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Tips to Embrace Change


Tips to Embrace Change


By: V Capaldi My kid and anyone who knows me will tell you I did not embrace change well for most of my life. Not only that I would lose my mind with even the slightest change to my day. Yes I would officially lose my shit when life happened.

No wonder MS (multiple sclerosis) was winning at every turn.  Not only was my diet & lifestyle a mess the "mentals" were way off.

Moving to California has been a huge lesson in riding the wave.

It is amazing how much slower life appears to this east coast girl & more fluid living on the left coast.  Having the outdoors call your name almost daily requires fluid living. I am sure folks in Colorado feel the same way with all the sunny days.

Long gone are the days of 9 to 5 which was a huge wave riding thought when I 1st arrived in Venice Beach.  I can remember thinking "does anybody work?" Everyday it seemed everybody was home.


The LA work narrative is different. Fluid and wave like.

Today I am sure if you asked my kid and others how I am now they would talk about my re-invention of self that has resulted in adapting to change in a healthy way.  An approach that creates space to up the volumeof live while allowing for it to unfold.

 How to Change Without Freaking Out:

  1. Remind yourself that evolution is real. We all need to evolve in order to grow. The end. A great book & tool to help this narrative is found here.
  2. Mentally, write it down & know your fears surrounding this change and your joys. Leather bound journals make this more fun too.
  3. Check in your "Bag of Tricks" for resources. What do you need, have & gotta get? Great blog about this right here.
  4. Know it is okay to be a little scared married with self belief. Here is my favorite tool to support my journey.
  5. Do nothing. Learn how to create a scared space and do not a damn thing. Nothing at all. Just chill. More here.

Since this gal is a BOSS I also need immediate self help strategies when I am feeling overwhelmed or consumed by change in real time.

  • Stop, close your eyes & breath.
  • Slowly in & out with concentrated effort for at least 3 times.
  • Slowly is the key word.
  • Take big breaths that start in your belly expanding up your spinal column, vertebra by vertebra, reversing on the exhale.
  • Add words like gratitude on the inhale while smiling on the exhale. This is always a crowd favorite.

Cultural changes are the hardest. I was raised with tradition being the foundation of who you are.

My conscious living lifestyle stood to create huge cultural change & it scared me.

Then I remembered step #1: Evolution.

I became the change. The change did not happen to me it is me.

Please give feedback, share this shit or not. I would love to know what speaks to you or not.

You get my drift.

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Ecuador Here I come!


Ecuador Here I come!


By: V Capaldi Have you ever believed you can live life following your dreams?

Ever thought of work not being defined as 'work' and instead defined as  'living'?

What would that look like if you did?

Take a moment and really allow yourself to think about what if you simply lived your best life everyday. 

What if your day was not defined as going to work, school or days off?  What if you day was dedicated to living and reaching for higher purpose?  How would that differ from where you are right now? What potential outcome could be had if this happened?

11902491_10154147669536686_4698926567294099531_n (1)

In 2015 this became the reality for PaleoBOSS Lady®.  I decided that if I was going to continue to thrive and kick MS to the curb every day I needed to live a life dedicated to higher purpose. Without it MS manages to take control and the game of higher purpose ends.   Since consciously dedicating myself to this self imposed mandate life has elevated my game so much and reaching my higher purpose a daily life reality.  This year alone I have WON over a dozen contests and this from someone who never won anything and seldom enters anything.  Yet somehow several times a month in 2015 I have been declared a winner!

Recently I was approached by a sustainable farming company in Ecuador to tour their facilities and learn about small-scale organic farming that supports conservation, fair trade, environmental leadership and native planting.  They have invited a dozen members in the conscious living movement to learn more about red palm oil.  For the last several years red palm oil from other countries has created quite a stir due to deforestation of rain forests and the non-practice of sustainable farming.  Going to Ecuador is to help educate the community about the value of red palm oil in our diet and also to witness 1st hand producers that are respecting  environment and culture.

If this is not a manifestation of higher purpose than what is?

To be 1 of 12 folks internationally hand picked to tour and share this learning experience is a dream come true for this conscious living lady and an example of manifesting my life dreams and higher purpose realized. Every day my life confirms with signs such as this invite that my mission is on track with higher purpose leading the way.

Wonder how to get some of this goodness into your life?  Confused about how to begin living a life driven by higher purpose?  If so Team PBL has you covered!

Click the video to find out more:


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