

Rita SUFFERED from severe airborne & food allergies since the age of 3 & she is almost 11 years old.

Rita on average was on steroids 4 months out of the year.

Had the worst dandruff & dry skin.  

Lived with constant ear infections (costing $750/yr on average.)  

Unable to spent time outside ever.  

Always locked up when company came fearing food falling.  

Was injected with a "special" allergen to help her symptoms (which was bullshit & so costly even w/ a HUGE ass discount).

Rita almost died (costing $16,000/once)  from her "severe/worst case they ever saw" allergies.  #BULLSHIT

Start of this year Rita weighted in at 16 pounds & was unable to get up a single step while snoring all day long. 



Rita went Paleo just like her Momma January 2014.  We did cooked mainly because this BOSS  Lady thought slow and steady for an old girl was the right approach with plans to go raw January 2015.

Rita lost a little weight and definately had more energy & her coat started looking better.  

Warm weather arrived on the day we moved & the hot spots, biting till blood everywhere, itching, ear infections, dandruff, ALL OF IT arrived in full force!!!

The 1st day of summer type heat & it ALL went down. Really???


I ran for the steroids & chemical ridden cream eager to lather her in its madness. #COMEHERERITA

As my sweet baby girl lay on the bathroom rug agreeing to be poisoned once again I THANKFULLY  had a moment of clarity & just STOPPED!

I am not doing this cycle ever again.  At that moment I committed to start to treat Rita like me regarding how she lives her life! #WHATACONCEPT

I ran to the local pet store settling on TeaTree based bath gel & sprays, aloe rubs and a soft collar to stop the blood sore bite-a-thons (these always resulted in at least a $250 vet visit per year.)  #OVERIT

Spraying. Bathing. Spraying. Bathing.

Collar on.  Collar off.  Collar on. Collar off.

Hot compresses. Cold compresses.  Hot compresses. Cold compresses.




One day I am sharing my "tragic story" to a dear friend who simply says, "oh yeah my dog same thing and we went Paleo raw and it cured everything."


Next day I did research & ordered Raw Duck with veggies!

Suddenly we renamed Paleo Rita to Raw Rita.

All I can tell you as astonishing as my life reality is this dogs is equal!  

photo 2

My kid, the groomer, a dear friend & anyone who knows my LITTLE DUMPLING stops dead in their tracks compelled to ask what happened!

She has lost weight for sure, her coat gorgeous, running, playing and Raw Rita does not snore.



I don't have 7 eyeballs so stop looking at me like I do.

Almost everyone looks at me like I do when I tell them that all I did was change Rita's food !


Raw Rita is given organic raw meat mixed only w/ veggies.  Instead of expensive prescription, out of a bag, dry food that a vet had to supply  filled with a list of chemicals one can not pronounce! 


2 days shy of 3 weeks & my baby girl just became her own miracle just like her Momma!

photo 3


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