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Apple BBQ Pulled Turkey


Apple BBQ Pulled Turkey


By: PaleoBOSS Lady

This was my "Bye Winter/Hello Spring" meal.

Made it up on the fly & it was freaking delicious.

Very good, easy & Paleo. What more can you ask?


  • Serving: 4 servings
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 hours


  • 1 organic Turkey leg/breast combination
  • 1 can tomato paste
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 5 small apples cored
  • 1 large red onion quartered
  • 2 small shallots
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Pink Himalayan sea salt
  • Fresh ground black pepper


  • Add paste and honey to saucepan mixing well heating slowly. Once combined add to top of turkey using a spoon or brush. Save remaining BBQ sauce.
  • Place apples, shallots & onions in crock-pot or dutch oven. Add meat on top with salt and pepper.
  • Next add vinegar to mixture. Break cinnamon stick and place on BBQ covered turkey.
  • Set for 10 hours on low. Do not add water.
  • When done mash apple, shallot & onion with hand masher after removing liquid.
  • Using a fork shred the turkey mixing with mash anding additional BBQ sauce if desired.
  • Enjoy & artichoke recipe here!


A 5 Star Chef Born at 52+


A 5 Star Chef Born at 52+


By: V Capaldi Whoever in their right mind would have pinned me a rated 5 star ***** chef at the age of 52+?

Are you kidding me my bedtime is 8pm. The role of chef is kicking it up at notch at 8pm. Still figuring this out.

For the last month through the company Cozymeal I have had the pleasure of sharing a Paleo kitchen with almost 100 people.  These engaging, interactive classes have been a whirlwind surprise, wonderful journey &  just plan fun.


As "Chef V" I specialize in corporate team building events and could not be happier.  The groups of community I get to engage with in this role are uplifting, inspiring and offer everyone an all around good time. In addition my years of building small companies and studies in community psychology offer a truly rich experience.

Most groups insist on a competition element which I LOVE!  Imagine if you will Iron Chef meets Survivor.

Each Corporate Team Building Cooking Class with Chef V includes:

  • Teams
  • Competition
  • Active Engagement
  • Timed & Measured Outcomes
  • Thankfulness Reception
  • Closing Dance Party

Can I tell you folks take this seriously every time.  Which jazzes the Philly Italian girl/chef in me.


As in life this role of "Chef " teaches me life lessons at every event.  The inspiration/lessons I am gaining in the kitchen with others is where I am feeling the most personal growth as " Chef V". Watching varied communities use ingredients in different ways, marrying things in a way and/or preparing in a way I never thought have been a strong personally full-filling part as a teaching chef with Cozymeal.

Ever wonder how to get to a place you never dreamed?

Thought about doing something yet believing it is impossible?

If so, try my TOP 5 BAM Outcome Rules:

  1. Peek into every door
  2. Never limit yourself
  3. Open your mind
  4. Create space for the process
  5. Believe in yourself

This week I was inspired by a client from The Four Seasons Hotel who participated in a team building cooking class with me. For years I have been dipping things in chocolate & adding ingredients to stick to the chocolate.  This weeks team simply melted & mixed everything together. This process created a different taste, texture and dessert using the same ingredients I had for years and it creating a tasty new dessert.  These delicious dipped strawberries won the competition!

The only negative comment was the dish was ugly. Straight up not pretty. Not going to lie. #damnit

Food has got to be pretty is my story.

So I thought all day yesterday and at some point yesterday found myself in the kitchen with this recipe in my mind. I will be damn if it is not tasty and gorgeous.

Simply perfect for holiday entertaining and SIMPLE!


So damn easy breezy it is ridic is all I am saying.  Holiday BAM!

The end. You are welcome.

Take pics & post. Damn it.

Coconut Chocolate Pucks w/ Whipped Cream & Fresh Organic Berries

Sugar & Dairy FREE



  • Whip entire can of coconut milk and place in refrigerator overnight.
  • Melt all ingredients together except strawberries mixing well over low heat.
  • Using a cupcake pan or desired candy/ice tray or vessel of choice add mixture.  Line with coconut oil if not using a non-stick pan.
  • Place mixture in the refrigerator for 4 hours and pop out pucks when ready to serve.
  • It is recommended to let sit for about 5 minutes before popping out of vessel.
  • Place puck on serving dish, add a dollop of whipped coconut milk topped with berries and enjoy!
  • I pick up the puck and eat like a nut butter cup with whipped cream on top. So good. So good. So good.
  • Perfect to throw in your bag for mid-day yumfest is also a good look.

Share with others so we can work on a real food movement together.

Chocolate is the gateway 'drug' & bacon.

Do not kill the messenger.

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Roasted Fennel


Roasted Fennel


By: V Capaldi When you are 100% Italian you grow up enjoying fennel and this is my story.

I love to add fennel this time of year to many dishes and now that I am known as "Chef V"working with Cozymeal I serve fennel a lot learning that for many it is their 1st experience eating this flavorful veggie.

Fennel is also used to make liqueur & how my family was known to get their fennel on.  Part of our charm!

It was a real treat to have it served as a side dish. Not a part of my family holiday traditions yet a part of my modern day holiday traditions. I like to include fennel to any holiday meal!

My great grandmother: Mom


My maternal grandmother: Mary

Enjoy this FREE recipe from my newly updated e-cookbook: Paleo Perfect Holidays!

Roasted Fennel



  • Heat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Remove stalks & cut bulbs into 1 inch lengthwise pieces or you can peel the bulb to create an almost chip
  • Coat in avocado oil & balsamic vinegar.
  • Add S&P to taste.
  • Line baking sheet w/ parchment paper
  • Place fennel on baking sheet.
  • Roast for about 45 minutes until desired.
  • It is recommended to allow the fennel to caramelize for best flavor!

Grab a full collection of family recipes turned Paleo Perfect with this newly updated e-cookbook from your favorite Italian miracle.  For the cost of a latte you get recipes filled with history, culture and taste beyond compare!  Click here and grab your copy today!



Party all the Time


Party all the Time


By: V Capaldi Anyone who knows me well can vouch for the fact that I have been known to "hit the streets" and dance on bars a time or two in this life.  In addition this gal is a slamming cook and party planner.  My mom taught me long ago the art of throwing a good party and my grandmother the way to own your kitchen.  This pairing is the foundation of many if not all of the recipes offered by me in all of my cookbooks.


Today, Team PBL, is pleased to announce the re-release of the PBL line of original recipe party planners!  Updated new recipes and photo's fill the pages of these inclusive Paleo Perfect events:

Paleo Perfect Holidays

Badass Brunch

Titillating Tapas

When I began my conscious living journey regarding food Paleo at 1st seemed overwhelming and way too labor intensive for this 'no hands' girl. At the time I had little to no use of my hands bilaterally due to the devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis on my body.  Little did I know that the time spent in the kitchen is no more than when I was eating processed unhealthy foods. The difference is in the planning.  Sad, but true the planning is needed because eating healthy, organic and chemical free food is not the norm in most places so planning is needed for this to be a reality for most.

How backwards is our thinking that this is the reality?  

With the holiday and entertaining season fast approaching the Paleo Perfect Party Series is the answer to your prayers.  Not only do they offer original delicious easy to prepare recipes they include helpful tips to ensure your party goes off without a hitch except sore feet from dancing and cheek bones from laughing.


Badass Brunch and Titillating Tapas offer everything you need to throw a care free conscious party.  These party planners offer meal planning, shopping lists, music and a libation station to assure you have everything perfect while enjoying every second. Paleo Perfect Holidays pages are filled with my mom mom & grandmother's recipes made Paleo perfect.

Click here to get the latest copy of each book in the series and check off holiday entertaining planning as being done!  These no worry planners have got you covered.  BAM

Raise the roof,

V aka PaleoBOSS Lady



Week 1 of my One Small Step Challenge


Week 1 of my One Small Step Challenge


Hi everyone! After a week of following people on Instagram, reading blogs, and scouring Pinterest for recipes, I have to say I really love the Paleo community out there!! What cool stories, ideas, inspiration and people!! Thanks for welcoming me in!

As you know from my first post... I'm not quite Paleo. I'm still trying to figure out what my food blueprint is. The one thing I do know, is that I have to clean up my act when it comes to how I eat, and how I feed my family. So this week was all about cleaning out the crap, and basing our diet on whole foods, consciously sourced ingredients, and no refined sugars. That's a big order!! And we hit a few snags! But we also had some great successes!

My first hurdle was time. It takes a lot of time to source, prep & cook fresh ingredients. (at least at first!!) I spent tons of time in the stores reading product labels and trying to find what I was looking for that fit my parameters. I've learned that I definitely need to prep and plan as much as I can in advance so that I don't face a big meal project when everyone is hungry!! That's when we tend to cop out and head for take out!

i cooked some pretty yummy meals with all organic and mostly local ingredients.

My second real hurdle was underestimating how much we needed to have in the house. Since we were no longer able to reach for our pre-fab yogurt drinks and snacks, we were going through a lot more of the good stuff! We ran out of lunch ingredients and afternoon snacks early into the week, and ended up scrambling in a time crunch on Thursday. Not such a good day! All 3 of us had packed schedules and wouldn't be home from 8am til well after dinner time. There was a last minute trip to the convenience store to get lunch and afternoon snack for my son, and myself. We tried to get the healthiest options, but it was definitely not the desired diet we were shooting for. This week... I'm not only buying bigger quantities of some things... I'm scheduling time for a fill-in trip to the farm stand and the store mid-week, just in case. I'm also going to make soup to have on hand for an easy dinner, and a few easy to grab "snack packs" on Sunday, so that no one looks like a deer caught in the headlights when trying to grab something easy on the go.

The other thing we need to get better about is how we tackle outings & special events.  My son had a few birthday parties and went to a baseball game with my husband this past week.  Food is hard to navigate in those situations.  I gave my son some leeway... afterall, I dragged him into this and he is really trying his best! I think I need to make sure we have yummy, easy, healthy meals already prepared on days like that, so that we can eat before the party or bring some food for tailgating before the game.

I tried to make an impromptu video interview of the guys to see how they feel about our first week... but no one wanted to be in front of the camera.  So here's the synopsis:

My son... says he really likes the foods I've been making and he is happy we are doing this.  He felt a bit bummed that he ate some sugar and "junk food" this week, but I think he did a great job for his first attempts!! He has been so positive and ready to try anything.

My husband... "I'm loving it!!"... he says he hasn't felt too hungry and has loved the way he feels.

For me... I feel great and excited about our first steps in a more conscious approach to food.  I definitely have a long way to go... and I'm totally excited to see what we learn!

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Did we mention you can find @myonesmallstep on Instagram to see this journey unfold in pictures.

Hope to see you there!


Friday Friend & Pre-Release Recipe from Down South Paleo!


Friday Friend & Pre-Release Recipe from Down South Paleo!


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® How it it Friday already?  Have mercy time is flying so quickly regardless team PBL is super stoked to introduce you to our Friday Friend, Jennifer Robins, aka Predominately Paleo. Like many of us Jennifer became conscious about the foods she ate as a result of being diagnosed with many illnesses that were dictating her life and the message was not good. Once she began using food as medicine life changed and Jennifer stayed in the kitchen cooking to heal her body.  This Texas native although was never one to know her way around the kitchen has certainly done a 180 and now not only shows her body whose BOSS but is a BOSS in her kitchen slinging some amazing easy and delicious Paleo meals.


In just a few days the highly anticipated release of Down South Paleo happens and fans of Predominately Paleo are literally counting the seconds!  This book is so anticipated it holds the #1 spot on Amazon for Gluten Free cookbooks and it has not even started shipping!  Jennifer known as the 'Yuca Slayer' has been delivering delicious and easy to make recipes through social media to the conscious living community and now her complete book of southern classics will finally hit the store shelves.  I am not going to lie this BOSS has had a copy on order since it was announced!

Team PBL is honored to be doing a giveaway so you can WIN a copy for yourself.  Hop on over to our Instagram page to enter. No purchase necessary and you can enter as often as you like.  Good luck and Team PBL is available to taste test when our winner is lining up dinner guests so no need to worry.  Contest ends Saturday at 9pm PST so do not delay.

Down South Paleo includes some of the southern favorites many of us never considered to be part of the Paleo lifestyle:  Dairy-free Chile Con Queso, Coconut Custard Pie, Chicken Chimichangas, Fried Chicken, Corny Bread Muffins, Huevos Rancheros, and JBR’s BBQ Ribs, and more with recipes easily identified grain-, dairy-, soy-, nut-, egg-, nightshade- free for those who need to be certain.


As friends do Jennifer has been kind enough to share with us a sneak peek recipe for Chipotle Stuffed Mushrooms:


2 lbs (908 g) whole white mushrooms, cleaned and stemmed

1 medium onion, diced 1 lb (454 g)

pastured breakfast sausage (or best quality available)

1 cup (240 ml) homemade mayonnaise (or high-quality store-bought)

1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce,minced

1⁄2 tsp adobo sauce


Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C, or gas mark 5). Place the stemmed mushrooms on a foil-lined baking sheet. In a large skillet, sauté the onion and sausage over high heat until the sausage is cooked through, about 8 minutes. While the sausage is cooking, puree the mayonnaise, chipotle pepper and adobo sauce in a blender or food processor. Once the sausage is cooked through, remove from the heat and stir in the chipotle mayo. Spoon the filling into the mushroom caps, being careful not to overfill. Bake for 20–25 minutes, or until the stuffing starts to brown nicely along with the mushrooms.

Enter to win your copy of Down South Paleo or click here to order so you do not miss out.

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One Small Step for me...  One Giant Leap for my Family!


One Small Step for me... One Giant Leap for my Family!


  By LL

As I sit here on the eve of my first food challenge of my PBL career... I'm not gonna lie. I'm uncomfortable!

In fact, I keep asking myself why I'm doing this?! Why am I choosing to take a risk, step out of my comfort zone in front of an audience, and drag my family along with me for the ride?

Because it's time! Because I want my family to be healthy ... ALL of us! And I want us to be more conscious about the choices we are making.

V and I have been chatting a bit about what I will take on as my first step towards conscious eating. This one has been tough for me. I was a vegetarian for a while after college. In the past years, I have been deeply impacted by Michael Pollan's: The Omnivore's Dilemma. I've also become a big fan of food writer Mark Bittman and share his concerns not only about the health impacts of our modern diet, but the ecological impacts as well. I have been trying to cut back on the amount of meat in our diet for the past few years and add more vegetarian options to the table. I'm a big grain eater. I love quinoa!! I love oats! I love bulghur & farro. So trying a Paleo lifestyle is going to be a big adjustment on many levels for me. I'm drawn to the focus on sustainability, conscious farming & slaughtering practices, organics... so I know the Paleo consciousness is very in tune with my own. It's just a big leap!!

So how do I pick my first step?

I decided that I should look at everything we eat in a week, and also... what we DON'T eat. What languishes in our refrigerator until it gets tossed or thrown in my neighbor's compost pile? What real-time food decisions are we making on a daily basis? Let's question the status quo a bit in our kitchen...

I was pretty disappointed when I got to the end of the week. Farm stand veggies wilted in the face of another busy evening with everyone running in different directions. Sandwiches purchased on the fly, or take-out for dinner were chosen in multiple instances instead of taking the time to cook something fresh and healthy from our fridge. The biggest problem in MY house right now? Processed foods and pre-prepared meals. The evil twin attached to that... SUGAR!

Holy cow! There are cereals packed with sugar (and these are supposed to be the healthier options!). There are snack bars and pre-blended yogurt smoothies. There is soda in my house!! When did we start drinking soda again?!

Ok... there's a lot to clean up here!

cupboard clean out


Step One: dump the packaged crap and start cooking real meals instead of grabbing things on the fly. (Does that count as #onesmallstep?!  It sure feels HUGE to me!)


sometimes love hurts...


No more bowls of cereal or yogurt drinks instead of a good breakfast. No more pre-fab dinners or lunches. I'm cooking up some of those veggies and organic, grass fed meats!

I'm not ready to knock the grains yet. That's going to have to come later. But I am ready to do a refined sugar clear out in the pantry! I've enlisted the troops... and they are on board. I think cereal will be my husband's biggest hurdle. For my son... soda & ice cream? Not sure. We'll have to see. For me? All of it?! I'll report back and let you know.

To kick us off, my son & I just listened to Nom Nom Paleo's recent podcast about Paleo desserts. It was a great lead in to our month of clearing out the refined, processed, sugary crack in our pantry.  They make great points about the fact that somehow dessert has found a place at every meal... every day!  Sweets used to be a treat for special occasions or Sunday dinners.  How have we gotten so off course?! My son loved the idea that, after our August purge, we only add dessert or Paleo treats back into our diet on "S days," like they mention in the podcast. (I'm hoping we only add them back on holidays & birthdays... but I'm not ready to let him in on that part yet!)  I've done a ton of reading over the past week on Clean Eating & Paleo, and focused in on the debate over Paleo sweeteners.   I already caught an earful from one of my neighbors on the topic.  I can tell this is going to be an interesting ride!

I'll save that for my next post!! Right now, I have a lot of junk to purge from my cabinet, and a week's worth of meals to plan & prep!

Wish me luck!


Smoothie Palooza!


Smoothie Palooza!

By: PaleoBOSS Lady® 10417579_939519842747118_475329702822404998_n 1013615_938695066162929_4856681122587819813_n

PaleoBOSS Lady's smoothie game is relatively new starting in October 2014! I did a short stint with a nutritionist around 2010-2011 focused on whey protein.  Other than that I've never really understood when and how to introduce a smoothie into my diet. #ohitgetswild

I have been a Wahls Warrior for over 1100+ days!  This lifestyle change resulted in an eating pattern change that has me really consuming about two meals a day.  Eating a high fat diet my body does not require more than that.  This makes it hard for me to get all the vegetables and nutrients I need daily. My NutriBullet smoothies have become essential in helping me achieve my Wahls Warrior status regarding veggies! #9cupsaday

Even if you're not following The Wahls Protocol for many of us getting the proper amount of vegetables can be a challenge! A smoothie can provide a delicious and easy alternative! #yippee

Those following a ketogenic diet requiring large quantities of fat I have found coconut milk based smoothies help me to maintain my level of ketosis without using dairy. This is critical for me during my Wahls Protocol Plus phases.

Whatever the reason a smoothie enters your lifestyle here are a few of my absolute FAVS & a reminder that a smoothie does not have be green: #notkermit


Cacao Berry Blast:

1 cup of greens & frozen organic berries

1/2 avocado

1/3 can coconut milk

3 tablespoons of cacao powder

1 teaspoon of vanilla, turmeric & cinnamon

filtered water

Whip till smooth & creamy!

10945725_950126201686482_9030176298439418744_n 10646790_950126221686480_6641974295624809492_n

Chocolate Peppermint Cacao Nib Smoothie:

2/3 can full fat coconut milk

1/2 cup of cacao powder

1/4 cup cacao nibs (1/2 in smoothie 1/2 on top)

1/2 avocado

9 ice cubes

filtered water

5 drops peppermint essential oil

Blended for about 60 seconds! Pour into Mason Jar and sprinkle with remaining nibs!


Strawberry Chia Seaweed Smoothie:

2/3 can full fat coconut milk

1 cup of frozen strawberries

1 teaspoon seaweed flakes, cinnamon & turmeric

2 tablespoons chia seeds

1/2 avocado

filtered water

Blended till creamy delicious!


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The 1st Ever Dr. Terry Wahls In-Person Symposium Wrap Up


The 1st Ever Dr. Terry Wahls In-Person Symposium Wrap Up


By: PaleoBOSS Lady®

"100% compliance not 80% compliance!"

Dr. Terry Wahls

Words will never express the gratitude I feel to have been the one to open the symposium!  I still cannot believe this & that I am my own miracle! Enough already!



From the moment we looked into each others eyes for the 1st time we knew.  Each of us knew the other

like we have for a lifetime. None of us needed to share anything to get to this place!  

One of the most magical experiences of my life happened at the symposium with the above two sentences describing it!  We all knew Dr. Wahls would empower us, but the community that happened, the family that developed and the spirit that remains are beyond forethought of any kind.  We became a family as soon as we met eyes!  #universally

The location of the event at set the tone from the word go!  This magical venue offers a very Frank Lloyd Wright feel with the indoors coming in!  Complete with meditation room, outdoor patio and a labyrinth the venue was an outstanding choice with lodging and meals available to several of our travelers.

The kitchen at Prairiewoods and Rodney the manager are the icing on the cake!  Volunteers cooked the most amazing, Wahls complaint food for all of us to enjoy and be inspired by!  Served with love and treated with care every step of the way are what all of us encountered at this facility! Rodney is quite simply the greatest life energy you could ever imagine making us feel at home every step of the way!  #Bravo


Made With Love!


Having an intimate setting and the presence of Dr. Terry Wahls for 1.5 days

was a nirvana moment for all of us.  

Dr. Wahls took attendees through a handful of functional medicine forms that are used to draw a roadmap regarding our life and the significant events that have taken place.  Many of the events noted question the status quo and step outside of the questions a 'traditional' doc would normally ask!

Were you delivered vaginally?  

Did you experience a lot of antibiotics in your life?  

What type of fillings do you have?  How many?  

Any emotional trauma in your life?  

All drawing a picture that often shows a path of repeated abuses.  Which will need to be healed at the cellular level to create change of disease course.  Symptom management is not offering this option and that is the basis of traditional healthcare today. The Wahls Protocol is designed to aid in cellular healing! #BAM

The Wahls Protocol is designed to offer optimum nutrient density to aid and promote healing through the food you eat.  For several hours Dr. Wahls talked about how this is done and gave detailed information supporting the book. All attendees were able to ask questions during a daily Q&A that addressed anything from food as medicine to types of shoes to wear!

Dr. Wahls empowering each of us with every word!

Every attendee was given a roadmap to maximize their efforts toward wellness using The Wahls Protocol (TWP).  It was noted that many arrived participating at some level regarding food, but very few focused beyond food.  TWP is much more than food and Dr. Wahls stated this quite often!

We were taken step by step through a stress relieving self massage and encouraged to continue to identify ways to incorporate these types of activities into daily life.  In addition, Dr. Wahls stressed yoga, the water, Pilates, Sauna and Electric therapy.  In addition to ice paths, bone broth &  strengthen training being noted as vital to success.  Focus on how  to keep muscle mass up to maintain wellness.  Dr. Wahls suggested meeting with a physical therapist to get a plan in place.  No matter what get moving was a clear message! #daily

Each step of The Wahls Protocol involves talking with your doctor.  Dr. Wahls offered insight into how you can educate your own doctor to her findings and those in functional medicine.  Dr. Wahls shared how often a doctor may not be receptive suggesting  ways to help manifest change.  #ByExample

In addition, Dr. Wahls spoke about the people in your life and how important this element is!  She stressed toxins are not only in food.  You need to surround yourself with those who are supportive and understanding of your life, person and situation.  Community matters and was stressed as well.

I am certain that if anyone came to the symposium without community left with community!  #Magic

Finally the message was about creating a plan and sticking to it!  100% no questions asked and just do it!  No 80%, no cheat days, no nothing!  Compliant and that is it.  In order to do that set baby hurdles knowing you will get there.  Maybe just give up gluten 1st!  Maybe sugar.  #DoSomething

Developing a road map and journaling this offers a path to success that has changed Dr. Wahls life and many others.  Nothing happens overnight, but hard work does pay off.  The future is bright for all of us as we continue to learn about how food heals with leaders and visionaries like Dr. Wahls leading the way!



So many sponsors and give aways it was like Christmas!  Everyone went home with a present and that was so well thought out!  Discount codes and support at every turn were a constant theme felt and encountered!  Dr. Wahls was accessible, supportive, loving, warm, smart, funny and a real trooper answering question after question from a room full of eager healers!

The Board of Directors of which I am  a part of consists of simply the greatest group of people you could ever imagine!  This event was my 1st in person meeting & my heart is overflowing with love, respect and admiration! #WeRock

All of us agreed the movement is growing and we are a Wahls Warrior Family!  Anyone following the protocol or thinking about it join us as we question the status quo in an effort to live our best life by changing our own personal narrative regarding healthcare! #selfcareishealthcare

Next year we decided to meet and go dancing in the streets! #MiraclesHappeningAllTheTime

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Cooking my way through "The Paleo Kitchen"


Cooking my way through "The Paleo Kitchen"


By: PaleoBOSS Lady™ They say timing is everything right?  A dear friend was having major surgery at the same time The Paleo Kitchen was released by 2 of my FAVORITE  Paleo food bloggers: Civilized Caveman & PaleOMG! Paleo cooking nirvana began!

PaleoBOSS Lady happily worked in the kitchen all weekend preparing a handful of delicious recipes to deliver to my friend that did not disappoint in any way except when the food was gone!

Paleo Kitchen Banana Cinnamon Swirl Bread





1st up was the Banana Cinnamon Swirl Bread!

I had 2 girlfriends over and we successfully ate the entire loaf in one night! Okay each of us did take home a slice for coffee the next morning! Which we texted each other photo's of as we were reminded of how damn good it is!

Followed by the Bread Pudding of course! PaleoBOSS Lady is no fool!  #BAM












After an overnight stay in the fridge the herb rubbed pork shoulder cooked all day in the Crock Pot until pulled pork goodness was apparent with the first touch! This dish is mouth watering with a sure fire kick!

Crock pot Pulled Pork

*if you don't like spicy tone it back a little because it has bite!

Sweet Potato Bacon Lime Dill Salad



The Sweet Potato Bacon Lime Dill Salad is my Summer 2014 salad!

This salad will arrive with PaleoBOSS Lady to every potluck meal this summer & will be included in every BBQ this year!

The combination of ingredients makes it fun for the palate with unique flavors and textures!

So far the PaleoBOSS Lady™ palate and cook give The Paleo Kitchen a 5 Star review!  Congratulations to George and Julie and thank you for making cooking FUN!