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A Year of Full Time Van Life & More


A Year of Full Time Van Life & More

I cannot believe April 2nd was the 1 year anniversary of full-time van life for me. This after years of touring the USA in my Fiat. Once again I find that time flew by in certain parts & moved at a snails pace in others. No matter what a year of full time van life has been my journey.

Van life brought so much BAM to the tour beyond the name. Having a tiny home on wheels created so many opportunities for changing the narrative around traveling. Van life is a way of living that many have found to be the perfect alternative lifestyle.

From day one I found it wonderful to have the freedom only a tiny home on wheels can offer.

The Van.JPG

In one year Gidget & I were able to make time to stop at many national parks such as - The Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone National Park & Joshua Tree. What great treasure’s these are and having a converted van to take in National Parks brings it to an entire new level. Finding the perfect spot to park and prepare meals, rest and be in nature alone became our thing to do in parks and the BAM van made it easy. We would spend all day in the beauty of Mother Nature fully equipped with our home on wheels.

Touring National Parks in the BAM van is the #1 reason I loved my year in the BAM van.

Although driving the van empty across the USA in the worst weather possible was my truth right after the van was purchased I was still a little nervous about going from a small Fiat to the BAM van on tour. Thankful to say the Dodge Promaster Van is as easy to maneuver as the Fiat and I loved zipping all over the USA in the van.

Mentally life in the van was a huge win while touring. It provided me space to have alone time, unwind and to just be. This was a new and much needed outcome for the tour and I was always grateful to have my own home touring this last year.


Not only my own home, but a conscious home.

My conscious life has me sensitive to not only food toxins, but also environmental. The BAM van helped to limit these for me. Literally I just got back from air traveling and staying in hotels for the first time in 18 months and it takes a huge toll on my body. So much so I got sick.

The BAM van created the space for wellness not offered by hotels and Airbnb’s.

  • Recycled air in hotels and planes are toxic to my person.

  • Hotel bleached sheets & towels are toxic to my person.

  • Most soaps and bath products are toxic to my person.

  • Sugar filled creamers, non organic coffee and standard American diet foods offered in hotels are toxic to my person.

Van life made it easier to control the level of exposure to toxins which for me was a huge win.

Conversion Bed.JPG

Sadly my year did not come without struggles and challenges. From a small fire to global warming and much more. The worst and scariest brought instant reminders the fine line between wellness and sickness for me. I was food poisoned twice and even months later I am still recovering from both. Sadly I am a fragile flower.

Gluten and grain poisoning for me in the first year of van life made for the hardest of challenges.

I landed in the emergency room while touring things got so bad. This coming from a girl who does not even believe in Western medicine! I take ownership for both poisonings because my gut said no even thought I was told what I was eating/taking were safe foods/products.

Not listening to my gut was my mistake and a big one.

Electrical .JPG

This resulted in my body struggling to tour any longer. My first year of van life also included 8 weeks of bed rest and extreme sickness. Having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) any changes become a big deal and being poisoned proved to be more of a challenge than my body could handle. My daughter sat me down and asked me to consider stopping the tour and taking it all virtually.

As of today the ‘Taking it to the Streets Tour” will be going virtual and the BAM van is for sale. After a year of living on the road the van is now ready for its new owners. Below please find all the information for this off grid tiny home on wheels.

shore power.JPG

I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone looking for a great new full time home, vacation or 2nd home. The van build is cozy and comfortable making this tiny home on wheels a great place for anyone looking to enjoy the freedom only van life can offer.



White 2018 Dodge Promaster 1500 Conversion Van 
43,100 HIGHWAY miles
Reverse Camera
100K bumper-to-bumper factory warranty

This custom van was built for true van life purposes. It's a tiny home. It is self-contained and a very comfortable home on wheels. The build includes:

17-inch stainless sink with faucet
Suburban propane 3 burner stove & oven 
Butcher block counter & custom cutting board
5 gallon water and grey water tanks
Paper towel holder
Veggie hammock
CR Laurence 41 ¼ by 16 ¾ Horizontal sliding window
12 v electric cooler
Corkboard & storage rack
Peg broad with hooks, clips and rack

External Shore Power hook up
2 NPP 6V 200AH 200AGM Deep Cycle Batteries 
150 Amp isolator relay automatically recharges battery bank while driving 
1500 Sine Wave watt Inverter 
USB outlets
Standard DC connector
3 110v outlets
3 LED lights

Reflectix, Polyiso & foam insulation mix of rigid foam and expanding foam 
Noico 80mil sound deadening insulation
Custom Insulated Reflectix Window Covers w/ Organic Hand Painted Fabric Covers
Insulated Curtain for Privacy

2 Maxx 4500K Air Fans – remote control - bidirectional fans/vent with various speeds and thermostat
Mr. Heater 12000 BTU Portable Propane Heater
Bunkerwall Leveler Blocks
16-inch magnetic knife holder
Custom organic fabrics and bedding

Custom slide-out sofa conversion to double bed 
3-foot custom birch closet for storage
Crystal cabinet knobs
Storage: under sofa, sink, closet and oven
Imported Italian Oak hardwood floors
White eucalyptus bead board interior walls
Birch custom cabinets & closet with extra storage underneath
Custom racks over sofa and kitchen for extra storage




2019 Expo West - New Product Round - Up - Part ONE


2019 Expo West - New Product Round - Up - Part ONE

I just spent the last 3 days at Expo. West and not only am I super excited for the coming year I am also dead tired. Expo. is so big and covers so much space I did not get to see all of it. I had to allow myself permission to be okay with this which was not easy, but needed. Today I did a nice yoga stretch and have been in my most comfortable clothes watching “Say Yes to the Dress” in preparation for my daughters upcoming wedding. LOL.

Any who…here are the NEW products & companies I wanted to share from Expo. West 2019. I have so many this will be a 2 part series! BAM is all I can say.

Many are small businesses and I hope you will consider supporting all of them. I make no money selling product I simply believe in each of these products and the people behind them. Enjoy.


Nutpods - Did you know Nutpods has paid for Gidget for years? Yup their sponsorship is for Gidget’s food. I get emotional every month when I get the wire from them. Some of the kindest people I know! Our love affair began and is re-kindled every morning when I make my coffee. I am a Nutpods gal! Dairy-FREE never tasted so good and now they up’d the game once again with Caramel! I almost passed out on the Expo West show floor when I saw this. Next I tasted it smiled so much my eyes shut. I love you Nutpods and appreciate all you do for me and Gidget. Grab yours here.


Pili Hunters - I have been so inspired by the spirit of PIli Nuts, which comes directly from the founder, Jason. His energy, kindness and zest for life are the foundation of Pili Nuts. The creamy nuts are one thing now they have Expedition Nut Butters that are simply amazing! I recommend grabbing a variety pack and doing your own taste test. These are perfect for keto folks! Post work out snacks, kids lunches, treats and simply fuel for your mind, body and soul. Tap your hunter gatherer and click here.


Siete Foods - When Siete joined the tour I almost cried. I knew the Siete families line of products would help me to change the narrative in households so easily. Their complete line of Paleo perfect products elevate the family meal plan from the word go. This year at Expo West they announced a hard taco shell. I know it is almost too much to wait for it to hit the shelves. If you are like me and want to be the first to know head here.


Green Girl Bakeshop - I almost cried when I met Lisa and her team at Green Girl. From the product to the packaging they had me hooked and who doesn’t want a healthy, delicious ice cream sandwich? Right now you can only find them in the California area, but that is about to change folks so hang on. Green Girl I am a fan and cannot wait for you to be found all over America. Learn more here. 


CoYo Organic - My good friend in Bend, Oregon introduced me to the line CoYo and I have forever been hunting it down all over America. When touring I have been known to drive 30 miles to have this delicious dairy free yogurt. I love all the flavors with vanilla bean being my favorite. If you have not tried CoYo you are missing out. I had the pleasure of meeting the co-founder, Henry, at Expo. West and his story about starting this company so amazing I want to invite him to do a Facebook Live so stay tuned. Find your CoYo here.


Kitch Fix - This company is not new to me I just re-fell in love with Kitch Fix. They recently had Dr. Terry Wahls out for an event and you now this Wahls Warrior loves to hear that! Not going to lie I love a good bowl of granola to start the day or a mid-day post workout fuel fix. The line from Kitch Fix delicious! My real love affair has always been with the Paleo waffles they have. OMG. Do I need to say anymore? Waffles. Granola. Bars. Find out more here.


Hu Kitchen- OMG someone save me from myself. I swear every time I buy Hu Kitchen’s cashew butter bar I am going to share or eat 1/2 at a time. I NEVER do. Not even one time. I am a true addict. This stuff kills me. I also find myself yelling at their Instagram account. The posts send me over the ‘I need that now edge.’ To make matters more exciting I can find them almost anywhere for purchase. If you have not tried HU you have been warned. Learn more here.


Karine & Jeff - I first found the Karine & Jeff product line touring in 2018. It was a dream come true for this van living fool. Real whole food based soups & puree’s that are homemade are what Karine & Jeff are all about. This french company feels like fine cuisine from the word go. The packaging is amazing in the beautiful glass bottles which I adore. I simply LOVE this product line and almost died when I found it at Expo. West. To learn where to find them click here.


Chill Pop - Frozen fruit pops are what Chill Pop Shop is all about. Met CEO, Elisabeth, at Expo. West and tasted all the delicious flavors they offered. With flavors like avocado mint and watermelon lime you can bet the are for grown-ups and kids alike. They are creamy, dreamy yum on a stick. Learn more here.


Lilly’s Sweets - I love Lilly’s baking chips and have recently found the keto version from Lilly’s Sweets. I am not going to lie I eat them right out of the bag. So good for this chocolate loving woman. Lilly’s bars, chips and NEW chocolate covered almonds RULE. I love this line and appreciate how they make my conscious life easy. To grab your Lilly’s click here.


Base Culture - This companies breads I was first introduced to many years ago. I met the founder of Base Culture at a trade show and have watched this line continue to grow. Today they have a Keto bread that is amazing. I have been toasting it up every morning since I got my 1st loaf! So good. Base Culture also makes banana, pumpkin and sandwich Paleo breads plus a bunch more. Base Culture has been delivering quality BAM for years and the keto bread just another example. You can grab them on Amazon here.


Teton Waters Ranch - I LOVE this company and how I can find them almost everywhere all over America. Teton Waters Ranch was at Expo. West last week and I had the pleasure of meeting with the CEO, Mike Murray. What a nice guy! If I loved them before I am in love now. Literally and not only because of the Teton Waters Ranch sausages - they have grass-fed burgers! They are ridiculous! My last meal on earth would be a burger so I know burgers. I literally died. They won some big ass award for it too. Check it all things Teton Waters Ranch here.


VioLife - I stumbled upon VioLife touring and have been a huge fan ever since. I actually think I was on vacation with my cousin in Key West when I found VioLife. I love this non-dairy cheese line so much especially the cheddar cheese. Never did I think a grilled cheese would be in my life, but it is with this plant-based line of cheese. Now don’t be getting your panties in a bunch with potato starch and start saying nasty things to me. I won’t have it. I love this line. I eat this line and I am happy to enjoy a grilled cheese using Base Culture bread and Mikey’s Muffins. To learn more about VioLife click here.


Rhythm Superfoods - I met this company when I stumbled upon their beet chips and Rhythm became something I looked for when shopping. I love beets and get sick of eating them the same way. Having
the chips was a new BAM in my life. Then Rhythm added the carrots and sticks which my dog Gidget loves so I keep a bag in the van for her. Now they have fruit and I was lucky enough to taste it at Expo. West. I love this line and appreciate how they bring the super to snacking through foods. Amazon sells Rhythm Superfoods making it the easiest ever. Here is a link to get started.


Birch Benders - Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes. Did I mention pancakes? Birch Benders brings the Paleo to pancakes and boy do they do a great job of it! Not going to lie in the fall I bought the pumpkin paleo pancake mix in Denver and although tempted everyday to open in before Thanksgiving I waited to bring it home to my daughter for Thanksgiving morning and it was a highlight and now a tradition. So much love for Birch Benders and how easy they make Paleo. Now they are making keto just as simple with their line of Keto mixes and syrups. Did I mention syrups? Keto? Chocolate Chip? Have mercy is all I can say. To learn more click here friends.


Pop & Bottle - Almond milk latte’s to go = yes please and thank you Pop & Bottle! I love everything about this company! The products are delish, the energy around the booth was amazing and the packaging I find very appealing. I am a sucker for a delicious healthy nut milk. I was first turned onto nut milks by a friend in Beverly Hills who used to make and sell them to me when my hands did not work. Thankful for Pop & Bottle for making almond milk latt'e’s easy on the daily. To grab some on Amazon click here.


Gold Thread Herbs - Wow was I surprised to find these magic elixir’s from Gold Thread Herbs. So darn delicious and a healthy BAM in a jar. I have never had an herb tunic before and fell in love instantly. Then to learn more about the history of Gold Thread Herbs, the culture and that they are in my former hood of Santa Monica has me over the moon about Gold Thread Herbs. Click here to find out where you can get your hands on these amazing potions.


Stay tuned friends for another blog post highlighting my favorite finds of Expo West 2019. So many it is too much for one blog post.

Not subscribed? Might be a good idea so you don’t miss part 2.

Keep crushing life friends.



Review of Green Enough


Review of Green Enough

The book Green Enough is a book filled with tips, tricks and insights into how to detox your home from top to bottom. Written by Leah Segedie this book offers a lens for the entire family to learn how to live consciously.


I first was introduced to Leah's work about 3 years ago when I attended ShiftCon. Shiftcon is an eco-blogger event founded by Leah. Shiftcon is also the most supportive environment I ever participated in with my peers. From the moment you enter ShiftCon and at event you are supported, educated and respected for your contributions.

I was excited to read this book knowing Leah personally and how much she has opened my lens. I thought I was conscious and as I turned page after page I realized just how much I still need to learn. Love being a student! In addition not a handful of pages into the book when the 'f' bomb was dropped. I nearly jumped for joy. seeing this. I love someone who keeps it real. I fired a literary agent and co-writer for a book I want to write because they told me no one will respect me if I use curse words. They told me it tarnishes all the words on the page. How wrong they are because after reading Green Enough I confirmed once again the use of 'swear' words merely serve to get our attention and exclamation to our words. .

I love how Leah breaks things down in each chapter focusing on a different area of your home and lifestyle choices.

So many of us get caught up in the auto pilot of life and forget to really make sure we are awake and aware of what we are eating, and putting in our homes. Environmental toxins are everywhere and Leah helps to cut the barrier to entry so we can really understand just where toxins may be leaking and steps we can take. I love how the book puts things in categories for so many of our favorite things letting you know what are the worst, medium and best choices we can make. Immediately I felt empowered with my knowledge.

From room to room and in every important aspect of your life Leah inspires the reader to begin to question the status quo in an easy to read and powerful book.

The book includes recipes, how to clean your home 'green', DIY household product idea's and even goes so far as to call out companies not walking the walk. I love Green Enough for its straight forward approach to life and the drops of wisdom on day to day living mixed with approachable science.

I think Green Enough is a must have for every home and everyone. Brava Leah. You have done it again with excellent content. BAM.