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How to Kick Fear Out For Good...


How to Kick Fear Out For Good...


By: PaleoBOSS Lady®

"I would like to think this all started when I first became sick, but the reality is I was born into fear." 

The fight or flight mentality that most of us experience during intense times of life have been present in my life since birth. So many of us born into dysfunctional, addictive  and abusive families live in fight or flight from infancy into adulthood.  Many of us living this emotional reality for a lifetime.

This certainly held true for PaleoBOSS Lady® for the first 40+ years of her life! #truth

For the 2nd half of my life I lived in fear of a disease whose track record had shown to leave its victims:  alone, penniless, homeless, bedridden and/or institutionalized.

Fear is that the only thing in my life that I could count on!  #damnit

Until it stopped serving me… #f*cker

In 2006,  I directed my life to began ownership of self rather than a fear driven existence.  I knew without this drastic change of the status quo my life was headed for disaster! #writingonthewall

I literally packed up my bags and moved to Beverly!  #venice

Fast-forward and here I am a living miracle whose life is no longer motivated by fear!  #applause

This outcome did not happen by accident, easily or without consequence.  Fear in our culture is used as a tool in almost every interaction we have. #bam

The final removal of fear for my life was the biggest jump I had ever taken!   The outcome of this jump has granted the biggest leap of my life to date and responsible for PaleoBOSS Lady®  becoming her own miracle!

Without removing fear from my person being a miracle could not happen! #heardithere

Below are steps outlining how to kick fear to the curb & gone from your life for good!  These steps are based on psychological principles that produce effective outcomes.

Roll up your sleeves & lets get conscious!  #jumponit

7 Steps to Kicking Fear Out of Your Life for Good:

1.   Agree to own your life!   That means 100%!  A conscious reality removes fear from daily existence.  This does not mean to no longer be able to "ride the wave of life" or "go with the flow: it means to be aware of your standards so that the "ride" and the "flow" match your identified moral obligation and person.  All the time.  Always. Without question.

2.   Surround yourself with community!   Community matters so much across so many areas in life!  Building many different communities to support your conscious existence removes a tendency toward fear.  The power of community has been known to create miracles since the beginning of time.

3.   Get moving!  Energy that sits in the body becomes toxic waste. Movement, sweating, deep breathing and pushing oneself past your comfort zone are essential to kicking fear out of your life!  Done alone, in a group or with community movement is critical to understanding fear and eliminating fear!  Some of the most harmful toxins live in our bodies & a good sweat often must happen to remove them without question.

4.   Bye-bye toxic people! Now it's time to look at every single solitary relationship for its mutual value in your life.   This exercise often can be the hardest because we find that the majority of people in our lives are toxic. Leave personal judgement at the door & get serious with yourself.  

I found this a HUGE challenge and chose to hibernate and walk away from everyone for 6 months indoors and slowly connecting with others over the next few years to the present day. This becomes even more challenging when those relationships are familial or long-standing. Without removing & limiting exposure to toxic people fear will continue to grow as if it were in a petri dish.

5.  Love yourself! The only way to fake it till you make it in this regard is to truly "put yourself 1st!" Above all others and without fail!  I'm not kidding and this is no joke! There are many times you may find your self fatigued, mentally exhausted or just not in the right place overall to do something that is expected  and you still do it. Stop it!  Most often our body is telling us something and we need to pay attention!  The longer we stop listening the more reason we have to be fearful. Listening means loving and working in harmony with our person mentally & physically!  Fear literally has no where to go when you truly love yourself!

6.  Slow the F down!  Somehow our subconscious life has taught us time is our enemy! Time is on our side and we are best served enjoying the seasons, going for long walks and allowing for afternoon naps! This should replace the current reality of  then running on little sleep, never seeing sunrise or sunset and seldom taking vacation/time off from life!   The art of consumerism alone is what drives our pace today!  A conscious existence  should result in an immediate ability to enjoy small pleasures and slowing your role.

7. Manifest your life!   This is the most important and challenging part of kicking fear to the curb!   The point where you become certain of your path, your purpose and your role and now set out to affirm its reality. Manifesting can only happen when doubt and fear are completely removed from your being and on every level.   This work is focused and conscious!  Manifesting requires time dedicated with concentrated effort focused on potential outcomes that produce life dreams!

My father  always told me, "I could do anything I wanted if I put my mind to it!" I have always believed this dating as far back as the second grade, but somehow for most of my life Multiple Sclerosis keep winning!  No matter how hard I tired to believe my Dad!  I began to question the mantra that had always proved true throughout my entire life that hard work equals results!


I remember learning about the power of fear in a Narrative Therapy class in my BA  program. For the first time in my entire life I was able to see fear within me and the power it had. From that moment on I knew this was the missing piece for me to hold true the mantra my father always told me! I had to overcome FEAR!

Since overcoming fear my life daily is experienced in an elevated state of goodness! These are not words of a Southern California 'hippie', but words based around life experience!   A conscious existence that produces manifested realities can be nothing short of Nirvana!   Not a single argument will ever prove this not to be true in anyone's life from the lens of PaleoBOSS Lady®!

The final hurdle for this gal to remove fear for my life focused 100% primarily on my health care team! Imagine what a challenge it is to realize toxicity lies within the team entrusted with your wellness?   With all of the above steps in place I was able, with the help of community, to finally say to 'goodbye' to fear and hello to life!

This week I am celebrating 1 year of being 100%  fearless!  #holla

The decision to jump and manifest my life reality has produced a miracle and it is me!  Almost daily my life offers me concrete signs that fear is gone and dreams do come true!   It is amazing what happens when life gives you what you bring to it!

Without fear life is no longer a waiting game and no longer a power struggle!

Life is all about living it to the fullest, all day, every day! #howiroll

 Come and get it!

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Earth Angel is Me!


Earth Angel is Me!


By: PaleoBOSS Lady® Early 2013 Dr. Terry Wahls posted an article about the power of grounding work and how important it was to healing.  Being a Wahls Warrior I quickly added having my feet on the earths soil to my "Bag of Tricks!"

This exercise became a daily ritual that continues to this day!

Why do grounding/earthing work?  In PaleoBOSS Lady® terms grounding work now has become a focused effort for most of us and has to do with the fact that we used to run and play outside barefoot all the time.  If we wore shoes most shoes had leather soles both of which allow for the conduction of energy between the body and the ground.  This allowed for our bodies to live in harmony with the electromagnetic fields of the earths energy through an "exchange and release program." #simplestory

photo 3

Today seldom if ever are we barefoot or wearing leather soled shoes!  #notagoodlook

Many of us are largely inside  most of our waking day  wearing shoes made with synthetic bottoms.  All of this contributing to our lack of contact with the electrical magnetic waves of the earths energy.

Resulting in energy build up. Build up can only mean one thing: imbalance!

The way I see it is the energy cannot get out or in making for an imbalance that has become a human reality as a result of evolution.  #mystory

For many of us this lack of electromagnetic energy in our lives results in disrupted sleep patterns, aches & pains, low energy & increased inflammation just to mention a few things!  #whoknew

Grounding or earthing changes this reality and PaleoBOSS Lady noticed the difference almost instantly! #knowledgeispower

For the last few weeks I have had the pleasure of wearing the most comfortable grounding sandals ever!  For those of us who cannot seem to find the time to get outdoors and be in nature there is hope!  #EarthRunners

What are Earth Runners:


I tested the Alpha X which is their newest sandal from the folks at #EarthRunner!  #lovelovelove

A few things I LOVE about this sandal are they are super easy to get on and off, they look awesome and are the most comfortable walking shoe ever!

I just adore a sandal with a back & a comfortable sole which the Alpha delivers! I highly recommend this shoe! 

photo 4

Runway Raw Paleo Rita & PaleoBOSS Lady® strolling the hood!

I want to THANK the folks at Earth Runner for hearing my love of energy work and asking me to evaluate this great new GROUNDING/EARTHING sandal!  I am honored to share how wonderful the #EarthRunner line of  products are for living a conscious life with style and comfort at the forefront!


I encourage all of you to try these sandals and #GetGrounded!

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You know you want to and it will make you happy! #thankyou


Namaste Bitches


Namaste Bitches


By: PaleoBOSS Lady®  

I remember a favorite yoga teacher of mine thanking me for saying "Namaste" after each class.  I was surprised although I had noticed no one else can really be heard saying it.  I thought it was because I was a BOSS Lady whose voice over powered everyone else.

The reality was no one else was saying it.  #bitches

Namaste:  "The Divine in me Honors the Divine in You" 

Why I wonder are people not saying Namaste when finishing their practice?  Do they not honor each other?


In my short time of being PaleoBOSS Lady it has become uber clear most of us don't honor the divine in ourselves.  Making Namaste an oxymoron to say out loud let alone in front of a group of strangers!

Honoring the divine in ourselves is a conscious effort that is accessible to all of us.  It requires dedication & willingness to engage in active participation of your life!

What a concept! #bam

Check out my latest video offering suggestions from my "Bag of Tricks" to help you get your divine on!  #ohitgetswild

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Love you mean it or LYMI!  #doit



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A Star is Born!

by PaleoBOSS Lady® Unknown-7

One of the most amazing parts of this journey of healing for PaleoBOSS Lady® is that I have it all filmed. This part of my experience has been the most crucial piece for me on so many levels and how it came to be is quite simply a result of truly living & being engaged in life.

Already disabled and continuing to decline I decided I needed a new skill set. Considering many things becoming a psychotherapist was the choice for me. During my studies my disability grew and with each day I became more vocal about the lack of support for the disabled in America. I was angry with everyone and everything and scared of where my life was heading.

One summer I took a documentary film class with my favorite teacher and at the end of the class he asked to meet with me. At this time I had virtually no bilateral use of my hands and had full time help. During this meeting he asked me to document my disabled life on film. I was speechless and held onto every word. Realizing my hands didn’t work, I had no camera or idea how to use one, I never go to the movies or watch television and yet I listened with the promise to think about it. A week later I decided game on, bought a camera and began filming a story about what it is like to be disabled without available support systems in place to help.

The camera is rolling.  

 My disability escalated during the first 2 years of filming: I lost my home, started falling, no longer controlled my limbs, had little to no use of my hands, no ability to drive, trouble walking & swallowing were just a few of my life realities!


Clearly at rock bottom, I began to look at food: specifically gluten. I removed gluten from my diet, January 1, 2011. Within 21 days limb jumping stopped and has never returned!

The camera is rolling.

2012 I start following a strict Wahls Protocol® lifestyle.

The camera is rolling.

I live 100% independent for the 1st time in 50 years!

Suddenly a film about what it is like to be disabled is a film of hope!  

The camera is rolling.

I encourage you to take time watch the series of videos on YouTube:

Each video is under 10 minutes & worth the watch! I promise!

1 in 5: A Documentary Series by PaleoBOSS Lady

The camera is rolling.

Love the life you live,

PaleoBOSS Lady™



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By: PaleoBOSS Lady® I wish I had some euphoric thing to say in this post. I have thought about the words for months & planned every character and yet here I sit the day of the official launch of PaleoBOSS Lady™ staring at the reality of a blank page for the last 2 hours.

I cry everyday.

At some point every day I am brought to tears of joy by my own life reality.


PaleoBOSS Lady has almost fully recovered from secondary progressive MS!

I vowed in 2013 that if I was told everyday I inspired someone by using food as medicine this would direct my future.

My future was directed.

My life and how I live it is my future.

PaleoBOSS Lady™ mission is to help others to live a conscious life.

"The Path to Success is to Take Massive Determined Action." Tony Robbins


Join me for a street smart, real time account of what it’s like to question the status quo, love the life you live & be your own miracle!

Crying, PaleoBOSS Lady