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Mourning Consciously. Say What?


Mourning Consciously. Say What?


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® March 5th around 12:25am my life became a mourning fest that has not stopped.  Literally tears are flowing down my face as I type this post.  My best friend and longest relationship beside my daughter passed onto angel status.

Raw Runway Bikini Ready Rita became an angel on 3.5.15

photo 3
photo 3

She was my faithful companion, healer and best girl for almost 12 years.  Rita chose our family at the age of 4 weeks old by literally running on top of all of her brothers and sisters and announcing "pick me!" and we did!  December 8, 2003 Rita joined our family.

Fast forward to 2004 less than 5 months after she arrived my familial world collapsed beyond my wildest dreams.  The hardest fall of my life and Rita was by my side & my healer.  She was my rock, inspiration and best friend.

Rita gave me purpose, love, joy and most of all companionship.  

Rita's passing did happen overnight although it so feels like it.  I really knew in December she was showing signs of aging and acting differently. We took a trip east for the holidays and Rita for the 1st time in her life decided she wanted to lay on my chest all the time.  I conveniently attributed it to her age mentally moving on. #damnit

Fast forward New Year's Eve blood appears in her urine.  Big warning sign even though meds cleared things up.  A mom knows when something is really wrong and this mom knew she was not well.  As I began to look over the year it actually started the year before while visiting back east.  This new awareness increased our conscious life together from me as her owner and friend.

photo 4
photo 4

Thankfully on NYE I chose at that moment to assume Rita needed hospice and never left her side almost 100% since December 31st 2014.  Those moments filled with gratitude were a real gift for both of us.

We both knew where we were heading, but somehow I thought we had more time.

A dear friend came over the week after Rita passed and reminded me of the tradition of sitting shiva.  Allowing yourself to mourn and others to take care of you.  I heard her and agreed this was the right thing for me to do just allow for the emotion.  So I sat and sat and sat.  Still sitting.

Here we are 3 weeks later and I am still crying and aware of this loss most of the day.  Slowly with time, the help of friends and focused effort I have once again started cooking, sleeping better and am finally able to physically move. Progress is happening although slow and I am encouraged.

You see my heart has not hurt this much ever. Sure I have been sad and heartbroken many times in my life, but those relationships were all unhealthy for me. In the past my person was broken because the relationships were broken and based on deficits.

I had never mourned the loss of such a trusted companion ever and found myself on new terrain.

In typical PBL fashion I turned to Google for answers. Searching for any blogger, science wisdom on how to mourn consciously.  Nothing. Nada.  Which to this lady means there is a need for one and why I am sharing this blog post in real time. #theusual

Sure I am still mourning living in what I call a real life Heartbreak Hotel.  I am also certain that #onesmallstep has to be enough.  In addition another common theme that holds true for a successful outcome during times of mourning as in almost every aspect of life is community.

Mourning consciously means allowing for the process while including the support of others.

Sitting shiva is not only a time for allowing one to mourn the loss it is also about accepting the help of others consciously.  I am learning in real time how that manifests and finding community in so many ways. From forcing my person to go to a yoga class in the hope of not crying for just that time to taking walks along the beach getting outside and around other life energies.


I encourage all of you to recognize in time of great loss and heart break it is essential to allow for the process of mourning, find community and engage in self evaluation to successfully navigate what only time can heal.

Time is the real healer.

Oh shit it has been a minute since I posted!  Happy to be back and hope I have stirred you up enough that subscribing to my blog is happening now!

Join the party of questioning the status quo in an effort to manifest your life reality. #ohitgetswild

Basically follow me and lets inspire each other. Why not?  Namaste. 


The Miracle of Raw Rita...


The Miracle of Raw Rita...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ OMG I just cannot believe how much this shit is right in front of my eyes, happening in record time & still people look at me like I have 7 eyeballs.

My dog has officially been named Raw Rita!

Rita SUFFERED from severe airborne & food allergies since the age of 3 & she is almost 11 years old.

Rita on average was on steroids 4 months out of the year.

Had the worst dandruff & dry skin.  

Lived with constant ear infections (costing $750/yr on average.)  

Unable to spent time outside ever.  

Always locked up when company came fearing food falling.  

Was injected with a "special" allergen to help her symptoms (which was bullshit & so costly even w/ a HUGE ass discount).

Rita almost died (costing $16,000/once)  from her "severe/worst case they ever saw" allergies.  #BULLSHIT

Start of this year Rita weighted in at 16 pounds & was unable to get up a single step while snoring all day long. 



Rita went Paleo just like her Momma January 2014.  We did cooked mainly because this BOSS  Lady thought slow and steady for an old girl was the right approach with plans to go raw January 2015.

Rita lost a little weight and definately had more energy & her coat started looking better.  

Warm weather arrived on the day we moved & the hot spots, biting till blood everywhere, itching, ear infections, dandruff, ALL OF IT arrived in full force!!!

The 1st day of summer type heat & it ALL went down. Really???


I ran for the steroids & chemical ridden cream eager to lather her in its madness. #COMEHERERITA

As my sweet baby girl lay on the bathroom rug agreeing to be poisoned once again I THANKFULLY  had a moment of clarity & just STOPPED!

I am not doing this cycle ever again.  At that moment I committed to start to treat Rita like me regarding how she lives her life! #WHATACONCEPT

I ran to the local pet store settling on TeaTree based bath gel & sprays, aloe rubs and a soft collar to stop the blood sore bite-a-thons (these always resulted in at least a $250 vet visit per year.)  #OVERIT

Spraying. Bathing. Spraying. Bathing.

Collar on.  Collar off.  Collar on. Collar off.

Hot compresses. Cold compresses.  Hot compresses. Cold compresses.




One day I am sharing my "tragic story" to a dear friend who simply says, "oh yeah my dog same thing and we went Paleo raw and it cured everything."


Next day I did research & ordered Raw Duck with veggies!

Suddenly we renamed Paleo Rita to Raw Rita.

All I can tell you as astonishing as my life reality is this dogs is equal!  

photo 2

My kid, the groomer, a dear friend & anyone who knows my LITTLE DUMPLING stops dead in their tracks compelled to ask what happened!

She has lost weight for sure, her coat gorgeous, running, playing and Raw Rita does not snore.



I don't have 7 eyeballs so stop looking at me like I do.

Almost everyone looks at me like I do when I tell them that all I did was change Rita's food !


Raw Rita is given organic raw meat mixed only w/ veggies.  Instead of expensive prescription, out of a bag, dry food that a vet had to supply  filled with a list of chemicals one can not pronounce! 


2 days shy of 3 weeks & my baby girl just became her own miracle just like her Momma!

photo 3


If you like what you are reading please post, share and subscribe to my blog.  I am working really hard to inspire, engage and empower others by sharing my own life reality.  I had no idea I was going to heal myself so I am not sure what I am doing, but would LOVE the support.  #THANKSSOMUCH #LIVECONSCIOUSLY




Simply put…a blog about poop


Simply put…a blog about poop


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™

What the hell am I thinking right?  It is Monday, a holiday week & I want to talk about poop!  I know, but I cannot help myself.

My dog Rita has been on a raw diet for only one week.  Within 2 days I noticed changes to her poop which translates to she barely poops!  At first I was concerned thinking she is blocked or the food is not agreeing with her.  Yet I could not deny her bright shiny coat, that Rita is no longer eating herself to death with hotspots, her breath is a little sweeter & her energy increased!

I immediately went to Dr. Google to find out why her poop was missing!

Funny as I reading I found myself reminded of my Paleo journey.  How my body had transformed in quite the same manner.  Many of you have heard me refer to my body as a 'well oiled machine'.  I know crazy for a body with MS to be referred to as this, but 100% true.

Once I started using food as medicine the body of PaleoBOSS Lady started to function effectively & like clock work!

Poop is what your body no longer needs!  When eating a Paleo diet your body uses all the food as energy and nourishment! There is little to no waste!

Amazing how it only took 48 hours for my 12lb little hotdog I now call "Raw Rita" to remind me how food is an energy source for the body! If you put what your body needs in very little comes out.

Quite simply: when you eat processed shit you shit!

No one needs to get a medical degree to know when their body is or is not working properly.  I wonder how many really know what a properly working body feels like?  With 80%+ of the foods in our diet processed I bet not many. Before Paleo this lady & her dog didn't!

As PaleoBOSS Lady I live to #inspire #engage #empower you every step of the way.  If you like what you read, please subscribe to my blog & share it with others!

Thank you so much and pay attention to your poop! It is always telling the truth!

What is in poop video: