By: PaleoBOSS Lady® and Lindsay Lowry It is with great pride and a full heart that I announce the formal addition of a new team member to the PaleoBOSS Lady® family: LL aka Lindsay Lowry!

Since the end of last year I have been working on this step becoming reality for me and the brand of PBL and I could not be more proud to introduce you to my friend and business partner: LL!

LL and I worked together building a conscious company for many years called Sanity until I become legally disabled from Multiple Sclerosis.  Since that horrific day I have been working daily to get my life back vowing to pick up where I left off.  Focusing with every ounce of my being on becoming a productive and self sustaining member of society has been my life mission since that day.   I am overjoyed to know that as the brand of PBL has continued to grow it has become clear that my hard work might finally be paying off and officially has grown beyond just one and now is two!


Who is LL? (in her own words)

A longtime friend of V; a person passionate about people's stories; a happy coffee addict; and someone completely new to the whole Paleo experience!

meet LL

Hey! I'm Lindsay (aka: LL according to PBL!). When V invited me to come along on the Paleo Boss Lady ride, my first thought was "sure!" I mean... why not?! I love V. She's like a sister to me. We have a long history of working really well together. I love her vision and goals! She's an amazing cook... so I’ll eat amazing food and help out behind the scenes, and everything is going to be great! What a blast!

Thennnnn... I had the realization that I might actually have to start making some changes in my own life regarding food. {gulp}

{crickets chirping}

Let's just say that my love affair with food is not really the most healthy relationship in my life. I love cheese!! I love croissants! I love salty, greasy, carby comfort foods. I love rice and beans and cornbread. This is not a Paleo palate. Holy moly! What am I going to do?!

Well... I'm going try it. {gulp}

And you're going to help me! {I hope!}

And we're going to do this #onesmallstep at a time! (Stay tuned for our new series called #onesmallstep launching soon from the Team PBL)

True to the PBL way of life, this isn't just about food for me. It's about living a more conscious life. Being more thoughtful about how I approach everything, and everyone. And about loving the life I live!  The hard part for me (in addition to changing the way I approach food) will be doing it in front of an audience! I tend to live my life off the social media grid. I pop on Facebook or Instagram every now and then to stalk my friends, share a pic, and let everyone know I’m alive… then I disappear again. I’m not used to speaking in front of an audience (in person, or online). So this will be quite an adventure for me!

Why am I doing it? Because I believe in the power of small changes… the ripple effect of a drop, the beating of a butterfly’s wings, the invisible thread that ties us together. I totally buy into it! I believe that if we all start taking small steps toward more meaningful and conscious lives, we will inspire others, and create real, lasting change for good. It may all start with food for some people. It may start with taking a step. It may start with changing a mindset or belief about ourselves or others. Wherever it starts, I can’t wait to see where it leads!

So here we go!